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Contest: create life! That is, bots.

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To everybody who survived!

The Saint Valentine building is over, so now we are announcing a new contest.

We are offering you to create life.

That is, bots.

Yep, bots. The ones we could add into the game.

Without further ado, let's set the rules:

1. Build a bot, screen a bot, load the bot to the exhibition and post the screen into this topic.

2. Bots have to be 5000 PS or higher (the higher the better).

3. You can post multiple bots.

4. You can post your works until march, 19th inclusively. After that during a week we will define the winners and give rewards.

5. You must post the name of a bot ('cause how would we find it on the exhibition otherwise?)

The rewards will be as follows:

1st place - 4000 coins

2nd place - 3000 coins

3rd place - 2000 coins

All participants will receive 500 coins.

We will redirect the best bots to the bot Valhalla for the bot god to tend to them. In bot Valhalla they will probably be refashioned because true-born bots live by rules different from our mortal rules (for instance, they know no energy limit). However, the initial 'face' of the bot that you gave him will probably be left unchanged.


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It's all my resources this time... But I'm thinking it'll be nice to share my idea with everybody, so anybody can enhance it. It's looks just like and ordinary low tier bot, but this thing is nimble as Hell.

Name: Swiftshot Raider.
PowerScore: 3320.










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The Patriot. My dual Little Boy 6lb "76mm cannon" tank.





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Name: Feral Steel.

This is a lunatic style buggy for the 3000 PS range. He is only good at close range but really fast.






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12 minutes ago, Icecryos said:

Name: Feral Steel.

This is a lunatic style buggy for the 3000 PS range. He is only good at close range but really fast.






Nice Build.

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First bot from me today (I will build several more later), the Bear. PS as requested is around 5,5k. It can be equipped in really any weapons, but it looks best with either 88 turret cannon or 25 autocannon, both are uploaded in exhibition, named Bear MK I (25mm autocannon) and Bear MK II (88mm turret).




This thing looks even better in flesh than on picture, it have massive presence, you can feel that this is military vehicle.Also lots of engines placed inside make him more agile than you could expect.

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Bot name:

Boulder Head



literally a upgraded version of "The Rock" which dominates high PS bots, its bigger, badder, Faster, and very dangerous.

9287 Powerscore, Higher than any existing bot.

Built with a focus on looks above sheer function. I am quite happy with the results^^ Above all else, i wanted it to not only look sleeker, but meaner than its Lower Powerscore Cousin.

Downsides and Upsides, Highlighted aspects of particular note.


  • Very High Powerscore. Higher than any existing bot.
  • Dual Mammoth Design make it hard to disarm
  • Few bot designs use dual identical weapons of 5 energy or more.
  • Dual Mammoth can deal high damage and bots are accurate with the weapon
  • Guns are well mounted and decently protected
  • Is much faster than "The Rock" thanks to wheel and Track Setup + Powerful Engine
  • Maneuverability is decent
  • Epic Radar Detector gives this bot greater team utility.
  • Unified Style First design to make it stand out against most player builds.
  • High Ammo Capacity on the mammoths, the bot can easily go entire matches without running out of ammo.
  • 360 targeting radius, Rear mammoth can effectively hit targets behind it.
  • Design can substitute Mammoths for Scorpions or other weapons very easily.


  • Low HP compaired to some Player designs around its Powerscore
  • "Apollo" generator and Ammo packs are clustered as a weak point
  • Design uses Fused Equipment for improved tonnage, it is slower with standard cabin and Tracks
  • Similar to "The Rock" sides of the cabin are somewhat exposed.
  • Shares Weakness of "The Rock" with explosives in the back (makes it easy for players to learn how to destroy)
  • Half Track Design cannot turn in place, Bots Currently are not well optimized for Halftrack designs.
  • Mixed Faction parts in design. Scavenger and Nomad is Dominantly and highly viable.
  • Minimal Frame use. Cabin sits on only two Frames.
  • Im not exactly a fan of the paint job as much as i am the overall design, guess that has little bearing since most bots dont have much paint.




2244k HP is low compared to player builds that are this heavy, much like The Rocks HP value is pretty low for 7k. However its still much higher than The Rock.

Use of "Apollo" generator, and small Ammo packs hidden but similarly accessible on the back. Carries the same weakness in as The Rock. as a result, while quite powerful, it is not totally overwhelming and carries learn-able weakness that can be exploited.

Good Weight and engine design give it very good tonnage, and it can achieve the top speed that Armored Tracks allow with relative ease.

It looks a bit like a miniature Leviathan... and it kind of is...


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Bot Name: Reap What You Sow

We need a dual Reaper Bot! 

For 8.3 Power Score, this build is relatively fast and very manoeuvrable.

Edit to add Reap What You Sow 2

8.2K Power Score with Mammoth and Reaper - The Reaper keeps dealing the damage while the Mammoth reloads.







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Reap What You Sow 2
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Name: The Beast 

PS: 6224


It's a slow build, but I find it very fun to play. Beasts weak point is its back, but with an accurate cannon shot it can very easily cripple even more tanky builds.

The fact that it has both AC72 Whirlwind and ZS-34 Fat Man leaves some people with a dilemma of how to approach it.

It also gives some options for the play style, depending of the teams.


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Name: Wasteland Galleon

I've just seen the bots have to be 5000PS at least, my last build only have 3000 PS so here is my new bot.





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this is my build. as you can see its name is war bird of the sky. (i made this on the fly, but i might post my other thing becuase of how well i made it. :D  



(this post is more of a copy and past from a place it doesn't belong.)

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Hmmm. I might just join in with some Stug Life!




peekabo :D My vehicle in his natural habitat xD




weak point kinda marked :D 


Well isnt 5000, might change with some further hull upgrades(that it totaly needs i think,weak rear and underbelley

Pro: -2 x 76mm Cannons operatin seperat for good supressing enemys in front

-tough front that isnt going to be knocked out so easly for supstain some fire while still can engange anything in firecircle/range

- not easy to flip

-Many exhaust! Defenitly a Pro! :D 

Cons: -Slow driving and turning caused by extended trackbase and power to wieght ratio

- Easy to encounter IF u manage to drive around and engage from rear


All in all its not an rush vehicle but if it happens to need some it can deal good damage even while driving when handled correctly. Not the easiest thing to Master but still more Fun for me then an rushy MG buggy :) 

And yeah i put my Pictures in Spoilers. This thread gets scrollhappy otherwise x) Pls consider to do the same^^

V2 slightly better Armor Front and Rear



Pro: Better Armor

Cons: Gun Elevation Limited


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Second bot for today, the Lynx MK I.

It got his wild cat nickname not by chance, players who think this is "get clear from main cannon and your save" type of a bot, may get surprised, as this feisty bot have double spitfire shotgun turrets per side. So it will not go down without a fight, even if player drives around, avoiding main cannon. Also it can be easily upgraded to 100 mm cannon and triple shotgun per side, without changing it shape.



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Here is mine: Tank on wheels

power score: 5024

Sleek and nice looking 1930-1940 look with the fenders

Hard to flip

2 epic grade machine guns

wheels hard to shoot out, well balanced if one does get shot out

no back end ramming attacks

well armored and protected








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Here is my other one: American reliant

 Power score: 5018

More detailed specs on first picture.

 American reliant Specs:

Hard to flip ( some how?) tested

Can flip others (Dont know how) tested

3 machine guns ( american dream)

armored frame

protected front wheel



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Tracks O Plenty


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since you can post as many as you want, im gonna post somthing more pretty, then damage base. its its name is truckers new toy.



lets be honest. who WOULDN'T want to blow up one of these in this game. :D

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The Beast is a very heavy, very tanky build. Both of her main guns have 360 Traverse, with her upper turret clearly having 360 degrees of clearance for fire.
She holds a decent amount of ammunition, 17 Rounds, and if the main guns hit target, they can deal a fair amount of damage. She has high survivability, however, if her heavy generator is knocked out, that will destroy most of the vehicle, leaving only the upper cannon functional. However, I find this to be a rare occurrence as the generator is well protected. The only major negative aspect to the Beast is her turning speed is very bad, despite having a decent top speed. 

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