Additional HUD element for escort raid

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I think convoy raid could display additional information about escorting the truck. Patch 0.6.0 introduced 'the more player are near the truck the faster it goes' system and patch 0.7.20 slighlty tweaked it. I have a feeling there are still some people who doesn't know about this and makes this raid very boring and long. Counter or something could help players to understand how it works.


'Escorting' counter

Let us see how many players are escorting the truck thus how fast it goes. How Team Fortress 2 does that' and How Overwatch does that (top of the screen).

'Escorting' range

I'm not sure how close I need to be to the truck to speed it up. Transparent circle/aura could visualize its range.


PS. What happened to my previous topic 'PVP Convoy'? It was moved/deleted, why?


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