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How to submit a bug report


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Composing proper bug reports.
Thank you for joining the Crossout Open Beta Test! Please read the rules below before creating a bug report.
The head of the topic - what has happened (briefly)
The body of the topic:
  1. An explanation, what have you noticed or what has happened.
  2. What did you expect to see/happen
  3. How to recreate the situation
  4. Details.
    1. Attach all the details, that you find necessary to attach and haven't noticed in previous steps.
    2. If you write about a bug, that is connected with a particular location or FPS problems, then you have to mark the particular place by attaching a screenshot with a map or turning on the coordinates (by pressing F11 multiple times) and taking a screenshot.
  5. Bug frequency - How often does the issue occur?
  6. Game logs + screenshots
  • If your bug report contains something about vehicle physics or construction mode, then it's necessary to attach the configuration of the vehicle (use the /designsave command to save your build to attach)
  • If your bug report is related to a graphical issue, it would be helpful if you include your systems DxDiag-Log. (optional)
  • If your bug report is related to the launcher, also include the launcher log.
  • Also it would be nice to mention the time (your local), when you've encountered the bug.

When creating bug-reports you can safely copy these 6 lines into your post and fill them in - this will make it easier both for you and for us;)

How to attach logs and screenshots

The game logs can be found in Documents - My Games - Crossout - Logs

Click the links:

Videos are allowed, but please state that these videos contain Bugs that are being reported [to avoid misunderstanding]
How to attach Vehicle design:
Type an in-chat command:  /designSave  - this will save your Design from the current slot.
The Vehicle Design is stored in following folder:
1. Win XP:{Drive}:\Documents and Settings\{username}\My Documents\My Games\Crossout\Design
2. Win Vista or 7:{Drive}:\Users\{username}\Documents\My Games\Crossout\Design
If the client crashed, one of these paths should have a folder named Exceptions. Open it and add the folder that fits your crash time to the archive with logs.
Please pack all files in a single archive. It would be more convenient for us if the file had the extension *.zip.
Attach it to your bug report.
If you encounter performance problems, press F11 three times and attach the properties that will be shown on-screen.

Thank you for your help in developing the game!

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Please use this template to ensure that the bugs will be bashed correctly.

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How to make "Dump"

Download the file and unpack it into any folder on your computer.


How to make a game dump when the game freezes:

  1. Open the folder where you have unpacked the file

  2. Launch the batch file

    do_dump_32.bat for 32 bit;

    do_dump.bat for 64 bit;

As a result you will see the folder dump with the file dump.dmp in it.

3. Archive this file and post it on the forum

4. Don’t forget to attach the game logs


Additional information:

Sometimes the computer itself freezes together with the game.

In this case you have two options:

  1. If your processor has more than one core, you can force the game process on one of them with help of Process Explorer. This way you will avoid computer freezing if the game freezes and you will have an opportunity to make the process dump.

  2. Using automatic dump launch.

Launch the batch file

do_dump_on_hangs_32.bat for 32 bit;

do_dump_on_hangs.bat for 64 bit.

after starting the game, but before it freezes.

If you don’t have one, download the archive

Recreate the freezing;

The dump should be made automatically.


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The DxDiag Log

The DxDiag log (file extension: .txt) is a text document that is created by Microsoft's DxDiag diagnostics tool, showing non-personalized information about the hardware and drivers of your system. The DxDiag log file helps our technical administration to identify whether the problem you encounter is happening due to incompatibilities or issues with certain hardware or driver components on your system. It is especially important with display or sound device issues, as it helps to identify the devices and their drivers easily.

How to obtain your systems DxDiag Log:

Obtaining the DxDiag Log is fast and easy, just perform the following steps:

1. Press the 'Windows Key' + R to open the Windows Run window

2. Type 'dxdiag' into the input field and click 'OK' or hit the Enter button


3. The DxDiag Diagnostic Tool window should open now. Wait for it to gather all the necessary information.


4. When you are running a 64-bit (x64) version of Windows, click the 'Run 64-bit DxDiag' button first. If you are running a 32-bit (x86) version of Windows, skip this step.

5. Click the 'Save All Information...' button and specify a directory and file name to save the log file.

6. Attach the DxDiag Log to your bug report. (Add it to the .zip file that contains the other logs)

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Added rule starting today.

Any post's that been responded to that has been asked to make changed to fit the guide, will now only have a 7 day window to fix the problem, or the thread will be deleted and the bug report will need to be re-typed.

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The Launcher Log

The launcher log files (extension .txt) are files generated by the Crossout launcher. The log contains a record of all the actions the launcher performed (or tried to perform) during the session the log was generated in. The launcher starts logging all actions as soon as the user starts the game (by opening the launcher). The log ends when the launcher closes itself to start the actual game client or when the launcher gets closed by the user manually. The launcher log helps the moderators and developers to identify possible problems with the users game files or the launcher code itself.

How to obtain your launcher log:

Since the launcher log files are created automatically by the launcher, the only thing you have to do is to locate and upload them.

The launcher log files are located in the .launcher_log folder inside the Crossout main directory. The directory location depends on your Crossout version.

Download from Steam:

If you are using the Steam version of the game, the launcher log directory will be located C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Crossout\.launcher_log by default.



Download from the official Crossout website:

If you are using the normal Crossout version thats downloaded from the website, the launcher log directory location depends on the path you installed the game on. In this example the default path is the C:\Games\Crossout\.launcher_log directory.

You can simply get into the Crossout main directory by right-clicking your Crossout desktop shortcut and selecting the 'Open file location' option.


From there on, you only have to double-click the .launcher_log folder to enter it, and you are there.



At this point all you have to is searching for the newest launcher log. This can be easily done by clicking the 'Date modified' column in the file list, this will sort the logs by date.

Put the launcher log into a .zip file, attach it to your post and you are done.


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The Game Logs

The game log files (file extension .log) are the log files generated by the Crossout game client. Normally there are 4 files generated in a single session. The chat log (chat.log) file, wich contains all chat messages you sent or recieved during the game session, the combat log (combat.log) file, wich contains all combat actions (scores, hits, assits, damage done, ...) you have performed during the game session, the net log (net.log) wich contains informations about your connections to the Crossout servers and other players, and the game log (game.log), wich contains some of your basic system specifications and other information and error messages that might be useful for the developers.

The log files are created at the moment the game starts, and the log session end once the game gets closed or terminated on another way. (By a crash for example)

How to obtain the game log files:

The game log files can be found in the C:\Users\WindowsUsername\Documents\My Games\Crossout\logs directory. (Replace 'Username' with your own Windows username)  (For Windows XP the default path is C:\Documents and Settings\WindowsUsername\My Documents\My Games\Crossout\logs)

In there is a folder for each game session, wich contains all of the 4 logs listed above.


Simply put the whole folder of the session you noticed the problem related to your bug report in into a single .zip file and attach it to your bug report.



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Often you may be asked to attach a screenshot to your bug report that's showing the issue you just reported. They will make it easier for the developers and the moderation team to understand your problem. They also are a good way to proof your reported observations.

How to take a screenshot:

The Crossout game client has an easy built-in way to take screenshots already. To take a screenshot, you simply have to press the assigned key once. (Default: Print Screen key)

You can set this to any key you want in the game control options. There are also 2 options for the screenshot format, JPEG and PNG. By default it's fine to take a JPEG screenshot.


Before taking a screenshot, also assign the 'Show FPS' option in the control settings (Default: F11 key) and press it. This will bring up a little window in the center-right corner of your screen, wich contains a FPS graph and other useful information for the developers:


Once the FPS window looks like the one on the picture above, press the key you assigned to take a screenshot. A message with the path to the created screenshot file should appear in your chat box.

How to find your screenshots:

The screenshots created by the game client can be found in the C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Crossout\Screenshots folder. (Replace 'Username' with your Windows username)


Search for the created screenshot there and attach it to your post. If your screenshot is a PNG file, you can also put it into the .zip file that contains your game logs already instead. (To prevent compression by the forum software)




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