Spreading the good news of Khonshu to the Wasteland!

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Not sure if there is much cross over from comics to Crossout, but in other Marvel games we have created the Church of Khonshu and thought we should bring the good news to the wasteland! 


Who is Khonshu, you might ask? Well. He is an ancient deity who constantly messes with Marc Spector in the Moon Knight comics, for better or for worse. Marc Spector died at the foot of Khonshu, or maybe he didn't. From that perspective the comics are really fun to read because he could be just mentally unstable or actually possessed of an ancient god. After years of books we still don't have a definitive answer. What we do know is Marc has several personalities and switches between them at will to be able to effectively fight crime, or maybe it's a side effect of Khonshu's possession. Again, maybe he's just crazy. 


If you want to know anything, or even just talk about comics or Moon Knight, or whatever please ping/message me. 



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