Poll: match making suggestions part 1: missions

missions match making  

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  1. 1. how is the missions match making?

    • good
    • neutral
    • bad
  2. 2. do you think it needs fixing?

    • Yes
    • No
  3. 3. how would you fix this problem

    • fix the power score on some weapons.
    • Put in a new system the calculate everything into battle.
    • Other (you through in your ideal in the thread, so that its on the table.)

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My suggested method of MM is to create hard floor and ceilings to link to reward multipliers. So all playlists would still share player queues within their bracket. Each lobby should be PS restricted to a 1500-2500 PS bracket. 

This, along with some minor tweaks to current Powerscore would be a finer bracket, I believe. 

Ex: Get the Cabin (15 Scrap Metal) Get the batteries (9 Batteries)

0-2500 PS  (x1)

2501-5000 (x1.15)

5001-7500 (x1.3)

7501-9000 (x1.45)

9001-10.5K (x1.50)

10.5+ (x1.75)

This, along with an increase to building part limit will allow the whales to whale, the starters to start, and the min max to pay off for whoever takes the time to build it while also incentivizing higher powerscore matches. As usual, these multipliers should be rounded up or down to the nearest whole. This would allow people to play at higher PS, so some of these brackets can be combined after some testing.

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The PS area or the strength of weapons should not be too different from each other. Not more than 1000 PS as it is currently being calculated. (Example: I have 5996PS and have 3 bots in the game with 7458PS, for me that's not fair and makes not fun!) No matter how it is calculated! It should always be the same amount of players in a team. The less bots the better! For me in addition to a fair MM is that the waiting for a game is as short as possible!!! Not more than 1 minute!

I can not say how this can be done, that's why i called this, my wish list for Santa Claus :-)

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Match making just needs very clearly defined tiers of PS, probably differentiated by 500 or so PS. I know it's not going to be 100% perfect unless there's a larger playerbase, but having something listed in writing could alleviate some frustration.

Still, in a few 6k matches I had I saw a few unfortunate 1.5k individuals. I think this is also highly regional/ping determined. The bots are honestly not great and feel oddly minmaxed (for obvious reasons) but they're also mentally handicapped. It feels very rough.

Another thing worth mentioning is that there isn't any differentiation with the max 'tier' of item (or coloration, such as white, blue, purple, etc). Matching a fully white vehicle against those with even a lick of Blue or Purple is basically a death sentence EVEN WITH even PS.

Easy fix? Just add additional MMR data to the algorithm that detects the highest tier of part used and try to 'even out' both teams so that an equivalent level of purples/blues/oranges/etc are on each team as well. Super simple and easy, of course this also means that if you have even one part of a higher tier it will negatively affect your matchmaking and force you into situations where you are fighting other individuals with higher tiers. This, in turn, should theoretically reduce the impact of seal-clubbing, thus overall improving the new-player experience.

For example. Say you have a 2k PS vehicle but it uses a purple weapon. You're going to be put in a different 'bracket' than a 2k PS vehicle that just has nothing but whites orr blues. If you have a 2k PS vehicle that has 4 blue tires and a purple weapon, you count as purple. If you have a car that has 2k PS, everything white but the purple weapon, you count as purple. Etc etc. Essentially, no matter what else you have equipped, you are counted in the highest "tier" weapon you have.

Then it will separate the tiers of the vehicles, before distributing based off of PS. Say you have 10 cars, two of which are blue-tier, two of which are purple-tier. All of which sit at 2k PS. The game will sort through and first distribute the 6 cars to both sides (as they are all white-tier) and sort them out evenly. Next it will find the blue-tier and put one on each side, lastly it will put a purple tier on each side. Also, considering the possibility that the algorithm pushes 'outward', so it starts searching for white-tier, then moves to blue-tier, then moves to purple, and so on. This should, theoretically, also show a bell-curve with tier rating of equipment and PS. WIth lower PS showing higher levels of more common white and blue based builds, mid range showing more and more blue and purple builds, and with high range showing a vast majority of purple and onward. I think this is the best way to compliment teams and make them mores stable as there is no way to quantify skill in the game.

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I like the idea of Rewards increasing with Power Score.  Basically, if you're running Epics, you need more Scrap/Wires/Batteries to move up to Legendaries.  Than someone trying to get more Rares.  

It also wouldn't reward seal clubbing as much as playing at your level.  (However, it won't prevent the players that do it for fun.)

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