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  1. crash

    yup same ting happened to me i also opened topic too ...
  2. it just happened ... i was playing 2nd raid ... at the end at the moment i just kil lthe boss car i got disconnected server .. and did not take any award (it was a victory--easy raid) and also lost fuel !!! damnnn ... at the screenshot you can see only one raid... but also you can see 40 fuel used ((i was in easy raids to do daily missions)) at the top, that raid just played .. other missons are aroun 12 hours earliers matches .... and by the way.. not all world at same time line ..so i usually miss race storms etc. mathes ..because it is 3-4 in the morning at my local time
  3. screenshot !! "print scrn sys" button to take screenshot ... and documents--my games--crossout folder is where screenshot appears ...
  4. as you can see one gun aiming&shooting sky .. that enemy is keep pressing fire button.. and if machine gun can not turn right it try to turn long way from left (if something blockking it) but if Ragnarocek 's shared video and screenshots are true .. woow why do even we play then .. .. i reported that video toy google
  5. seriously !!! you guyss omg .!!! .. .that enemy who has been accused of cheating guy put 3 machine guns next to each other at same line... and guns do not aim thorugh each other so guns shoot at differend angle (2 machine guns keep shooting this guy but other gun could not because of 1 machine gun blocking its view) !!! . .damn learn the game !!! i got 2 shotguns one infront one top ... if i tried to shoot right backward side of my car, shotgun at front of my could not shot that angle so it shoots empty space (that i do not aim) ... .. .you guys know the game ???? .. i will try to put image here while shooting if i manage to take pic. .. ((so that is not cheat that is gun blocking other guns .. .))
  6. just block him damn.. .or get a room ? ... . .do you people on the internet know how "block" works ?? . .are you a girl who do not know block a guy at whatsapp or something ?... damn i hate that kind .. just BLOCK !!
  7. i guess that is a bug ... at power plant map i hit a tree with high speed .and car jumped and landed at high ground as in pictures ...
  8. it shows a weird numbers to use as number of resources ...