Analysis from an experienced player; changes that needs to happen.

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Hello , i've been playing crossout since it's Open beta test now , and i've felt like lots of improvements should be made to the game , i know crossout is a beta game for a reason but there's stuff that should have been a priority in my opinion .

i've got sugestions from networking , to  graphical rendering up to economy ;

1 Newotrking and serversided actions:

Crossout being a shooter game , needs precision , reactive movement and actions , as we all know crossout has a lot of serversided stuff wich makes all of that feeling clunky at times for players .

As someone living in reunion island latency is something that i have to deal with everyday , europe being the closest server to me gives me an average of 200MS wich seems high but is fine for mots games , even FPS games . 

A big problem for crossout is that it's steering is server sided , for me a high MS player is something very annoying , as you press the left key and your vehicle starts reacting after half a second , and stops turning half a second after you let go the key , i understand that having steering server sided makes the game feel smooth for other players as it prevents teleports , but this should be changed , most games today especially fast paced ones doesn't use server sided movement .

The problem of server sided movement is mostly seen in race mode , when your vehicle starts loosing grip and drifting you countersteer in the other direction to correct your movement , but with the steering latency you happen to countersteer too much as you don't see your vehicle straighten up instantly , and you end up drifting in the other direction ,  and the cycle repeats over and over making you unable to straigthen the vehicle.

If server sided steering can't be removed in normal matches it should at least not be used in race mode , as it greatly limits the reactivity of the player .

Another problem from that type of action is , that not only the sterring is serversided but , the shotting is too ! , serversided shots are a big problem with slow weapons , while on matchine guns and all repeating  weapons it isn't such a big problem , as an exemple i would take the Big Black Scroptions game mode , where that is a big problem , that playmode uses fast karts with big weapons  that can fire one big shot , but with that slight delain before the lazer comes out of the weapon you will most likely miss a shot as the player you're aiming to has gone foward much more than you expect it to ( and yes i do know that there's projectile travel time)

Conclusion: While serversided actions are great againts lagging players (packet loss) to prevent teleportation , it's also a feature that greatly lowers the game's reactivty on overall players .

2 Player rendering behind obstacles .

After playing "storm warning" a lot i've multiple time got players that took me by surpise hiding big ships behind small trees , Basically player vehicles should be rendered even when behind a tree , as  right now , when someone is hiding in a Corner you won't see him until you directly face him , im sorry if this is unclear , but it's kinda hard to explain , here's a picture showing it



So when the player is behind something that acts like a wall he's simply inbisible to us , even tho that "wall" is transparant .

What should be changed is the player should be rendered and shown behind that invisible wall , and not sudently pop out of nowhere .


3 Mouse smoothing :

This part has been my biggest complain about crossout , i tried asking people about it but no one seemed to notice what i was talking about , basically in crossout our mouse is smoothed by default and i cannot be desactivated , you don't see what im talking about ? here's a quick video showing it :

In a Shooter game mouse smoothing has been the biggest enemy of many players just like motion blur , that option prevents you to make brutal movents thus reducing your precision in combat , this is something that annoys me in close and ranger fights as my mouse is doing unexpected movements .

There should be an option to desactivate it as it's beginner friendly buy very bad for players that actually want percise movements .


4 And as the last topic of that long wall of text ... Economy !

Crossout is an awsome game with a very good market system , but yet there was a problem with it , the market grew so fast that i was almost worthless to craft items yourself , so you guys introduced tempoary items , to prenvent people abusing the crates system .

While that system did work it also prevented lots of beginners to start building their own loadout fast  , i have another soluction that could both solve the problem while keeping the first system that we had before tempoary items :

What i was thinking about is basicaly reverting back to the old crate system  , but making the items untradeable , but you would say "yeah sure but they can still craft sutff with it and sell it" , well my solution would be to make anything crafted with untradeable items would not be tradable trough the market too and should only be kept for yourself.

That would very much help beginner but also not affect the market as it wouldn't be able to be used in it , it would also make the "tradeable" status of a weapon worth something .


also here's a personal note : Tempoary items in games have always been a very bad way of giving something to players , as they don't get the excitement of saying " that item is mine !" that type of stuff also caused the death multiple games i know (not gonna mention names) , also those items you are giving are almost not even rewarding the players as it's just the same boxes but you don't get to keep what you got forever , plus if you want something "good" you will have to reroll the crate making the player waste ressource for something that won't last him long ...

Those crate doesn't serve a purpose at all other that just completing daily quests times to times , and clogging up your inventory .

This i NOT what i want to see



Anyway that's the end of the post !


Crossout is one of the best games i've ever played , but it still needs lots of polishing to be a good competitive game , im supporting the dev team with all my heart to keep this game going in the right direction

i don't want crossout to end like the other similar games that i've tried before , i want croussout to keep living and keep everyone happy and entertained !


Thanks for reading .



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Thank you for some interesting feedback!

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The main problem with crafting parts is that anybody can craft whatever they want. Everything but the most basic stuff should require a blueprint which has to be bought/salvaged/found. That would be more realistic as well. It is very odd how factions simply give away blueprints of all their stuff.

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I agree with all what is above except mouse smoothing. Tell us what mouse are you using and what software as I do not encounter this problem. Make sure that smoothing is disabled in your Windows's mouse options.

I would also like to see parts limit increased to at least 100. 

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On 17/09/2017 at 1:14 AM, pc_master_race said:

I agree with all what is above except mouse smoothing. Tell us what mouse are you using and what software as I do not encounter this problem. Make sure that smoothing is disabled in your Windows's mouse options.

I would also like to see parts limit increased to at least 100. 

Well mouse smoothing is disabled in windows , im using a Razer naga mouse and a i3-6100 and a RX480 those two are more than enough to run crossout in ultra at 100+FPS


it isn't a performance neither a software problem as i do not enounter this problem in any other games , well no actually i did , but it's because the mouse smoothing was enabled by default in those games

while on crossout , there is no option to disable it anywhere .

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