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Crossout game guide

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Test Drive










Main garage window


Game menu for navigation between appropriate windows of the interface:

  • 1. Factions
  • 2. Market
  • 3. Storage — a window with a list of all available resources, paints and unused items.
  • 4. Store — access to in-game store.
  • 5. Blueprint exhibition
  • 6. Seasons — special tasks for players

Other elements:

  • 7. The amount of fuel in the tank
  • 8. The number of ‘coins’
  • 9. Available challenges — daily quests for participating in battles, dealing damage, destroying enemies and other actions rewarding the player.
  • 10. Player level, next level progress and selected picture profile. By clicking on the portrait you will open the portrait menu.
  • 11. System Menu for opening settings or exiting the game.
  • 12. A list of friends and friends currently in the game.
  • 13. The total and daily leaderboards for the number of enemies killed in battles against other players.
  • 14. Clans
  • 15. Vehicle assembly mode
  • 16. Combat mission selection for the current vehicle
  • 17. Test drive mode — safely experience the driving performance and firepower of the assembled car
  • 18. The selected vehicle.
  • 19. Garage spaces
  • 20. Assigning keys to mounted guns
  • 21. Blueprint archive
  • 22. A window with the current vehicle characteristics
  • 23. Chat


Vehicle characteristics


  • Power Score (PS) describes the vehicle's approximate power.This value is the sum of the PS of all parts installed on the vehicle.
  • The structure value shown in the characteristics window represents the maximum ‘health’ of the car.In combat, structure is displayed in the form of ‘health bars’ at the bottom of the screen. Upon receiving damage structure decreases. When the value drops to zero, the player's car is destroyed.
  • The number of parts is one of the factors limiting the player's possibilities in the design of combat vehicle
  • Energy is the main resource of the car, limiting its combat power.Available energy is determined by the characteristics of the cabin and installation of additional equipment — generators. Almost all types of weapons and most kinds of hardware consume this resource.
  • Vehicle mass is the total weight of all installed components.
  • Acceleration and speed — Each cabin has individual base speed characteristics — acceleration and maximum speed



  • In Crossout player development is implemented with the help of so-called ‘factions’.Faction window can be opened with a button at the top of the screen in the Main Menu:
  • The game has four fractions: the neutral faction of Engineers and three additional factions — Lunatics, Nomads and Scavengers.
  • By increasing reputation with any faction the player gets ‘Structure’ class parts as rewards — bumpers, frame parts, chassis parts, etc. — that can't be obtained any other way.In addition, the Engineers faction rewards the player with new paints, profile portraits, increases for the maximum amount of parts in a vehicle design, increases of warehouse space and extra spaces in the garage.
  • Reputation with factions is issued as a reward after battles — the higher the combat effectiveness of a player, the more reputation he will get.With ‘Decor’ class parts you can provide a bonus to reputation received for fighting

Creating parts
All items in the game are divided into five colour-coded categories according to the level of quality:
  • Base — starting parts and all parts of the ‘Structure’ class; you can't buy, sell or create them — they are issued exclusively as a reward for raising reputation with factions.
  • Common — the most simple parts, which the players can create from scrap metal, commonly given as a reward for participating in battles against other players.
  • Rare — parts of average quality, a wide range of weapons and equipment; the maximum level of quality for cabins and movement parts.
  • Epic — high quality parts and the best hardware.
  • Legendary Items — have the best set of characteristics.
  • Relic — parts of this rarity differ significantly from any other weapons in the game.At the moment, relic weapons are the most powerful, rare, and unusual

Players can build parts on their own. To create a new part you need coins to rent a workshop with the appropriate blueprint. You need to have a certain number of required parts specified in the blueprints in your warehouse.

Market in Crossout is a trading platform where players are given the opportunity to buy and sell any resources and components (except for starter parts and parts of the ‘Structure’ class, issued as a reward for increasing reputation with fractions). Trade is conducted exclusively for coins, and direct exchange of goods for goods is not available.
Build mode
Crossout's main feature is the possibility of creating your own war machine.
  • The basis of any machine is its frame.All parts must be attached directly to the frame or to the other parts attached to the frame.
  • Any machine needs a single cabin.Cabins are always mounted horizontally on top of frame elements
  • ‘Movement’ class parts (wheels and tracks) can only be attached directly to the frame and only on the sides of the vehicle.
  • Parts are considered connected if there is at least one connection point ( ‘weld’ point).

In order to save the most successful designs you can use the blueprints functionality — fixed ‘snapshots’ of cars in the garage, which can be downloaded at any moment. Saved blueprints are not bound to the contents of the garage or storage slots — each saved blueprint can use its own unrestricted pack of parts. Moreover, a blueprint does not cease to exist even after the sale or destruction of essential components — in this case the player just will not be able to load a saved blueprint in his garage in full.

Joining the battle

By clicking on the appropriate button — ‘BATTLE’ — on the main garage screen, the player is offered a choice of several types of combat missions:

Missions — fights against other players (PvP) in 8v8 teams.Opponent matching takes place on the basis of each player vehicle's Power Score. In case of shortage of players the spots are taken by AI-controlled robots.

Raids — players fighting against bots (PvE).

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