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Contest: create life! That is, bots.

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Bone Crusher





The Bone Crusher is an extremely fast, extremely agile machine. Her armament is limited, but she makes up for it in survivability, speed, and strong ramming power. Overall in my experience she is difficult to disable, although a well aimed powerful shot can do severe damage to her. The Bone Crusher can be used as a weapon platform for a number of different weapon types, thus you could make multiple versions/variants of the Bone Crusher. Despite the loss of various different parts/damage on her, she usually will retain her mobility, and can continue to deal  consistent damage through ramming if her cannon is taken out.

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This Tank Build is not designed for one on one combat but more as a defensive tool guarding or acting as a deadly over watch. its slow and no way agile by any means but can take a ridiculous amount of damage, do not get in front of this sniper/long range vehicle removal & support specialist.The Avenger 57mm paired with the long range scope is your main weapon but its field of fire is limited to forward facing shots only due to the amount of armor, and weapon concealment the dual LM-54 Chord's are for defense mainly and close quarter distraction.

carry's 2X ammo packs - 1X Heavy Generator - 1X Improved Radiator - 1X Weapon Radiator - 1X Jack



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I have a few questions....

  1. how many bots can we put forward? (multible can be a lot or "only" 3)
  2. Is it necessary to put them on exhibition or is a designsave file attached to a post also ok?
  3. If we have only exhibition as possiblity, do they have to stay there till the contest is finished or can we remove them earlier? (space for saving builds is a luxury after all)
  4. since bots HAVE a problem with tire-track combinations, wouldn't it be a good idea to restrict to either or?
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Another one from me, the Piranha.

It's a 6,5k PS fast bot, with double grenade launchers. It can have even double Retchers if necessary, but that may be OP? What I like in this bot the most, is exhaust pipe placement. It have 4 of them in a spot behind front fender, with end of the pipes just before the curve into rear fender begins. I like that placement alot :D


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Another one, the highest PS from me so far. The Rhino, a 7,7k PS bot with double reaper and cooling. It's probably faster than most (all?) high PS bots, since it's builded on wyvern cabin with engine and his weight is carefully kept under control.


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While putting together a bunch of pieces and components i got this oldish-biggish Lady: Aloyse la Preuse
A boxy tanky wagonny jeepy vehicle.

Fault: main weapons exposed, obious weak point in the back,no particular strenght, 3 little frame.
Advantage: pottential for upgrad (50/50 parts used)

Stats: 5048 PowerScrore ; 1356 Structure ; 50 Parts ; 12/12 Energie ; 9533 Kg ; 2/3 Acceleration ; 1/3 Speed.
Notable Parts: 2 tracks - 3 guns - 4 miscs

3 Sizes: lenght 17, width 10, height 11ish
Faction levels recommended (mine): E16 L3 N2 S5screenshot-170302-182329.thumb.png.0f4b1Capture2.PNG.b894e42855af84b88501dad96f7Capture.PNG.77763fc9f5aec9010043c90821c1screenshot-170302-193805.thumb.png.df313


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My truck is called Gepanzerter Donner (Armored Thunder in German according to interwebs)

Best at mid- to close-range, with two MGs, a shotgun and a saw. Drives and steers at a decent speed for a truck cab, but the unarmored frame in the back may be a little vulnerable.



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Today toughest and biggest bot from me. The Elephant MK I. Around 9k PS with double Mammoth cannons. Despite this is definitely late game bot, it have by far more maneuverability then you will expect. 8 large steering wheels placed uniquely by 4 on same point of a frame, make his turning radious very narrow. Speed and acceleration are also superior compared to high PS bots we currently have in game.



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"Bull Frog"

relatively quick w a zero Turning Radius due to four wheel steering and a wide foot print instead of the more common dimensions,  armed with AC72 Whirlwind and a Avenger 57mm

this odd little Bot is all Business.

Carry's:  1X Improved radiator - 1X Heavy Generator - 2X Ammo Boxes6a9c586120485f247c30343c9b6e5217.thumb.jc0c13d0f4b67d20bbd14288c01249f45.thumb.j


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Name: Dogfighter

It's an old warplane wreck converted for ground fighting.





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With a few exceptions i only used scavenger parts.  It is surprisingly difficult to make a rollover cage.

Name: Scavenger_1




It is only real scavenger if it has a plow.

Name: Scavenger_2





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"Bumblebee" by Mostra;)

5333 PS
1450 pts structure
9570 kg

1 X "Reaper" + 1 X "Pyre"

1 X "Engine"
1 X "Weapon Cooler"







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Name: Lunatic_1



I should have named it "honey ant". With that big structure behind the cabin it looks exactly like it, when you loose your frontal stuff in battle,


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Feel like there aren't enough grenade bots, maybe for good reason, but in the interest of variety that's what I chose to go with.







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Big Dakka

Chubby tank destroyer. Because tanky builds seems a bit underrepresented.

I though about adding some generator and HMG on top instead of radar. For your decision.

Chubby Dakka.jpg

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Posted this on the exhibition a while back and many took it for a spin in the wastelands. Now it's time to do battle with the "Rocket Tank". Looking back I should have named it MRLS or "Steel Rain" after the weapon system fitted to the m270.

Another image of the vehicle I drew inspiration from: Steel Rain weapon system

Also drew inspiration from a tank that was once on exhibition and was taken down by the author for some reason. Missed it and wanted to recreate it...or the idea of the rocket tank. Rebuilt it to fit my specifications.









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