Manic Raiders [Waiting for OBT]

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Hello. I am comicaldan my clan the Mamic Raiders is a small bunch of people we wanted a small bunch of frendly players that enjoy playing crossout.



  • Always be frendly and nice to clan members old or new show repect and help clan mebers if they need help.
  • If you are offline for 7 days I will remove you from clan (Inless you private message me to say not going to be on for few weeks or days. Max of up to 30 day).
  • I will not give to many chances to plays who are not very frendly I wil remove them as i dont want people who will ceate problems.



  • We do clan wars.
  • Most members have played game for a long time and are happy to help out.
  • This clan will be remade after the wipe for OBT.
  • We do not want any unfriendly people in the clan.


Depending on how long you have been in clan.

Rookie -   1- 8     weeks

Regular - 8 - 24   weeks

Veteran -   24+    weeks


Clan Roster    

  1. Comicaldan       - Leader
  2. Sturkas              - Regular
  3. Blackhoodlum    - Regular
  4. Sikyman             - Rookie
  5. Stonegore          - Rookie
  6. FuRy47              - Rookie
  7. Advanzn             - Rookie








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