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Crossout 0.3.33 ⅓

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To all survivors! This week you can expect truly stunning changes. We have long been working on preparations for the OBT and lost sight of some of the important moments in the game. It's time to rectify the situation.


Breakable parts
Many players that have been with us during alpha testing and battle testing, asked us to return ‘Durability’ for parts. And we decided to entertain them. Now all parts in the game are once again breakable.

  • Parts break down regardless of wins and losses in battles.
  • All parts once again have a ‘Durability’ parameter.
  • Part Durability depends on its material.All parts are divided into those made of metal and plastic parts.
  • Metal parts lose 50% of their durability over 2.6 million years
  • Plastic parts lose 50% of their durability over 500 years
  • Parts are considered broken if they lose 100% of their durability


Changed weapon characteristics. Now they are more in line with their names.

Retcher - Tripled spread, increased projectile range.Now it is not limited to what the human eye can see.

Hurricane - removed auto-aim.Missiles now surround your nearest enemy and hit it from all directions.

Reaper - Every 10th shot is a scythe, which spins in the air and demolishes everything in its path.The further the final target, the greater the damage. Also, when you turn the ‘tower’ there is now a chance of an oil leak due to overheating in heavy fire, which means you're going to learn to breakdance.

MG13 Equalizer - Damage reduced to 0.Added special ability: makes the target's power score equal to yours.

Flame - We have already nerfed angles, damage and ammunition.We screwed and unscrewed the parts so many times that thread on them is on the verge of collapsing. Now there is a 7% chance that Flame will come off from the fixtures and start a fire-show... Right in the cockpit.

Hammerfall - to make it work, before each shot the driver has to hit the weapon with a hammer.If you do this 3 times in a row, it will accumulate a charge, and the next shot will deal 3x damage. Nobody has tried hitting it 4 times yet...

Harvester - Works at 30% power if the driver does not have work experience on a combine.Power is at 70% when in contact with wheat or sunflowers.

Mammoth - a mythical creature that can grow a new trunk after an old one's direct contact with a radroach burrow.Changed the look of the weapon: the barrel is replaced with a trunk. Reduced accuracy by 70% and immediately increased it by 80%.

Porcupine - Porcupine now leads a wild life.It explodes whenever it wants to. Rolls out whenever it wants to as well. And if you try to kick it up its backside - you're going to find needles.

Firebug - now shines, but does not heat.But look at it shine! When the beam is directed at the enemy, it completely disorients him into thinking he's in paradise.  Note: does not work on bots. For them, it's the opposite effect. If you direct the beam at AI from your team, it will understand that it's been trying to pass through a wall and abandon these attempts.

Scorpion - Became a weapon of mass destruction.At the start of the battle produces 20 poisonous scorpions that crawl on the map and wait for the moment when they are run over. If the opponent runs over the scorpion, a Greenpeace helicopter comes flying and pours a hail of bullets from 4 miniguns, coloured green.

Lancelot - no longer works without a horse.Horse will be added in future patches.

New modules

Module: ‘Atomic blower’
Designed to inflate in the storm in storm warning.
But it can be used for other purposes.
Consumes 6 units of energy.

Module: ‘Autovictory’
When activated, your team automatically wins the round. (Does not work on Leviathans) 
Consumes 16 units of energy. 


In this update, we introduce a new branch of rarity, specifically for decorations.

New decor in the branch:

  • Square by Malevich: +99% to reputation. 
  • Ducksaurus: +9999.(9)% to XP 
  • Careful, Ducksaurus can steal frags.
  • Cone: ‘You shall not pass!’ +99% experience
  • Horn: ‘Wilhelm's Scream’ +99% experience
  • Sign: ‘Tro-lo-lo’ + 99% experience
  • Russian balalaika +99% experience

Eastern Array map:
Has a 0.666% chance to spawn Psycho Pete sitting on a deck chair, drinking fire-water with umbrellas.  If a player disturbs Pete, it will destroy the player with lasers from his eyes. 
On the ‘Factory’ Map:
If 8 players gather in the swamp, everyone will be dragged into the forest by a bigfoot.
If 8 players gather next to the acid lake, Kraken may appear.

On the ‘Old Town’ map: 
Driving under the windows of buildings is now dangerous. A Christmas tree from a Russian corporate party may fall from above. (Does not work during the New Year holidays)

Getting stickers now automatically earns you 2000 coins most revered by walruses - sand ones.
With this update, all members of the top clans receive a ‘Spare Tyre’ with similar PS, but it has three Hammerfalls and increases XP gain by 999%.

Added weather conditions

  • Rain (May flood the map)
  • Fish rain (friction drops to 0.000001.If a big fish falls on the player, it bites into the player's car and inflicts 1 damage per second. The fish can not be tossed to anyone except Jango. Jango is dead.)
  • Fog (Visibility is reduced to 0 meters)
  • Snow with soot (only in the New Year holidays)

Bug fixes
Something went wrong...

  • Trees have become more aggressive. Now they can pull you under the ground. Especially if you are driving around with weapons.
  • Maps can now have spatial-temporal hole that can send players to different battles. So, you can shoot a rock near Rock City, and hit a friend who is on the bridge. Or you can drop on a player from another lobby, if you dive into this hole.
  • Bots in test drive can ambush players, even if the player did not use ‘O’.
  • Bots in PVP, as well as PVE on the ‘Factory’ map will dive into the acid lake.
  • Increased background radiation on all maps.


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