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1. Why are my items in storage missing the ‘Durability’ parameter?
In Crossout update 0.3.0 we are testing a different approach to obtaining car parts.
With this approach, parts will no longer be destroyed as a result of damage in missions and raids. The term ‘Durability’ will disappear from the game.
2. Previously, after a battle I could see which parts of my car lost their durability. The tab ‘Parts condition’ in my garage is no longer available. Is this right?
With the exclusion of durability, the tab ‘Parts condition’ has lost its importance, and as a result, it has been removed from the interface.

3. I used to have parts with zero durability. What happens to them now?
During the testing period, zero durability parts are indestructible, as well as other parts in the game.

4. I put up a large number of parts for sale on the market. Where have they all gone?
Given that the need for repairs has been eliminated such items as ‘spares’ will be removed from storage and the market.

5. I bought an early access bundle. But my car has already been destroyed. When is it going to be available again?
Crossout update 0.3.0 does not entail wiping player accounts. 
6. I deliberately spent money to buy parts for breaking down into spares. Now spares are gone. When am I going to receive compensation for my losses?
The whole gameplay has undergone significant changes. Compensation solely for exclusion of spares from the game will not be provided, however, players will actually multiply their stocks, as all the parts in storage become indestructible.

7. I bought a very expensive indestructible part (weapons) on the market. I spent a significant amount of coins on the purchase. Now, this item has no unique properties. It is the same as every other part. How am I going to be compensated?
They will still stay at your storage, standing out among other details . No other compensation is provided. The game is in testing phase and significant changes are a significant part of testing.

8. My storage is now packed with parts. And parts no longer wear out, so I'm going to get even more of them. What should I do with them?
You can disassemble them for resources and of course use to craft new rare parts.

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