Crossout Brawl Guide : Storm Warning

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Hello fellow survivors i thought i would make a guide on the brawl game mode storm warning and how to win a lot more than normal.

I recommend a vehicle with heavy armor you want to be able to outlast everyone else.

Step 1: Wait the 30 seconds for the storm to start hide somewhere you do not want to get damaged early on.

Step 2: Hit your tab key. See where the red area is starting that is the storm. You want to Go Opposite of the storm and get to the safe area first.

As Seen In The Picture Below \/

Step 3: Wait At the safe area let the enemies fight each other and lower themselves down so you can finish them all off and win when they come for the safe area.


Pros                                                                                                  Cons

                    * Great Source Of DIY Crates                                                        * Longer Matches     

                           * Good Amount of Scrap For winning                                            * Sometimes Teams Join   


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