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Quickstart - Racing Mode

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What I have learned so far - Racing is going to be its own Guide. Here are some quick bullet points to get you winning.


Fire rockets on flat level ground. Otherwise you will go flying and crashing sideways.

Racing Tires make the car go slower

Studded Tires are lower weight. Most power racers are using them

The Growlers is the best cabin so far for builds. The second best is that light cabin people got for being in CBT

Ramming and Crashing others is fail. You lose 5 seconds or more which costs you. You want other people to wreck and then you drive by.

If you hit the checkpoint posts at just the right angle your car will explode.

Group rockets in 1s, 2s or 3s based on your playstyle. Smaller rocket groups gives you more control over the car.  The guy with 6 rockets firing all at once will lose control a lot.

JDSplice loves pepperjack! (People on twitch get mad when you say dumb things in chat, they will rage quit or crash, more points for you)

Racing is about stress. When people get stressed they will over steer or make bad mistakes. This is where horns that make funny noise come in. If you are close behind someone start hitting the horn.  Sometimes they will get flustered and crash. Then they will spend 10 seconds typing in how you are the worst person in the universe. More points for you.

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Also what I found:

A relatively long wheelbase makes your vehicle more stable while driving.

And the most annoying thing for me is when my vehicle loses traction and keeps sliding, a bit like understeering. This happens when you are too fast, so be careful with your boosters before turns.

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