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[Xbox One] Update Crossout

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Survivors! It's time to put a specialist in your armored vehicle — a driver whose skills you can use in combat. And also make your armored car and your favourite weapon stand out. A new system of weapon customization will make your car a real masterpiece. In the update we refined the parts system, blueprints descriptions and Raid balancing.
Now, before entering a battle, you can put your driver of choice behind the wheel of the armored vehicle.

  • All drivers belong to in-game factions and become available after reaching a certain level of reputation with the faction.By default, the Engineers' driver sits behind the wheel of an armored car.
  • All drivers earn experience.
    • Increasing the level of the driver gives him the opportunity to learn new skills.
    •  The driver gets experience directly in battle.
  • Drivers have unique skills that affect the course of battle.
  • Once learned skills will always remain with the driver.
  • Some skills require additional resources.

A new system for changing weapon appearance
Now all players can additionally highlight the weapons of their armored car, using special customization packs.

  •  Packs can be obtained from a special container.
    • The container can be manufactured with a new workbench of the Engineers faction.
    • From each such container, the player receives one random customization pack.
    • At the same workbench you can build a container with paints.
  • The container or the pack obtained from it can be sold or bought on the market.
  • One pack is used to change the appearance of one weapon.The pack is consumed after application, and the weapon changes its appearance. Use your packs wisely!
    •  When a weapon's appearance is changed, it can not be put up for sale.
    • Weapons can be upgraded when their appearance is changed.Customized appearance with the upgrade is preserved only if the customized weapon is selected first.
  • You can repeatedly use customization kits on upgraded weapons.However, with re-customization, the old appearance is lost.


  • Building parts ‘Large wheel’ and ‘Large wheel ST’ is available upon reaching level 3 with Scavengers.
  • Improved appearance for a number of structural parts.


  • Tweaked the list of parts obtained at level 1.

Game Modes


  • Ammunition now automatically replenishes in raids in a minute and a half after its exhaustion for all weapons with limited ammo reserves.

Tweaked difficulty of some raids

  • Tweaked Scavengers faction balance in ‘Defence’ mode on high difficulty level.
  • Tweaked Lunatics faction balance in ‘Defence’ mode on normal difficulty level.
  • Increased pause before the first wave at the third pumpjack in Defence mode by 10 seconds on easy and medium difficulty.

Disable invisibility!

  • Now, when picking up cargo, the player loses invisibility, if it was active at that time.In addition, the player with the cargo can not become invisible

The more allies close by, the higher the confidence!

  • Now the more players are near the truck, the higher its speed
  • If there are no players next to the truck, it stops. The critical distance to the truck is 75 m.

Autocannon AC43 Rapier

  • Increased burst length to overheating from 11 to 12 shots.
  • Reduced cooling time from 3.0 to 2.7 seconds.

Turret cannon ‘Little Boy 6LB’

  • Weapon structure increased from 333 to 413.
  • Increased weapon accuracy.Reduced maximum spread in motion by 33%.
  • Weapon mass increased from 675 kg to 837 kg.

‘Sidekick’ drone

  • Drone structure increased from 150 to 200.

‘Spectre-2’ machine gun.

  • Damage reduced by 15%.

According to our statistics, performance indicators of Spectre-2 machine gun turned out to be too high. At the moment it is the most effective weapon of epic rarity. This state of affairs does not fit into the idea of the game about diversity and design. We have a lot of interesting weapons and modules, and we want the players to use them. We collected these statistics based on the results in all modes for different groups of players.
Homing missile ‘Pyre’

  • Missile turn speed increased by 25%.

Because of the rocket's low turn speed, even heavy vehicles could easily dodge or hide from them. We decided to increase turn speed in order for the rocket to be more effective against slow vehicles, as originally planned.
‘Mandrake’ Howitzer

  • Impact areas now have burning puddles dealing damage.

The unique weapon of the Steppenwolfs faction showed low effectiveness in combat and did not correspond to our ideas. We want Mandrake to be a weapon of support that would control the territories and not allow opponents to maneuver freely on the map. Puddles of napalm will not allow opponents to take a convenient position.
Special Modules
‘Fuel barrel’

  • Damage from a fuel barrel explosion reduced to 450 pts.

‘Fuel tank’

  • Added a new module of blue rarity ‘Fuel tank’.
  • When a battle is successfully completed and the module survives, it gives 10 fuel units.
  • Built by Engineers.

At the moment, when installing both modules on an armored car, fuel gain stacks! This may be revised in further updates.
Add even more personality to your vehicle!

  • Added new welding points for the Duster cabin.

Power, as it is.

  • Increased tonnage of all tracks.

This is what all fans of tracked vehicles have been expecting!

  • Fixed a bug with low reverse speed for tracked vehicles


  • Upon receiving the ‘Crossout - XBOX Gold Pack’ the parts limit is set to 35.

Need an additional incentive? Here it comes! Now the best players get special stickers.

  •  This applies both to the best player of the winning team, and to the best player of the losing team
  • To receive stickers, the player of the winning team needs to score the most points, and the player of the losing team needs to have more than half the points from the winning team's best player.

Game login

  • Added a login queue window for the game, which shows the estimated waiting time.

Battle start
Show everyone that you are proud of your clan allegiance!

  • For clan players, display of the clan tag in briefing and debriefing on the statistics screen has been added.


  • Improved tactical map images.
  • Now you can immediately add battle participants to friends using the map menu.

Debriefing window

  • The list of players has been improved.
  • Improved window appearance
  • Added clan tags for clan players

Convenience, accuracy and maximum simplicity are always important for trading.
Added increase / decrease buttons for Price and Quantity fields

  • Price changes in 0.01 coin steps
  • Quantity changes in 1 pc. steps

We want players to understand what parts they upgrade, what parts they use for upgrades and what the conditions for this or that upgradeare.

  • Removed the mechanic of autocompleting part slots for upgrades.
  • Improved descriptions of the upgrade mechanic.
  • Upgraded parts used to upgrade another part are now marked with a special icon

Rested bonus
Information is our everything!

  • Improved the bonus description.
  • Now when the limit is exhausted, the icon does not disappear, but becomes grey.

Descriptions and tips

  • Increased font size.

Daily rewards

  • Added a highlight for the font to improve readability

Immerse yourself in the battlefield!

  • Improved the sounds for driving across sand
  • Improved the machine gun sound of the wheel drone.
  •  Improved sound effects for rocket boosters.
  •  Improved saw sounds.
  • Improved machine gun turret sounds in ‘Raid’.
  • Improved the sound of sliding wheels on asphalt.

Tweaked ‘Founders Canyon’ map.
Quite often on this map, teams avoided fighting and went immediately to capture the enemy base. We think that this did not fit the spirit of the game.

  • Changed the layout of the map.
  • The map's landscape has been improved.
  • Positions of a number of objects have been adjusted.

The map ‘Rock City’ has been improved.

  • Improved appearance.

 The map ‘Desert Valley’ has been improved.

  • Improved appearance.

The map ‘Eastern Array’ has been improved.

  • Extended passageways on the map.

The map ‘Dead Highway’ has been improved.

  • Extended passageways on the map.

The following maps have also been improved:

  • Factory
  • Power Plant
  • Control-17
  • Test-Drive


  • Improved hit effects for acid, sand.
  • Added new models of AI opponents from Lunatics, Nomads and Scavengers.
  • Improved the explosion effect when the car is self-detonated.
  • Improved camera behaviour near walls
  • Improved a number of text strings.
  • Improved hit effects for sand.
  • Improved effects for cannon shell impact.
  • Put Khaki paint names in proper order.
  • ‘Gazelle’ bumper renamed into ‘Offroad bumper’.
  • Added description of Clarinet TOW missile manual controls.
  • The descriptions for faction blueprints have been improved.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed relative loudness of enemy machine guns
  • Fixed a bug with acceleration for a cabin+engine combo
  • Fixed a bug with Spotter sticker description
  • Fixed bug with saving blueprints for screens larger than FullHD
  • Fixed a bug with the countdown sound for inactive cargo
  • Fixed a bug with missing sounds when driving through some bushes.
  • Fixed a bug with exhaust effect positioning on Hell pipes
  • Fixed a bug with countdown display in Cargo race
  • Fixed a bug with shell casing sounds
  • Fixed a bug with several drones launched simultaneously
  • Fixed a bug with a draw in Race mode
  • Fixed a bug of tracks traction deterioration under fire
  • Fixed a bug where you could mount any part on the Headlight part
  • Improved stability of the game client.
  • Improved truck behavior in ‘Escort’ mode.
  • Trading window has been improved.
  • Fixed some bugs with textures on maps.
  • Fixed ‘Invalid Leviathan state’ error, where it was impossible to send a Leviathan into battle.
  • Fixed a rare bug with fog in the Garage.
  • Fixed a bug with scrap metal icon in the daily reward box.

The update description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a list of all fixes. Changes designed to develop Crossout are performed regularly and may not require the release of an update.

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