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Hello Players and Engineers!

This post is dedicated to the most commonly suggested ideas which have already been suggested by someone before. It's main reason is to give you an idea on what NOT to post, as we do not approve duplicate suggestions and it is very time consuming to reply to each of you that your idea is already on the Developer's desks. Please also keep in mind that the game is in early development and much new content is yet about to come. 

This will help us to focus more on the fresh and new ideas, which will also lead in much faster approval of your topics. So please consider it before you create a topic on an idea that you have found in this list, this includes even minor tweaks, for example if you have a Game Mode suggestion which is basically a renamed Capture the Flag mode, we will most likely not approve it, unless it has a completely original element to it.

Such topics will not be approved and after a period of time they will be automatically deleted if left without a response.


Most Commonly Suggested Ideas: (Alphabetical Order)

  • Weapons

All current weapon alternatives, Anti-Aircraft Weapons, Beam Cannons, Double Turrets, Drone alternatives, Flak Cannons, Flamethrowers, Grenade Launchers, Harpoons, Lasers, Mine Layers, Missile Launchers, Naval Cannons, Repair Guns, Saw Blade Launchers, Sniper Rifles, Traps...

  • Hardware

Force Fields, Grappling Hooks, Magnets, Mech Legs, Monster Truck Wheels, Nail Deployers, Oil Dispensers, Radar Jammers, Repair Arms, Shield Generators, Smoke Launchers, Solar Panels, Tow Arms, Trailers, Vehicle Cabins...

  • Gamemodes and Map Design 

1v1 Duels, Base Creations, Bomb Delivery, Bomb Planting, Breakable Map Objects, Capture The Flag, Clan Garages, Destruction Derby, Domination, Free Roam, Highway Chase, Holiday Special Events, LEVIATHAN MATCHES, Melee based Game Modes, Obstacle Races, OPEN WORLD, Weather Effects, Zombie Killing... 

Suggestions toward existing Brawls such as: Extending their time, Making them available all the time and their MATCHMAKING.

  • Miscellaneous

All Physics Alterations, Custom Crosshairs, Crosshair Colors, Fall Damage, Flying, Free Camera Mode, Friendly Fire, Mobile Applications, WEEKLY RESOURCE LIMITATIONS,


This list will be updated frequently, so please try to take a peek every time before you want to create a suggestion topic. I believe this list isn't that big to read and it would save us all the time - saves your time because you are making something that is already here, and ours so we don't have to read similar things over and over.

Thank you all for your patience! 

Created with the help of @Mraevn

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