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How to create a valid Bug Report for the XBOX One

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Please use this as a general guideline, if you are new to making reports for the XBOX One.

1. First of all, you should send your crash report using the dialog error window! Please, do not skip the window as it is the vital step towards solving the problem!

2.  Once you notice an issue that you want to report, twice hit the home button on your XBOX One controller and press the X button. It will save the videoclip of gameplay. You can also get screenshots by hitting Y button.
3. Save your clip and screenshots to Onedrive or XBOX Live (or other video hosting you're able to save to). If you want you can trim the video down from your capture gallery.
4. Once you've uploaded your clip or screenshot to Onedrive or XBOX Live you can share the link in your report. Remember to leave your profile open to everyone as we won't check the reports with clips and screenshots we don't have access to.
5. Once you're ready to submit the report, make sure to provide the following details, as in the example given. Please, check that they are valid and as accurate as possible.
Platform XBOX One
Version - ....
If the problem is with map, then post map's name and what regime you were playing in: missions, raids, brawls, ladder, etc.
(Post the problem you are having with details how to recreate it)
(Drop down a couple space to post the link to the clip or upload screenshots)
If you have any questions please reach out to Woodyrojo or BjKalderon.

gromvoiny (Posted )

We're aware of the issues with missing purchases and are working on fixing them ASAP. Here's some important information: After purchase, please close and relaunch the game, this will ensure your purchases are updated properly. There may be a delay while getting the purchase info from Live services, if you didn't get it right away, please wait for some time (up to 1 hour) and relaunch the game. If you have several accounts on your console, make sure you made the purchase under the SAME account you're using to play Crossout. Due to Xbox Store bug, it is possible to purchase the content for the account that was signed into the game before you launched it. Only the account that purchased the content in Xbox Store will get it in the game. Finally, if you're sure that you purchased the content for right account, and it didn't show up after waiting for 1 hour and restarting the game, then contact the support team with screenshot from which shows the purchases and provide your nickname in Crossout.

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