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Hey there! Got a little tired of playing solo, and would like to team up.

Usually get on 4 or 5 times a week, got my fair share of blues, usually play around the 5k bracket.

Used to play MWO semi competitive (around the time clans came out), so i don't mind following orders.

Cheers :)

Tambien me gustaria jugar con gente latina! (Saludos de Argentina)

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Hey, we here at TAW are recruiting and have room as always to take in players.We have over 2600 members and 39 active games.  Our Crossout division has over 40 members not including the members that come to play from other games.  We just ask that everyone be at least 15 and have a mic. So if you are interested or curious about TAW, please look @www.taw.net for the application into our clan. 

Message me if you have any questions


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