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  1. Well yeah, but how? Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to fight, only discuss: saying "fix this" is not really something you should post in "suggestion forums", because it is not a suggestion/idea, more like a complaint and complaining will get us nowhere. I am not an experienced player, and you seem to be, so do you have any ideas/suggestions on how to solve the problem? Maybe give me more detail on what is actually wrong with the current system, and how it affects player behavior. That way, I might be able to come up with a solution of my own! :]
  2. Exactly, it can mean anything, and that is even more reason why it should be changed. The PS limit is there to tell NEW and INEXPERIENCED players at what point they should try to take on a challenge. Guess how most NEW and INEXPERIENCED players get a PS score of 3000, or any other as a matter of fact? Exactly, by stacking up a bunch of trash, because that's what most of them are limited to(don't forget this is a F2P game, so when it gets more popularity, there will be much more players, and as a result, a lot more players who don't want to invest money in a F2P game, for whatever reason). It's a bit harder to get to 4k PS by stacking trash. That is exactly why it should be raised. And as I mentioned, if someone wants to challenge himself by going on a 4k PS raid with 2k build, sure, let him, just restrict it so people can't go ruining other people's attempts because they want an extra challenge.
  3. So what is the point of having the entry level be at 3k, if it's impossible to do on 3k? I could understand that some players might see it as a nice challenge, but let's face it, most of the players will be people who aren't tryharding in the game, and will think that the 3k is the appropriate amount to handle the raid, if it's the minimum. I actually noticed this in many games, and I don't really know why some game developers keep doing this; make a quest/challenge/mission have X minimum level(or whatever other measuring unit you want, doesn't really matter), but have that same task actually require 30% more than what the limit suggests. This is simply a bad thing no matter how you look at it, especially for games that are dependent on player circulation(having new people coming in constantly, with some leaving constantly). Simply make the limit higher or reduce the difficulty. And for those who want to challenge themselves, simply make it so once you clear a certain difficulty, you can go in with a weaker setup than it requires; for example, if limit is raised to 4k, you can go in as low as 2.5k, but only if you have cleared that task once before. Also, just on the safe side, make a block that prevents from players playing too often like this(for example, once or twice a day), "under the limit", as to not ruin other people's games that actually want a casual/not super hard experience.
  4. I know you were just giving an example, but I just had to say this: the example is pretty "terrible", since there is no repair over time or shield ability, so DoT looses all use. Damage over time skills, in games in general, are good for when an opponent has a way to block damage(a shield that expires) or maybe heal/repair themselves, but it's on a cooldown. DoT helps in handling heavy shields that don't last for too long and rewards players who keep track of when the enemy used their shield/heal/repair, and gives them a bit more damage for that. And if the enemy has a shield/heal/repair ready, he will just negate all of that. If you don't have this "reward/risk" involved, your suggestion becomes a simple damage buff, and there is no need for actual damage over time. Not to mention, this is a super-fast paced game, so anything that is not instantaneous is usually gonna get countered by anything that is(like a simple bonus to alpha damage). Think about it for a bit: if you do 10% reduced damage, but do 20% bonus damage over time, it is the same as if you just did 10% bonus alpha damage. Only possible place I see this DoT could help is if you, let's say, got a super-long-range shot on an enemy that is capturing your base, and the bonus DoT damage helps you finish him off(if let's say he moves behind a cover, and your DoT finishes him off), and this actually stops the enemy from capturing your base completely(if there is no one nearby to stop the capture). But again, if every shot you make deals bonus 20% Dot but looses 10% alpha damage, then it is simply a 10% damage increase. Instead, what you could do, is make the perk leave a kind of DoT field, let's say a little fire, so that if the enemy doesn't move out of it(or moves in), he gets extra damage(without actually reducing alpha damage of the shot). Now that I'm done with "bashing"(and really it was not my intent to attack you in any way, and sorry if you feel attacked), I do have to say I agree with you on those first 2 points, adding some kind of skill tree and to make the perks a bit more creative than "increases damage dealt by 10%". Some examples: - flare shot - if you hit an enemy, his name and radar signature is visible for next 5 seconds, wherever he moves - this could be limited, for example only if you hit the cabin, or only if you have radar installed, or maybe only if you deal some minimum damage(so hitting randomly for 3 damage with a machine gun from the other end of the map wont give you free intelligence). - flip detector - it marks flipped enemies on your map - maybe it could work that once a flipped enemy is in your radar range, you get a short ping of the enemy location. This way you have to check the location, so there is a risk the enemy jacked himself up, or it's a trap, but if you do find a flipped enemy no one is trying to help, you can secure yourself a potentially super-easy kill(high risk high reward). - anti-weapon aiming - add some aid in hitting enemy weapons, maybe making them glow on your screen, or locking your weapons on enemy's weapon if your crosshair is already near the enemy's weapon These are some random ideas I just thought of on the fly, but what I actually want to mention is, if any kind of Perks or weapon buffs are added, they should be exclusive, meaning: excluding or not admitting other things, not "only for premium players" or whatever. If I for example get "Flare shot", I should be locked out of getting "Anti-weapon aiming". Maybe make it so you don't have 1 driver you unlock stuff with, but multiple(as is now), so you can try more different skill paths, but you still have to work hard to get the best in the particular skill path you are interested in. I also agree with Balm. I don't know how the game works under the hood, but if it is not actually tracking decimal values for damage, doing 3% bonus damage is really pointless if you use, idk. , a machine gun, since, you know, 3% of 10 damage is 10 damage, so you get nothing with it, especially in early stages of the game. Of course, as driver system is currently working, I wouldn't go and buff that bonus damage a lot - maybe move it up from 1% to 2% or 2.5% for each "skill unlock". But if a skill tree is implemented, than those bonuses should get higher as you go up the tree. Of course, passive skills should be weaker in general compared to the active ones(as they stack up while being invisible).
  5. score

    Heyho, I'm quite new to the game(I got lvl 10 with Engineers for now), so I will most likely have a lot of suggestions, some of which might be good or bad, but that's what suggestion boards are for - discussing ideas and their viability. Anyhow, onto the "issue" I've been having. The scoring system feels really unfair. First of all, I've noticed it's quite easy to rack up points with cannons(and I might open up a thread about that later, but not important in this thread), and points are earned by "clearing objectives"(X, the amount, is really not important here): - kill an enemy, X number of points - get an assist, X number of points - get one point in base capture, X number of points What the current system rewards is clearing objectives like these, taking out enemies and capturing points. My suggestion is that what should also be taken into consideration is damage dealt, as in the number, not how many parts you removed or whatever. Why? Because I have had load of situations where I basically solo destroy an enemy, and an ally of mine comes by, shoots 2 machine gun shots, and finishes the enemy off. I get an assist, he gets the kill(and more points) - this basically discourages players to actually fight(because you might get hurt in the process), and encourages them to try to run around and "steal kills", which then leads to almost certain loss. I don't see it often(kill steals), and I only met like 2 players who appeared to do this on purpose(so it's not a big deal, but then again, I haven't played that much). The point is, it still feels very unsatisfying when I give it my all to outplay my opponent(for example sticking behind an enemy with a cannon, or simply focusing on important parts of someone's vehicle), to then have someone come by, click their left or right mouse button once, take the kill, and earn all the points, while it was my guns that did all the work. Also I am guilty of doing that to other people(unintentionally). How can you maybe implement this? Well, to do this, first thing I'd do is add a "Damage" column in the current score table(the post-game one). It's only one column, and it can really help you out find a lot of things about your vehicle build AND how well you played. I would definitely add a "Damage score" column for sure, even if you don't add damage dealt as part of scoring(and obviously experience) gaining system. Two ways I think could work are these: 1) Simply make a X% of damage you dealt be added to your score. For example, if you did 2400 damage in a round, you earn extra 120 points, 5% of total damage dealt. Of course, the 5% is just an idea. I actually don't have a clue what the number X should be, because I don't know how much damage scales up with higher tear weapons(since there are no numbers in the game, and this is also a thread I'll most likely make if it doesn't already exist), and also, I have no idea how much damage I deal in every round(read the paragraph before). 2) Give rank-based rewards. For example, top damage dealer get's bonus 250 points, 2nd gets 150, third gets 100. If done this way, I'd definitely reward both teams(so not first in damage in total, but in each team). Why? Because someone might be trying really hard, but some 2 random guys went alone, got killed prematurely, and now he has no way of earning 1st spot, because the other team has damage advantage(since they already killed 2 guys, so it's more likely they will kill all of your team, and your team will only kill a few). Possible problems I see with this is players potentially going with low armored vehicles, so the enemy can't earn points on them, but that would also be a pretty nifty way to ensure you lose, so I don't think it's a huge problem. Another thing I have issue with is base defense(in "Mission" battles). This is act of going to your base that the enemy is trying to take over, and you actively stopping them(by being in the circle). I think this should be rewarded. I had a bunch of games where someone(including myself) from my team would go back to base to try and stop the capture. This won me bunch of games!! A bunch!! If enemy comes to cap your base a second before you do, you will lose 100%, unless you stall your enemy. What I suggest is that for every 1 point your team earns in base-capturing, a player who is back in the base stopping enemies from capturing the base should also get points(the same amount), as if he was part of capturing the point. The current system is definitely unfair, since player who go to defend usually die if there is more than 1 crippled enemy, and they get 0 reward for their sacrifice, even thought it was them who ensured victory for their team(by denying the victory the enemy team would get if you didn't stop them). Of course, you gain points only if there is an actual enemy in the base you are defending; so, you AFKing in base while your team is capping the enemy base won't earn you anything, if the enemy team is not trying to capture your base in the same time(if there are no enemies in the ring). The last thing that bothers me is games where "I do nothing" and get 10 "encouragement" points. Some of these situations are: apparently not doing enough damage to get an assist(would love to know in general, when is dealt damage enough damage to get an assist, or is there a time limit?), base defending(read paragraph before), baiting enemies and wasting their time by being super stubborn about not dying when I have 2 wheels and no guns and my cabin is on fire(I don't think this can be fixed, really, but it's a thing you know). Hopefully, these kind of problems will be somewhat fixed if my(or anyone else's) suggestions are accepted and implemented in the game. I have no other ideas on how to fix this(being useful, but still getting "punished" for not getting kills/assists or capturing bases). Summary: revamp the current scoring system so it is more forgiving: this game is not about getting kills, it's about doing damage to your opponent; also, base defending should be rewarded. I have this habit of writing huge walls of text, but I hope you made it this far. Thanks for reading, and please do share your own view, ideas and problems with the scoring system!