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  1. My idea is not about the market is freed. It's about helping or exchanging friends / clan members, if it is so far away from the reality, you could also only change in the clan. By the new update you can only make credits by building objects. Why should someone get angry? This is a forum for new possibilities, everyone can write his idea here. Ultimately, the manufacturers decide what happens with the game and what is not. In my eyes the game has huge potential. Small insertion: It would be nice if you can produce all types of driver cabins in purple. With effects. Example: Growl (Purple) Same maximum speed / acceleration. 50-70 more structure points, example effect: After 400 meters distance at maximum speed you get a speed boost by using horn.
  2. But if they want to prevent the martk can be used mainly. Because one could introduce the trading system so that only clan members can act together. And to control the clan movement, you can change only 1 clan per season (14 days or how long it goes). What do you think of the idea? In the end everybody wants to play with his friends, especially if they do not have enough time for the game, they need support so you can play together and play the heavy raids. Because playing with randoms is impossible with the more difficult things in crossout ..
  3. Why should never give a trading system? There is a player's advantage to share his success with his friends. Or give them something to test! The market system is not attacked or restricted. Every game with a trading system has provoked it.
  4. Delete this post
  5. I like to play it on Xbox one and am very satisfied with your game. Unfortunately, it is only playable to 4. (in a party). In the raid mode I understand this, but the mission mode is playable without problems with 8 players. (Here just a little stimulation) To the trade: The market is completely in order and well designed only the due is too high : D But with a trading system, players can swap their objects and test different weapons / wheels / ...... In this trading system between players in a party / group you can for example: Maximum 6 items and a credit place. So with you can still get rid of the credits or give friends something without overpriced market prices to pay, for friends who do not have as many credits. Now for the 500x / 1000x stack: From all my friends, this update feature has not been so good. Just because you only have 20 inquiries and if you want to buy 1000x metal are 10 requests away where previously only one request was gone. Especially if you want to act in the market a little and thus sells your playing time is no longer possible. It is a pity that this was taken out. Idea for the game: Capture the Flag / 3v3 / 2v2 (Without Capture Point) / Tournament is not yet available for Xbox One. / Clan ranks for all member / New weapons / New wheels / diagonally placed objects on vehicles I like your game well and I just want to bring in nu ideas which you can possibly use or not is left to you Thank you for reading
  6. Do not worry, everyone can write and share their opinions
  7. Beautiful good day. I myself play crossout on Xbox one and find the game is great fun. I have only one suggestion. Why do not you add a trading system with party members? And the last patch with the resources in the market you can buy only 100x and 10x is not good. I ask for the introduction of the old system with the 500x 100x 50x 10x 1000x purchase options.