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Hello everyone.


I guess its time we get most common questions answered in the main topic so we can avoid confusion and most of all - a bit heated situations that may come out of simple confusion.

So without any further ado.


Q1 - Why am i waiting so long for my post to be approved?

Big chances are that your suggestion has been already asked before and it is already in the Documents that have been sent to Developers, other part may be that your suggestion is not yet possible to implement at the current game state and it will be checked once the time will be right for it.


Q2 - Why suggestion A was approved but mine was not?

We are trying to pick the suggestion topics that contain the biggest amount of detail and feedback to allow Developers understand your suggestions more


Q3 - Why i get no answer from moderators in my queued topics?

We try to answer every of them but with the increasing amount of players, this task is getting more and more difficult, please understand that this is not in our guidelines and we answer on our own with our own dedication to this task


Q4 - Why it takes soo long for the suggestions to come live?

Developers have their own list of priority targets and some suggestions may be more complex than others, which in turn require more testing and workload to get it done.


Q5 - Can we get access to the Suggestion Document so we can see for ourselves what has been moved on?

Sadly Not, problem is that if such document is left open for public, it will be open for sabotaging and other unwanted actions which will only slow down the process of moving suggestions up to Developers.


Q6 - Can we get a list of what has been suggested already?

Most of the "moved" suggestions can be found via search on forum, some of the suggestions have been made in Closed Beta Phase and they will remain invisible for player base, but we will try to point out if some keep repeating.


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