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Hey everyone!

I would like to post and write about everything that comes into my mind after playing this game constantly for a week. This post is rather targeting mods and devs though.


So, as I began to play I met with an OK tutorial about what should I do if I want to earn of get something. The interface an menus are good, didnt need much time to get used to it. But once the tutorial ended I was kinda blind. Im not new to these games, but a proper part description would be more than handy. Like, the Defender machine gun "Great accuracy, limite fire angle". So? What does that mean? Whats the angle? And anyways, bars? Seriously? How about showing an exact value, please? Other example, engines. They all look the same to me, not much difference. All I see that light engine worth mounting as it costs no energy point. But to be honest, I really dont understand how a light engine would accelerate something heavy so easily. In the future maybe a comparsion feature too would be good. So far, the beginning felt like gambling. It would be so nice to see not just a garage tutorial, but some training in the test drive area, to show parts in action.

My first battles came and went, nothing special, I was full of bots on my and enemy side anyways. Every build was so similar. Although, again, I didnt know that cabin needs to be shot down to destroy a vehicle, and the yellow damage points means it was done to the cabinet. And of course, because I wanted money outside missions, I sold scrap metal. And then I was wondering how I cant earn, and only THEN I seen there is a cap. This would be more than useful for newbies, to inform them that they can only reach a limited amount of these materials. Also, as we are here, put the material icon (the little ones) next to the big icon, because it wasnt clear what those mean (the little screw for scrap, blue icon for wires etc.)

PvP and PvE

In PvP, there are still a noticeable amount of annoying stuff. Mostly, players those bring epic or even legendary weapons and equipment down to 3k battles. TOW as a weapon I find alright, if it faces its own tier. Note that sometimes not the weapon itself that needs balancing, but rather the placement, where and how it can be used. Its not even close to fun to be oneshotted back to garage by it, just because Im a Ace at 30ish part cap.  And the problem only got less of an issue, because now I have 56 part cap, and I can have tankier builds. Still, when there is an artillery that blows all 6 of my wheels off after 30 sec of the start, is not even closely right. Below certain PS, a higher tier part should not be used (something like, you could only mount a rare part if you are above 2k, epic if you are 4k etc.). This would make things a bit more fair.

The missions themselves are fine, the only thing I seriously hope for are more PvP gamemodes, like capture the flag, zone control, or simple TDM with respawn. It needs more diversity. Something I inmeditadely noticed are the maps, very well done. Simply love them.

The PvE is enjoyable, and fair. Teamwork wins, so grouping up always worth it. Maybe increase PS cap a bit. I seen raids fail miserabely, just because people didnt have good enough equipment. Maybe could add an in game guider that shows what you need to do there, if its first time. BRAWL gamemode although, needs an upper cap, or a decent matchmaker. 3k vs 11k, I dont have to tell anything more do I?

The common:  Commands (defend here, watch out...) are not visible enough. Many players simply dont see them. Either make it appear in the chat or/and add a sound effect (like some radio disturbance) when someone commanding something.

Also, spawn need to be changed a bit. Too many lemming trains. People go forward where they start and do not turn, and a lot of battles end up in caprush, leaving one flank completely open.


Weapons those feel need to change are the autocannons, homing missiles and Caucasus. Again, auto aim dont get a kill, you only get an assist since you only drive...not fun. Homing missiles though, they are excellent, they just need a shorter lock on range. So you could just shoot them from far, they go forward and only if the target is withing a certain range they will start following it. An insta lock on after launch feels meh. Autocannons? For me they feel like machineguns with more range, a tiny bit too strong. They should be more specialized for sniping. Maybe a bit more damage, and reduce fire rate. Or, stay with current version, but increase shell travel time a bit and falloff, so it doesnt goes that straight. All the other weapon I met so far feels OK. Cannons, grenade launchers and unguided rockets are lovely. They feel balanced with having decent ups and downs. 

The chameleon like moduels though again something that doesnt fit into the game. Leaving a huge leviathan completely invisible is very surreal. Not a single trace, not even sound or smoke. Not fair. Make it a mask module, so it reduces the range which inside the vehicle will be autospotted, and will increase lock on time for certain weapons.

All the weapons of the same type with limited ammo, should share a common ammo pool. Like, instead of having 20/20 shells in each cannon, there should be 40 and every shot consumes one ammo.


Once we talk about higher tier parts...something I find completely not fitting into this game, not just because how it works, but also the game atmosphere is different. Yep, deployables. Drones are straight broken. I dont have better word for this. Those drones are rather feel to be in a modern, futuristic shooter game. In the first place their firepower is way too good, and a quadrocopter that has a rocket launcher is rather a joke. The turrets are another illogical stuff. How and why would they even make a 10 ton truck STOP if it goes a bit slow? They should be pancake as soon as I touch them with my wheels. And the most obvious deployable, which would be actually fun, tactic based AND fitting into the game - traps. You are in a post apocalyptic environment, everything is scrap made, so the only thing you do is to throw something out of your vehicle that blows up if someone drives on them. Just like the mines and barrels in PvE. Or maybe, if you are rich, you can buy kamikaze drones. Yeah, those Fuze drones are so far the most realistic to have. By the way, no vehicle should be able to enter battle, without mounting at least one weapon and movement parts.


Talking about system. One big dislike on material cap. But I understand your point. If we ask nicely, could you please extend it just a bit more? At the start, it really feels like you want a lot of stuff, but nothing you can earn. This felt really unwelcoming, the start feels too tight. Now I reached level 19 with engineers, and I still want a lot of stuff, but Im free enough to not worry about the current situation.

The exp. cap is meh, but not that annoying, at least there is a huge 400% buff for a while. And also, decor parts extend the cap, which is a fair move.

I beg you for this point - I need to extend my map badly, its so small its pain to look at. An option to extend it, please?

The market is a good start. But it needs to be improved with names - who is selling what. Maybe a market chat channel? Also how about trading between two players? They open a window, both puts something, set money, both clicks agree and business is done. Dont worry about a Ace putting a legendary on their vehicle - IF you count my idea in that they need to reach a certain PS to mount that part!

I feel like I must mention again: Give us exact values above bars that tells us more exactly, what the part does.

Im dead certain its on the way, but worth a word - symmetric building mode.

Crates those give you parts for 2 hours are useless. Because for 2 hour, I will not modify any builds for a random part that will be lost anyways. They are only good for selling. The reward needs to stay, temporary stuff are useless. Maybe change "Found at wasteland" crate to give us some resources?

The exhibition is great, but I seen a lot of repeats. Some vehicles are being uploaded more times, and I dont know who is the original creator. Stealing is not good m'kay. Other thing is that each vehicle should be able to tested, regardless of reputation and level with factions.

Also, cancel button doesnt work? I can press several times and it still doesnt cancel my queueing.

Thats all for now, maybe will return to extend and edit a little bit. The whole game seems to be fun, would recommend, I really hope it will go in a right direction, and will support cool looking, logical builds, instead of flatbeds with guns. At the moment I see how good freaking awesome it could be in the future, but also afraid that it will screw up at some point. Tweak carefully, and things will be right, and never forget, you cant make everyone happy. Being flexible is good, as long as you are loyal to the image of the game itself.

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I must agree with common crates having resources in them. I feel like 'Found at Wasteland' should have scrap in it, instead of temp weapons.

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I can agree with most of what the OP said. (Oddly I don't like autocannons because I find them too weak and drones have been nerfed just recently... I still don't like them but they should stay useful to those people who like them). All in all it's the kind of helpful feedback that helps the devs to improve the game. Well done !

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Hi, first of all, I love this game. I've been playing it for a month or two and It's fun and has lots of potential, and I agree with much of what Cross888 said. Here are my 2 cents;

- The beginning is a little unwelcoming because you don't know how to win coins, but after discovering that selling raw materials one could get their first coins, then it begins to roll, that's when I decided to stay and begun to play it regularly.

- My main issue is with drones. Not only that they don't fit in a post-apocalyptic enviroment, but they are too good, they nearly never miss, and they ivolve 0 skill. It's completely unfair and frustrating finding yourself sniping out at long range, moving carefully from cover to cover, and then get blown up in one stroke by a kamikaze drone that came from behind, it just feels random. I counted that I died by drones (mainly the ones with guns and the kamikazes) 26 out of my last 35 deaths. Make them less powerful, slower, make them miss more often, or just dumber, but the fact is that they are better than most players at playing Crossout....that's why everybody has them and each game consists of fighting off 12 stupid drones at a time. Seriously, they involve no skill whatsoever, they are overwhelming, they are the game playing itself, and they really don't fit.
I don't really have a problem with turrets. They are really powerful but at least they don't move.

- The Bench renting feels like a cheap scheme to take your hard earned coins. I understand you have to sink coins out of the economy, but I'm sure you can come out with something that feels less like an unimaginative tax-like ponzi scheme.

- I agree with the trap deployment idea. A completely stealthy land mine would feel very unfair, but the mines in PVE work great because they are there, but you can see them and destroy them, just not run over them immediately. They act like barb wire for infantry. The explosive barrel deployment of convoys are a great idea too.

- Speaking of convoys (my favorite PVE mode) in my opinion they run too slow in easy raids, but too fast in medium raids.

- I don't get how the score tally is determined. Looks like winning or getting a Flawless really don't give a plus, which doesn't make much sense, but I could be wrong

- The building mode should have a "make this symmetrical" tool.

- Also, more machine guns so not everbody uses the M1919.

- Finally, having invisibility in a mad-max game...? Pair it with a harvester, the most OP of the melee weapons, and you have another instant-kill exploit. 

I have more suggestions, like a story-driven mode, but that's something to expand the game, not something really needed. Everything else is just great: the maps, the vehicle building, the quick games, the factions, the rich PVE, the crafting of parts....

Thanks for listening and don't let Crossout become Game of Drones!


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