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"Recruitment Day Competition"

This competition is for getting others to sign up for battle test


What is it?

Each player can submit to the competition and is given a unique code, they then have to "recruit" people to battle test. When someone decides to sign up they put the code of the person that made them sign up in a special "player code" box. The competition lasts



Every time a player recruits another player they get 5 units of in game currency. All those who recruit more than 5 other players get a special "Recruitment Day" flag.


If you think this innovative competition could help Crossout's popularity, give it a upvote for the greater good!​

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This contest would be to see who could design the best aerial vehicle (hover vehicle, flying vehicle, or drone (if you can design the drones))


Da Rules:

The vehicle can not touch the ground, except at the start and end of the match, when it needs to take off and land.


What they win:

1st: 500 in game currency, 1000 research points for parts (or whatever is reasonable), and a special decal that they could put on their vehicle


2nd: 250 in game currency, 500 research points for parts (or whatever is reasonable)


3rd: 100 in game currency

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im still not sure about this competition...not sure what it is supposed to be about.....i still see some people have put ideas of game modes.


I mean thats what i have in mind and have been planning it since i heard about this game .....and i thought this competition would be a good way for me to share this idea concept with you alll.......so i will keep the concept under wraps untill i can get some more clarity on how to actually propose a new game mode for the game.


So  because these contests will be most likely be for new comers to the forum on launch day ....i think?.....who knows?.........


but  will suggest an easy contest that all new member will be able to compete in maybe win prizes.



Keeping with the games name and theme you could have a crossout crossword competiton.........where the theme of the crossword puzzle would be items and things about the game.........naturally the answers could be found from game art work, description  or somewhere on the website......


kind of like a treasure hunt i guess........hey now theres another competition .........the crossout treasure hunt..... where you need to find a lsit of things things hidden on the website.....ok so that my idea for this comp........its better than not entering anything at all


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  • Community Manager

Thank you, guys, for your ideas! Starting from today you won't have a possibility to apply. We will announce the winners in the nearest time.

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