Timer more visible in raids

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I do a lot on medium difficulty raids these days and we mostly loose.

3/4 of those failures are due to time being out, not everybody is dead and other players don't seem to see the major emergency to achieve the mission before anything else, especially killing bots.

Just now I did a Heist raid and we lost by timeout despite the 4 of us being still alive, one of us holding the cargo and being like 50m away from the goal area. Yet the package carrier stopped to fight the raiders instead of rushing to the point.

Maybe there should be some balance to be done regarding the time earned to achieve raids but that's not my point. My point is that the emergency of finishing the job because time is lacking should be more visible.

Maybe the timer should be in red and blinking under 30s or a warning horn should be blown when less than a minute remains, I don't know but the timer decreasing dangerously and the failure getting close should be more visible I think.

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