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Contest: create life! That is, bots.

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Bot name:




Like my other design, its effectively a upgraded version of "Wanderer". It is 3000 Powerscore stronger and posses greater speed and firepower than any other Nomad build.

 8273 Powerscore, Higher than any existing bot.

Built on the question of "what would 'Ulysses the Map Keeper's personal ride look like?" I believe it answers the question well.. its Amazingly well armed and reasonably fast, and it also hides Radar and Radio in its body. Of course its covered in lights so the Keeper can always see where he is at night.

Upsides and Downsides, Highlighted aspects of particular note.


  • Very High Powerscore. Higher than any existing bot.
  • Dual Retchers allow it to deal tremendous damage
  • Few bot designs use identical weapons of 5 energy or more.
  • Guns are well mounted and reasonably protected
  • faster than any current bot design near its powerscore
  • Decent maneuverability.
  • Unified Style First design to make it stand out against most player builds.
  • Decent Ammo Capacity for the Retchers.
  • 360 attack radius.
  • Base Design can use Retchers or Reapers in the gun positions
  • decent HP for a fast design
  • Radar and Radio give enhanced team utility.
  • Simple mobility design should be easy for bots to drive
  • Radiator allows very long bursts of fire
  • decent protection on the cabin


  • Bot aiming ability with grenade launchers makes them extremely lethal in some situations
  • Radiator acts to create a long downtime where the bot cannot attack, acting as a weakness
  • "Apollo" generator and ammo packs are clustered as a weak point
  • Similar weak point to existing high powerscore bots, explosives behind cabin.
  • bots dont leave on those cool lights so people will probably never see the lights behind the grille
  • speed is likely to cause this bot to drive into the enemy team ahead of its allies.
  • Cabin sits on a single 4x8 frame

I really like this design. its really nice to look at compared to my normal *serious* design style. Its effective but hard to use due to the long cooldown on the guns. bots will have a disadvantage due to having those powerful guns on such a long cooldown as it gives players a good chance to disarm it. despite this, bot aiming ability will allow it to be utterly lethal compared to other bots.

Again, to make it as powerful and high Powerscore, an "Apollo" was needed. however replacing the generator with a gas one nearly gets the weight down enough that the engine is not needed. However thanks to the engine the vehicle is fast off the line and get to enemies quickly.

because of its speed and the fact that bots of this design are likely to be ahead of the slower teammates, it is more easily dealt with. one on its own is likely a easy target for players due to the low hp on the guns.

also, retchers are fun to use... once again a weapon that plays exactly as i expect it too :005j:

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Here´s my contribution for the contest:










Cheers from the Wasteland!

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2nd screenshots for all bots
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Here's another submission I couldn't leave out entitled Chrome Hound. It's an homage to the game for Xbox 360 and the frame was based off of another user's build. I modified it quite a bit but the general shapes of the design are unaltered. Just want to give some credit to that user for the base design. If anyone recognizes his build on the exhibition please post an image. Tried searching on the exhibition today and I couldn't find the original design/author.

My edits: Weapons, added train plows, extra armor, 2x powerful engine mk2's, powerful engine in the back, changed the armored tracks to large wheels st and moved a few things around here and there.

It's optimized for brawling and can attack from stand off distances. 2 x 100mm cannons will make short work of any build if you aren't wary.

Please feel free to check it out on exhibition as I just added it today.






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Name: I_heard_you_like_wings

It seems with nomad parts you always end up with some sort of a plane. So this time it is only about a stupidly big amount of wings, aka "spaced armour". Which combined with a good amount of HP for this PS, should give cannons and scorpions a hard time. I wiould have liked to place only defenders between the front wings (like a real figther plane had the cannons in the wings), but sadly the wings don't have attachement points there.





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its a little sad to read that the bots dont have to follow the rules and can have excess energy (total weight and tonnage too?).

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Percussionist Bot by Atropina

This is what I imagine a Nomad tank would look like if they had them.  The entire vehicle is dedicated to feeding a singular autocannon for long a duration of unrelenting, suppressive fire.  Like the beat of a drum!

The base model features 3x Improved Radiators, 2x Weapon Coolers and an AC72 Autocannon. It weighs in at 6101 PS with 1792 Structure.

This bot is meant to harass players from medium distance. Its lack of multiple weapon systems makes it particularly vulnerable if swarmed. It has a low top speed but quick acceleration.

Because I have limited building components, there is suitable room for dev. improvement.  The Whirlwind Autocannon should be swapped out for a Reaper.  The 3rd Improved Radiator (under autocannon) can be swapped out for 2x Charged Radiators if the Heavy Generator is upgraded to Gas (although doing so creates a notable and fun "achilles heel" at the bottom rear, between the tracks).


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bolded bot name
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Name: I_heard_you_like_wings_2

Took me some time to get the defenders between the wings but now im quite happy. The beak of the eagle crest acts as a crude aiming reticle.


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I used as much Power Score heavy parts, and tried to not make it bad-looking. I baptised her "Instrument Malicieux"

Fault: The 2 machine guns exposed, obious weak point in the back, 2 little Frame but covered by 2 bottom "Rear Door".
Advantage: pottential for upgrad (50/50 parts used)

Stats: 5732 PowerScrore ; 1628 Structure ; 50/50 Parts ; 12/12 Energie ; 9593 /12k Kg ; 3/5 Acceleration ; 1/3 Speed.
Notable Parts: 2 tracks - 3 guns - 4 miscs

Sizes: lenght 18, width 14, height 11ish
Faction levels recommended (mine): E16 L3 N2 S5




Spoiler: "Trenched Circus" seems, to me, pretty acurate to describe this.

PS: A "plank" is supposed to be under each machine gun in the lenght but as far back possible (1 or 2 tile back from guns i think)

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Edit2: Bolded name
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If you love the freedom to have a bunch of guns on your vehicles, plow through your enemies and shoot everything in your path, FREEDOM WARRIOR is the vehicle for you.

It's a slick slanted build, fast and aggressive, boasting 3 guns, 6 wheel drive and a meager 2.5 miles to the gallon it comes as a real bargain at just 5130 Power Score

(Sry for the American theme, didn't meant to make it so specific, but a proper vehicle needs eagles, once you go eagles might as well throw an american flag, and once you do that might as well call it "freedom" something) 








Question: Do we get to keep this coins after the wipe?

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Decided to enter my current 4 favorite builds.


Name of Exhibition:  Make Bows Great Again



Name of Exhibition:  Devils Tongue



Name of Exhibition:  Make Scorpions Great Again



Name of Exhibition:  Relics of  Past

(Note:  there is a rear facing porcupine on this one)


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Bot Name: 

Aircraft Carrier




A older design i am submitting as a bot, i created this one for personal use the moment the "multi module update" dropped. Essentially the fulfillment of a dream i have had since i got my first drone in ages past. its... well its good but its not overwhelming, after all, its build for looks rather than actual efficiency.

7215 Powerscore, In the top of the range of existing bot designs.

Depending on Drone Configuration, Can reach 7815 Powerscore

I built this, because i wanted an aircraft carrier. Tho the drones do not fly off and attack targets like the planes on a aircraft carrier does, its otherwise pretty spot on. Its tougher than the bots at its powerscore, and the drones are quite powerful while deployed. Of course, as naval vessel it is equipped with radar and radio. The large runway can hold any configuration of Drones, from the 5 MG drones shown here, to 3 missile drones and one MG drone or 2 missile drones, 2 MG drones, and a purple radar. I would love to see several configurations as bots, with which configuration being chosen randomly, but the primary configuration is the 5 MG drone one.

Downsides and Upsides, Highlighted aspects of particular note.


  • High Powerscore, Comparable to the highest existing bot.
  • Multi Drone build deals high damage
  • Unique "module" focused design
  • Very maneuverable
  • Unified Style First design to make it stand out against most player builds.
  • 360 attack radius
  • very good HP for a bot at its powerscore
  • Radar and Radio give enhanced team utility
  • Bots can drive it easily
  • Only Generator is explosive
  • Can reach decent top speed



  • Cooldown on drones create long downtime where the bot cannot deal damage, acting as a weakness
  • Drones are vulnerable being destroyed by players and other bots thanks to existing behavior for bots
  • "Apollo" Generator is well protected but if destroyed all frame will be lost immobilizing the build instantly.
  • Exposed Drone Launchers mean the Carrier can be easily disarmed while the drones are recharging
  • is very slow to accelerate
  • Short attack range
  • Must Circle a target while attacking.
  • cannot attack targets directly in front and directly behind with all drones.


This is a build i have had for a bit, and from the start is my oldest build that is actually built for looks that i still use today. In combat, it can be very damaging with the drones deployed all at once, but often only attacks for short duration as the drones are very easily dealt with. after the cooldown makes it very vulnerable. While attacking, keeping moving and keeping your side facing your enemy is needed to allow all drones to attack. This build must engage at a 20-160 degree angle, ideally not driving directly at or away from any target while the drones are out.


As a bot, the AI must be coded for "circling attacks" while keeping a distance of at least 40m from the target but getting no further than 200m from the target once it has engaged. ideally the AI should stick in a distance of 70-100m from its current priority target. I believe bots already recognize drones as weapons and will not rush to capture if they still have them, but if not then that will need to be changed for this bot. but since there are bots with drones and i .... cant really remember if they run away when their MGs are blasted off or not...........

It should be noted however, that it could also be coded to sit still, simply trying to make its sides face the target with minimal movement, but it will be far more effective mobile and circling.

Its a build designed to look like what it more or less is, and despite being a build that i made for myself, i think it stands out plenty well compared to normal player builds to actually be recognizable as a bot. despite being a very such and such shaped truck build. We need more "Tank" bots..

Anyways, it would be cool to have players see the bots at that Powerscore and think "OMG I AM FIGHTING THE NAVY". the other two 7k bot designs can be the destroyer escort^^ :002:.


also, if you devs really want too, you can replace all 5 MG drones with Missile drones and have it as a Nomad Raid boss. i think that for a faction set around old planes and cars, a Aircraft carrier would be a worthy "boss" vehicle for hard raids^^.

Btw, miniguns should obviously be the nomad gun of choice for the small builds in normal raid. with reapers appearing on the hard bots!






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2nd entry:


A patrol ship before the war, but once there was a need for any vehicle that could pack a punch it was refitted for land warfare, no longer sailing the seas but rather the plains where raiders roam.

name: Freaking Frigate






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URAL44 WarTruck

PS: 5518
Preparing to wars of the Wasteland! The leader vehicle of one of Hungarian Crossout Clan!


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Second one for today, also the last one from me is the Forest Ant.



Sumaring this contest experience, it was a lot of fun, also it brings me back to game for a few hours, testing those bots in multiplayer battle give me joy as well :)

Regardless of the final winners, I hope a lot of builds will be chosen to become a bots, because seeing the same cars as bots over and over again gets boring with time, so increasing overall pool of bots will help improving game experience.

Cheers all and see you in OBT (perhaps)! :014:

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