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  1. All three platfroms (PC, Xbox, PS4) have different servers separate from each other. It means that transfer of game progress or purchases is impossible. Also, it means that updates for the game and new DLCs in stores may appear at different time on different platforms (although we'll try to synchronize the releases). 
  2. You need Xbox Gold to play Xbox One version. You don't need PS Plus to play PS4 version.
  3. If you don't like the steering of the car with gamepad, go to controls menu and try other control layouts. "Race" one is a classic setup with gas/brake on triggers.
  4. Make sure that you make purchases in store under the same account that you use for playing the game. It is especially important if you share your console with your sibling, roommate, girlfriend etc. Only the account that purchased the content will get it in the game. On Xbox One, the DLCs purchased by one account are shown as installed for every account on the same console, but it's not true. You have to delete it and then purchase the desired DLC for your account.
  5. With that in mind, when you contact support team about missing content, you should tell us your in-game nickname, and also have a proof - screenshot from purchase history in Xbox Store or PS Store which clearly shows that it was your account, and it is the same account that is used in the game. 
  6. Refunds for in-game purchases in free-to-play games are not allowed. 
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