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Better german translation for "Türme", rename the weapon class

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Hi, I think we should change the german translation of the weapon class "turret" and "turret cannon".

I found the problem in the german mission description of normal saison missions.

There it says that I have to use "Türme". That means "towers".


I switched the game to english and there it says "turrets".

Then I looked at the weapon classes and it says "Turm" too.


That means weapon class and description fit togehter but the translation is not good.


For better understanding here are the two classes as it is now in the game:

"turrets" in german "Türme" ==> automaticaly firing machine gun turrets and rocket turrets

"turret cannons" in german "Geschütztürme"==> rotatable cannons like little boy and fat man


The problem now is that "turret" translated into german it "Geschützturm".

But "Geschütztzturm" is already used for "turret cannon".

In my opinion "Geschützturm" fits better to mg and rocket turrets and we should think about a new name for the fat man and littly boy.

Maybe "Drehturm" or"Panzerturm".

What do you think about it?

Sollen zukünftig solche Themen direkt auch auf deutsch verfasst werden? 

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