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Contest: April Fool's Day

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Dust on roads, dirt on wheels, bearded jokes... Raider life is hard...

Why not lighten it up a bit?

We are announcing a contest for the best funny story in the post-apocalyptic setting of Crossout!

To participate you will have to:

1.Make up a post-apocalyptic joke (set in our universe, of course).

2.Post it in this topic.

3.Wait for the results.

The authors of the most original jokes will receive a key to the Closed Beta Test. And immortal fame, apparently.


Know that the more post-apocalyptic realia are implemented in your joke, the higher your victory chances will be!


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Can i do several?


Whats the best weapon to use in Storm Warning? The Hurricane! *BADUM-TSS* You know whats the next best? The Whirlwind!

"Jeez a WaspBuzzsaw off so i can Splitfire Outta here!"

You know what happens when people camp all game with rockets? CRICKETS.

What happens when nomads die? The Reaper comes!

I know why the heavy generator is under scavengers! Its because Scar is FAT. This theory is further supported by there being a cannon named Fat Man. And even MORE supported by the MAMMOTH CANNON!

What do the scavengers call it when you have the sudden urge to buy grenades? A "IMPULSE buy"!

What happens when a steppenwolf sees a rocket car go out of bounds? "Howitzer did they do that?!"


Ok ill leave some meat on the bone for everyone else.




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The butter's on a roll... who would've thought?

Anyway... in other news...

An engineer's cloaked melee build violently approaches a lunatic's vehicle capping the base: *lunatic build gets death by ramming (FATALITY)* and engineer be like... "Did I just science the hell out of that creep or what?" *drops porcupine*

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