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US Player seeking competative clan

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Username: Valhan_Rex
LvL: 30+1

I'm a 28yo American Looking to get into clan battles and seal clubbing public groups. I work overnight shifts so I'm usually on early morning between 7am - 2pm EST.

I also make some videos from time to time showcasing my builds as I consider myself a very good designer.

I am seeking an ACTIVE clan. I don't to join your clan if you're 3 people who casually play. I'm hardcore and I have ripped abs.





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Hey, we here at TAW are recruiting and have room as always to take in players.We have over 2900 members and 39 active games.  Our Crossout division has over 100 members not including the members that come to play from other games.  We just ask that everyone be at least 15 and have a mic. So if you are interested or curious about TAW, please look @www.taw.net for the application into our clan. 

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