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  1. I would bet half a bit coin that the wireless is the issue. Please try using it on ethernet.
  2. This is the PC section. @OuPoUaOuT you probably have some corrupted sectors on your hard drive which is why you're having issues with the game.
  3. Noted on the no load, i'm also assuming you aren't on wireless?
  4. I think the ping spikes were already addressed, as it has to do with the hops your router has to take to send / receive traffic from the crossout servers.
  5. +1 for that. Not only should there be a 30 second timer to be able to leave without penalty, but there should also be more of a 'vetting' mechanic that prevents players with basically trash builds from joining raids albeit them having a 3k ps.
  6. It's something on their back end that's causing the rubber banding. For some reason a small amount of players are getting rubberbanding/packet loss issues post hotfix. post edit; depending on your router, some have QoS settings that you can mess around with. While QoS is usually built for things like VOIP, it can still make an impact on gaming. My router for example has a "gaming" mode on it.
  7. Recover files.. the problem wont come from there either... Please email the support.
  8. Confirm that the launcher is allowed via firewall, it could that the ports are currently denying traffic so you won't be able to initiate the download.
  9. Resetting winsock is usually only effective when your device doesn't have internet connectivity, it won't help or alleviate issues you're having with connectivity within the game. As I have recommended to other people, please ensure your windows firewall is allowing Crossout. This problem is seemingly to be more and more an issue with the backend of Crossout, in otherwords its out of your control.
  10. I would hope that if they thought they were going to do further resets, they would disable coin purchase transactions so that players dont waste their money. Or, if they do reset, somehow refund all the coins spent back into the players in game wallet.
  11. There was a patch (yesterday i think) that was supposed to help with backend servers so users would have a better experience. Since you're having constant issues with this game alone, it's likely that whatever is causing the lag is on their end and not yours. Thus, you'l probably have to wait for further patching / network optimization from them. Although if you are desperate, do email their tech support.
  12. Xbox uses different protocols for connectivity, so it's not surprising that it would work on the xbox and not the PC. If you're experiencing this issue on the PC and have tried the different troubleshooting ideas from this thread/ sub forum I would recommend making a support ticket with their tech support as they are more likely to assist you with further troubleshooting.
  13. Hi Pete,you can join the clan if you like,i,m a freshplayer i have no clu how i can invite you or add you ????????????


  14. A graph showing linear regression would be nice.
  15. Hi Soup, Has your game worked before this? Or did this start after playing it for a while? Are you playing in administrator mode? Also have you checked out this thread: Thanks
  16. [news]

    @RajRocket that is hilarious! Nice creativity +1'd
  17. I would recommend emailing their tech support and see if they're able to assist you.
  18. Thanks for the post Chop, if this has to do with 32/64bits of the game I will be baffled! Glad you manged to get it working though.
  19. Oh okay, thanks for clearing that up for me.I have been following Hellfire81's tip about fuel barrel placement and it seems to protect much more than placing it elsewhere on the vehicle.
  20. The front 'padding' is a pretty cool idea.
  21. Newticus, are you receiving the same error message upon joining the game as shown in the OP?
  22. So if I understand #4 correctly, are you saying you're playing crossout at your office? If so, It's likely that there is something going on with your office' back end network that is throttling the bandwith/throughput. Just because you have 100mbps download doesn't mean it can handle gaming at all.
  23. The common DIY crates should ALWAYS be sold.
  24. Hmm, that is bizarre. I think you will need to email their technical support for further troubleshooting assistance. There must be something on their end that they need to assist you with. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  25. Thanks for trying that Zero, perhaps there are actual ports that the game uses that are being blocked by your routers firewall. Are you running the game in administrator mode?
  26. Ensure that windows firewall is allowing traffic from the game. If you're on windows 10, follow these steps: In windows search, type "allow an app through Windows Firewall" Then click on "Change settings" Then, click on "Allow another app" Press browse and locate the crossout launcher, for me it is on this path: C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Crossout Try allowing the launcher application, hopefully that will allow traffic through and thus you won't receive the error anymore. I can't speak on behalf of Targem on what might be causing this issue on their behalf, but all we can really do is work through some troubleshooting. If you're on windows 7, it's a very similar process. If I recall correctly you can still type into windows search and look for "allow programs through windows firewall". Let me know if this fixes the problem, thanks
  27. I am curious , as someone mentioned above using multiple fuel barrels to suicide. Does this work? If i mount three barrels to the front of my vehicle, and if somehow i get them to blow up on impact, would it be enough to damage to kill more than one vehicle if they were in close enough vicinity? I wouldn't necessarily do that if I only killed off one player, trades aren't always worth it. But if I could take two out with me, that might be beneficial.
  28. Hi Capt_Rocko I have some questions, hopefully you can provide some answers; 1) Has the game always been laggy for you? 2) I understand what rubber banding is, it can definitely get annoying, does this happen all thetime? Or only at certain times? 3) Do you get lag with other games as well? Or just crossout? and lastly.. 4) What kind of router are you using? (Model number, and what kind of connection you are playing on) Thanks
  29. Testing.. testing..