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How to create a valid Bug Report for the PS4

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Please use this as a general guideline, if you are new to making reports for the PS4.

1. First of all, you should send your crash report using the dialog error window! Please, do not skip the window as it is the vital step towards solving the problem!

2.  Once you notice an issue that you want to report, hit the share button on your PS4 controller and press the square button. It will save the last 14 minutes of gameplay (the last few minutes should be where you had your issue). You can also get screenshots, while previewing the video, and send them to YouTube the same way as the video (OR SIMPLY SAVE THEM TO A USB DIRECTLY FROM PS4.)
3. Now, to trim the video down you will have to close Crossout, then go to capture gallery, find the video you want and click "Share". It will bring you to a screen to send it to YouTube. You will see an option to preview and trim. Click "Trim now". The video will be broken up into intervals of 10 secs. Go all the way to the end and find where your problem starts and click the video clip. Click "Start here", then find the last clip where it stops and also click the video clip and hit "End clip".
3a. If its a picture then simply click "Share" button, take a pic of the occurrence you see on screen and save to a usb drive, that can be connected directly to the PS4.  Or you can save video and take a pic of the paused video after your game is over.  
4. Once you've clicked "Ok", send the video to your Youtube account. After entering your account from your computer click on the video and download the HD version (right click on screen when the hd video is playing and save the file). If you have a G-mail account go to YouTube upload the file to YouTube.
5. Once you're ready to submit the report, make sure to provide the following details, as in the example given. Please, check that they are valid and as accurate as possible.
Platform PS4
Version -
If the problem is with map, then post map's name and what regime you were playing in: missions, raids, brawls, ladder, etc.
(Post the problem you are having with details how to recreate it)
(Drop down a couple space to post the YouTube link or upload screen shots)
If you have any questions please reach out to Woodyrojo or BjKalderon

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