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Developer Reddit AMA Compilation

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May or may not update this as i search the developer AMA.
Heres the link to the reddit AMA

Question(s) - drNovikov
I am glad you are here, Alexey, because the Russian forum became way too toxic and overrun by the local "forum elite" which suppresses dissenting opinions and is very hostile towards new players.
Question 1: will the kills go to whoever did the most damage to the target instead of whoever shot the burning cabin and stole the kill?
Question 2: will capturing and defending objectives give more loot and XP than slapping 40 radios and farming bots away from enemy bases?
Question 3: will the game stop punishing good players for greed, lack of skill, and plain stupidity of people who ignore objectives and, I quote, "are just farming here"?
Question 4: will the game avoid the "player statistics" cancer?

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
Hi drNovikov, At this very moment we are working on improving player rewards and making in more important to win than to have 40 radios. I will write in a couple of days, what exact measures we'll take.
Thanks to your earlier feedback :D


Question(s) - FrozenNexus
Hello again Alexy!
Question 1: currently there is no real way to counter pyre launchers other than just being near cover when they launch which has led many players(myself included) to consider them 'Overpowered'. Are you planning on adding flares or just adjusting them so you can't have as many on 1 vehicle?
Question 2: When will micro transactions be added and how will they be handled? I'm worried that the surge of increased currency will spike the prices of everything on the market and make it almost impossible to use the market without buying currency.
Question 3: Will there be any way to earn currency without paying for it? I am aware you can with the leader boards but that's a very minute amount as well as only 3 people can earn it.
Question 4: What is Gaijin's part in the development? Are they working on anything/what kind of say do they get in the endgame product?
Thank you for your time and keep up the great work!

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
Hi Nexus,
1. Soon we'll increase power requirements for Pyre so one won't be able to install that many on them. We are also thinking about changing aim/lock-on mechanics and adding countermeasures. All in due time.
2, We plan to add micro-transactions with the start of OBT.
3. We understand your concern, but we expect the market to stabilise itself nevertheless. You see, the only way to spend coins is to give it to anther player in exchange for something at the Marketplace. So if you have a lot of coins (that you acquired via micro-trasactions) and spend it, other players will have these coins. If the prices are high, it means that any non-paying player may grind and sell scrap for lots of coins. And then he will be able to buy stuff without buying currency.
4. You can sell scrap and whatnot at the marketplace. Other than that there will be no get coins. The game do not generate coins, only players do with their RL currency. There may be some events with coin rewards, but they are bound to be rare and with the fixed amount to be distributed (like leaderboards).
Gaijin is the publisher of Crossout. Publishing and operating an online game is a complex process, it is very different from retail games. Key issues are thoroughly discussed by both developer and publisher. There are no arbitrary or forced decisions either from us or from them, we have to cooperate and be on the same page to make a successful game.
Gaijin as a publisher has a lot of experience in that area (see War Thunder). Targem is an experienced game developer with a bunch of games in portfolio, including racing / vehicular combat ones (Armageddon Riders, GearGrinder, Hard Truck Apocalypse, Insane 2). We love Crossout and its setting, and we won't be doing anything that will harm the game.
Best, Alexey


Question(s) - lcdphill
Hi Alexey. I don't really want to say much the changes to Crossout I would like but I do have some questions non the less.
1. How long do you see the Crossout lasting in it's lifespan? I presume there are some projections being made from the data of the closed beta and am hoping it will last the test of time.
2. How big is the team working on Crossout?
3. How long have you been working at Targem and what is your programming or just experience in the field?
I think that's all. For all the suggestions you guys are getting in this subreddit, hope you guys know the game is a lot of fun. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
1. It depends on how well it performs. Based on our experience of developing Star Conflict, it's several years at least.
2. About 30 people.
3. I work at Targem for 12 years as writer, designer and lead designer. ExMachina (aka Hard Truck Apocalypse) was my first project.
Thanks, I am doing it right now :D


Question(s) - StarrrLite
Is the choice to only have 2 man teams intentional to prevent steamrolling, or is it just a temporary thing? And related to that, what are your plans to allow groups/clans to play together, will there be official ingame support for those?

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
Initially we lowered the team size to 2 people in order to prevent steamrolling. Our experience developing Star Conflict shows, that large group size lead to severe mm issues.
However we plan to increase team size to 4 for PVE sometime soon.
And we are actually discussing 4 people PVP teams and ways to balance teams, but I cannot promise anything at the moment.
As for clans, there will be ingame support for them. Expect more information later.



Question(s) - StarrrLite
Will there be daily/weekly/all time stats and leaderboard?

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
Currently there are leaderboards: Daily kills and Total Kills. You may access it by clicking on square icon at the top left corner, under "Factions".
By the way, top 3 players of the Daily Kills leaderboard get coins every day.
Possibly, we'll be adding more leaderboards in the future.


Question(s) - Cirevam
I have played one of Targem's games before, Insane 2. It's still pretty fun with its unusual game modes. Do you intend to add modes like Pursuit (chase a ring under a helicopter), Checkpoint Control (checkpoints are painted with your colour when you drive through them and give you points as long as you control them, and other players can steal your checkpoints), or Greed (point boxes are dropped from the sky and players race to get them)? I have not actually played Crossout so I don't know if there's anything like that yet, but I intend to buy it soon if it looks like it will have a lot of things to do.

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
Yep, we do remember Insane 2 and like it a lot. And we plan to prototype one or more similar game modes in Crossout.
But we a are going to test and polish it internally and we'll only show it to players if it is actually fun.



Question(s) - galamakazaba
@ alexy question 1.) The game feels super grindy, for a shooter I feel this to be a bit odd. I think it's why so many new players, myself included got a sour taste at the start of the game. Do you plan on making the game less "grindy" or at least adding a free type mode where players could just build what ever they wanted, weather they had parts or not just to have a fun combat experience without all the grinding.
2.) Crates have such an insanely low droprate (for blues) it is advised not to buy white crates. Do you plan on adjusting this?
3.) Small wheels have the advantage of being fast but are reduced in speed about 95% in water. Do you think they could real adjust this a bit?
4.) Any chance we could get a spedometer for testing our engines?
5.) Thanks for the awesome work on the awesome game, I have fell in love many timessages over with the different aspects.
Also I suggest once you get an American server up that you do a lot of American advertising. Now1 I know has heard of this game in the gaming community. I only found it because I was trying to find a game just like this

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
1. We are working on making gameplay more fun and more pleasant especially for new players. At the moment we think that test-drive and the possibility to test vehicles from exhibition is enough to spark your imagination and try different stuff.
2. White DIY crates are a purely optional way to spend scrap. It's an experiment. we may be adjusting drop rates or remove it at all.
3. We are getting that kind of feedback and will probably lower the penalty for driving trough shallow water.
4. Actually, it is possible. We plan to add speedometer one day.
5. Thank all of you for playing and providing feedback. We haven't actually started advertising yet. You'll be getting more of this before OBT starts, but thanks for the hint :D


Question(s) - DarkHorst
Are you going to take another batch of players into the closed beta and if so, when will that happen?
I'm really interested in the game but hesitant to buy an access pack since i heard that it's based on War Thunder's engine, with which my hardware really struggles lately. It would really help me if i could give it a test run beforehand.

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
1. We are giving away codes via streamers and events. So watch out for CBT keys there. We are not planning a big key distribution atm.
2. We are using our own engine (not War Thunder's) it works great on weaker configurations, like:
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1
Processor: 2.0 GHz, Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon II
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB, NVidia / AMD Radeon / Intel (HD 3000, HD 4000) supporting Pixel Shader 3.0 (except AMD Radeon series X1000)


Question(s) - Brululul
1. Have you ever considered about increasing the amount of copper gained from pve raids?
2. Will I ever be able to play crossout from another pc? it sucks when I'm not at home and thus can't play the game.
3. Invasion seems a bit too much atm, I think you should increase the PS required and the tower life.

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
1. Rewards are being balanced. Chances are, that the amount of copper will increase. However, you may try harder PVE modes to get much more copper.
2. Now you may access Crossout from more than one PC.
3. We are working on it. We'll either increase PS required of improve MM for Leviathan. Soon, not right now )


Question(s) - m808v
Why will crossout be Free to Play? It has a huge stigma attached to it, and personally it would be my biggest turn off. it could probably sell just as good as a paid game.

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
That's a good question.
For last 14 years we have have developed a bunch of games for different platforms, including PC, Mobile, Xbox, PS3, PS4, etc. and with different monetization models. Our last successful game is Star Conflict (it's f2p) so we have a fresh experience and we like to think that we know how to do it right.
Also the genre of Crossout works well with that monetization. So... why not?
I do not think f2p is pure evil, it has its benefits both for players and developers, but that's a long story and you've heard it all probably :D


Question(s) - CC550
Hi Alexey! Will you perform any changes to the durability system that you can announce?

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
The following system will replace the 2 current ways to repair an item. (Hopefully in the next patch).
You'll be getting special "spare parts" when you dismantle your items (along will the scrap). You'll be able to repair your items using "spare parts" of the corresponding rarity. Rare spares will drop from rare items, epic spares from epic and so on. The amount of spares is random. More details will be in the patch-note. So you'll be able to fix your 59/60 item and sell it more easily. Also it will be easier to maintain your items - there will be no need to have several items of the same name, just the same rarity. And there will be a point in dismantling rare items.


Question(s) - Romper3
On behalf of Australian players, i must ask if there is any plans to help us solve the latency issues we experience here. 350 - 370 ping is what we are averaging here... this is a good game. Many raids are simply unplayable. This is our foremost concern before any gameplay discussions are raised. Thanks Alexis.

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
We are aware of the latency issues.
We'll add more regional servers as the numbers of players from these regions increase.
Thank you for your patience.


Question(s) - simonit
Can you give us more info about indestructible parts? I've been chasing this for weeks now, still can't get any information how to get them.

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
There are 2 kinds of indestructible items: 1. Structure elements that you unlock by improving your station with factions. Those are basic rarity items, colour coded "grey" and cannot be sold. 2. Indestructible versions of all destructible details. Those are marked with a star symbol and different thumbnail background in the warehouse UI. They may be of any rarity and may be sold al the marketplace. You have a slim chance to obtain an indestructible version instead of normal item as a result of any manufacture or any combat. The chance is higher for manufacturing and lower for loot. So anybody can lucky. Best,


Question(s) - kangareddit
G'day Alexey!
I'm loving Crossout, but the high ping/latency is reducing the enjoyment of the fast-paced and action-packed game-play.
Do you plan on hosting Crossout servers in more places than just Russia? (EU, US, Asia, Aus, etc..?)
I'm assuming over time and after the full release of Crossout.

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
We are aware of the latency issues.
Of course we'll add more regional servers as the numbers of players from these regions increase. US server may be up before CBT ends.
Thank you.


Question(s) - littlebird2
Hello alexis, glad you are here to answer some questions. Iam fairly new to the game, 3 days. I like it so far and iam suprised by the content it has already after 1 year beta.
Will we see premium time/ Gold currency/ undestructable items for sale/ Premium Cockpit with improved earnings and /or other things? With which method do you plan to earn Rl currency as this game is f2p. THx in advance

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
We are trying something new with Crossout. It's a player driven economy with a marketplace, not unlike the real life. People acquire, buy and create stuff and sell it to other people for the price that they set. We (developers) do not decide the value of things in game so we cannot directly sell them. That's why we only sell ingame currency (Coins) and allow players to sort out how much they are willing to pay for items. And we give people ways to create stuff. It's worth mentioning that the game game do not generate coins. You can only buy coins for RL money or get it on Marketplace from another player after selling something.
The fun part is that the coins are not unlike RL currency. So if you have found a rare (say Golden) paint and sold it to someone for a bag of coins, you may now buy stuff the same way as a donator would. And the coins go to another player and so on.
To keep the coin mass stable we take % from each Marketplace transaction. Also we rent workbenches where players create new items of high rarity. And that's all the ways (yes, only two) we take away coins from the game. No hidden catches.
We are against premium stuff that is for donators only.
Indestructible items are for sale, but only if someone is lucky to get one and is eager to sell on the Marketplace. If there will be a "Premium Cockpit with improved earnings" it will be created by one player and sold to another.
That is accurate for all the things you suggest. Basically, everything that a paying player may acquire, a non-paying player also must be able to get at the price that players agree on.
Of course it's a huge experiment that we are testing right now and we may want to change things or invent new ways to get and spend coins, but the initial idea is as I described.
I hope that answers your question.


Question(s) - galamakazaba
@ alexis_tg as long as we can ask you anything. Is it true that Russians eat cerial with vodka for breakfast?

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
Of course. Every single morning, while listening to a pet bear playing balalaika. Just kidding, my bear only knows how to dance.
On a more serous note, I've been to Japan, Europe and US and I was a bit surprised to find there normal nice people, not unlike myself. Not at all the caricatures I expected after watching movies and TV. Meeting with and talking to real people is a life changer. One shouldn't believe everything one sees on the screen.
Or something along those lines :D


Question(s) - galamakazaba
Because pyres are so underpowered, will you be "buffing them any time soon? I suggest increased damage and sharper turning. Had to ask :P

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
You may expect constant weapon balance changes during CBT.
As for Pyres we may actually buff them... while increasing its PowerScore and possibly changing aim mechanics :P


Question(s) - Lokisfather
As a cheap university student can you pass along any info towards new closed beta waves? Or a release date for a open beta? Thanks

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
There will be no CBT waves as such. We are distributing keys via streamers and partners, so keep your eyes open.
I cannot give exact date on OBT start an the moment, but CBT will last a couple of months at the very least.



Question(s) - ayylamoo911
Next patch when?

Answer - [Alexis_tg]
We expect to release a patch by the end of the week.
As a rule we try to release a patch every week. But things are somewhat hectic at the moment so we may miss a week or two.



Question(s) quiquoqua

are there any news on a mac os version ?

Answer - [Alexis_tg]

There will be a mac os version in future (after OBT starts probably). We have the technology and our other games support macOS, but that is not a high priority task right now so we are not working on it.



Question(s) littlebird2

Thank you very much for the long answer Alexey. So the only thing you will sell to the players for rl money are coins right and the PAckages you currently offer?

Answer - [Alexis_tg]

Yes, you are correct. And there is a chance, that the packages are there for CBT duration only.



Question(s) - Thaiper [GM]

@Alexis_tg It was mentioned that battle test members will get a special cabin. 1. Will this cabin be indestructable? 2. Wich exact cabin we get?


Answer - [Alexis_tg]

I'm afraid I may not tell you much right now. It will be a cabin with unique look that's for sure.
We'll announce the complete rewards info some time later.

Question(s) Pillowseller

Thanks for the great game, I love this.
I'd like to know if you are working on making this game more... newbie friendly, such as removing 'traps' such as horrible white part crafting cost and the DIY container, or adding small tips/infos on some screen, or something like that.
I hate to see my beloved game slapped by (reasonably) misguided players who think this game is harsher than it really is.

Answer - [Alexis_tg]

Thank you.
Yes we do try to make Crossout more friendly towards new players. There's a number of features addressing that issue that we are discussing right now.
There used to be more "traps" like the one you describe, but we try to eliminate them one by one. At the moment both manufacturing of common items and DIY container are purely optional.
Manufactured common items are not used in further craft (you won't see them as craft component). And there are only 3 of them. So we may decide to remove common part crafting from the game or change it somewhat.
DIY container works fine. It is a way to spend scrap if you do not wish to sell it at the market or use it in manufacturing process. We may tweak drop rates and UI for the crates though.


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Answer - [Alexis_tg]

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EDIT: Hes Added more questions, hes answering questions as i write this up.




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