Guide to playing with lag

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As my computer has a lot of lag, I decided to make a guide for other users that may have the curse of lag.

Note: I DO NOT say that Crossout is a laggy game.  My computer has lag on just about any game I try because AMD stopped issuing driver updates for my grathics card.

Onto the guide:

Lag will cause a delay from when you input a command and it actually happening in the game, with car handling/driving being the most effected and hardest to control (wheeled vehicles) under lag.  Gun fire delay is  the 2nd worst and camera movement/aiming being the least effected of the three.

The above will define your fighting style and vehicle design.

Unfortunately you generally can't arm a light nimble buggy with a whole lot of spears and perform a fast ramming attack.  Being unable to drive precisely you won't hit the enemy players who will dodge your charge. They will shoot at you from the side and rear while you find yourself either unable to point melee weapons in the right direction, having no wheels to drive with or pinned up against a wall you crashed into or dich you fell into.

Onto what does work:  Contrary to what you may be thinking now, close quarter combat is entirely possible.  Firstly let's cover amour. The most important place to protect is the front but the rear is nearly as important.  Sides are less important, and I personally have only a 6x2 grill that comes off in a one second burst from white weapons! (I'm not joking)  But protecting the front and rear and not the sides is good enough to ensure that the cabin is usually the last standing part of the vehicle. This armour configuration is (I find), the best for all combat styles.  Although this is my favourite amour configuration I can't take the credit for it's invention, go and see Lt_Butcher's guide  Basic Guide for new players - Crossout 101

 Now onto weapons.  Until you get tracks on your vehicle don't use weapons with limited firing angels, you could use them on a wheeled vehicle if you didn't have lag BUT LAG'S THE REASON YOUR READING THIS!!!!  Firing opportunities are much more precious with lag, what is wanted is a weapon that either has a long time before overheating or a short cooldown time. Hiigh rate of fire guns are also easier to hit the enemy with (something you will value).  I would also advise against using a mixture of machine guns and auto-cannon, because of the similar rate of fire but different firing ark. This will result in only one hitting at anything beyond short range engagements.  Try having lots of a kind, so that the handing is the same (eg: 3 vector machine guns) or primary (eg: little boy cannon) and secondary (eg: 1-2 vectors depending on energy)

With driving being the most affected by lag, we will want to have a vehicle that is maneuverable,  but not too maneuverable or fast that it turns too quickly. If it does, it will be uncontrollable because by the time you see any effect, the turn button will have been held down too long and you will have  gone over a cliff.  If you're vehicle is driving slower you can be more maneuverable, but if you're going faster you'll need to limit how quickly the vehicle turns. This may sound like a contradiction, but when you have lag, a quicker turning vehicle will be less  maneuverable than a slow turning one.  A quicker turning one will be uncontrollable, going in circles and crashing into walls ect, while the slower one can turn enough and go where it wants to; it has better USABLE maneuverability.  So you can ad a few more non-turningwheels to stabilise the vehicle.


I hope you like this guide. Please ad to this in the comments if you've had experience with lag.

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