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  1. What is your roadmap ? when we expect new factions and new maps, im not asking gimme gimme new factions, i want to know when we expect them like Q4 2017 or soon. A well detailed Roadmap should enlighten the future of game,plz consider it.
  2. They should implement those little headlights and taillights into torino bumpers too.Before 0.6.0 headlights glow aura around it dunno why they removed it
  3. Spectre is 383C ATM RIP REKT. People WTF I sold 520C just after logging patch. Jackpot!
  4. YASSS #bringbackPVE ITS ALIVEE Now i can play 8H a day again TY @Woodyrojo
  5. OH HELL NO !
  6. so much good ideas regarding sounds / exhaust. They really implement these ideas ASAP
  7. Hey @Woodyrojo GJ on new update,loving so far.I really want to play more but non stop playing made my eye bleed.Im monitoring the game about 2 days so far playing like 7H a day,lot of my friend left game sadly .Also a bunch of 7k people left too,I know we are a big family ( i never leave crossout) and you are overwhelmed by people saying buff fuel again , your next focus or hotfix must be it,you know it..You can check my statement( how many ppl left due to fuel nerf) .Today the chat was so calm even GM said it I tried to convince people( trust me i did) that they shouldnt leave the game and said they just need to adjust again.By the way maybe if the dev team decide about creating a TRELLO ROADMAP would be great also( downside is forced to do content regular) Thanks for reading it Have a great day sir
  8. You probably hate me but this game is so well optimized.You really need to upgrade your pc we are in late 2017.What they need to do is PUMP UP the visuals not downgrade them
  9. I suggest this too,maybe you mean interact with them to linking the exhaust to engine ( by a new parameter i cant describe yet) actually improves engine power not just putting exhaust to a random spot.
  10. I suggest this too but not extreme like your night theme cuz a dark scene would ruin game.How you are supposed to see enemies Instead i suggest a afternnon theme which fits well to theme. I also %100 want dynamic weather effects but as im studying game developing in university, it is not a easy thing to do. Another thing come to my mind is improving the current sandstorm to Max Mad gamish like, we can get very good ideas from the mad max game
  11. Hello, Crossout have bunch of nice little details so why not add more ?. Lets get started. 1) We have bunch of cool Headlights even fluorescent lamp so adding a map with AFTERNOON theme would be great, I am not saying complete NIGHT because its impossible for this game,afternoon theme would be perfect. 2)When accelerating from zero sometimes in dune (also in water) you might notice the vehicle struggles, perfect time to IMPLEMENT Rev Limiter Sound here. ( would be great if it sync'ed with RPM Meter) 2)If you guys noticed when our engines are about to blown up the engine start MISFIRING sound so why not adding this little immersion to our exhaust ( if we have decor exhaust). Pops,cracks and flames should come out. We have already POPPING(when vehicles are about to stop they make a nice pop sound if you have exhaust decor) effect in GAME so this is very easy proggraming. Thanks. I dream of these suggestions :))
  12. What i want is more immersion, as i am addicted to game and got a pretty powerful pc, i really want visual changes.No lies i dream them when i try to enter sleep in bed :)) Immersion suggestion 1:Make Night mode but so dark but at least when we press L and shine our beautiful headlights we can RP at least Immersion Suggestion 2 :This is actually very basic programming to insert it.When our engines on low hp the sound also changes.WHY not flames and pops coming from exhaust when engine about to blow up ( decor). Also another good idea to exhaust pops is when we do hard launch exhaust should pop/crack also.You can get a lot of idea drom Mad Max game also. Immersion Suggestion 3 :Make RPM And Speedometer but not big enough to distract us. Immersion Suggestion 4 : When we drifting or or car struggles in water, sand you should make the engine hit REV limiter and exhaust pops Still without them you made a great game.If u answer them each i can die happy