Weapons of War (WPNS/WPN2)

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We are an International Clan with members from the U.K., Germany, Brazil, Australia, Russia, Slovenia, Rumania, U.S. and others.

We are NOT a corporate clan.

The Weapons of War is a two Battalion Clan comprised of the 1st B in a clan war profile and the 2nd B as a combine casual/farm unit.  We have members from around the world and North America.  We believe in fair play and excellence in our operations and decency and respect in our interactions.

Tacet Enim Magna Fiducia Insecurities (Confidence is Silent, Insecurities are Loud).


This is our motto and a core belief.  We compete without cheats, mods or dirty play; we do not message unsavory text, nor do we tolerate those who do.


We are inviting new (or seasoned) players to our clan.  We hope that you:

1. Have Team Speak with mic.

2. Can muster a 5k power score.

3. Will contribute to the knowledge base of the clan and provide feedback to the officers and members.

4. Are 18

We offer you:
- Great atmosphere within our members who are always ready to help you.
- Training sessions to help learn the game better.
- Your dedication and commitment to our community is always noticed and rewarded.


Contact us on team speak server address 8 .9.15.232:9160 password drpepper
If you are interested joining us, sign up

You can always contact one of our members in game






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Updated information on countries

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Really nice clan guys, They call me Jose but its not my real name so, dont expect them to call your real name, jk guys really nice atmosphere.

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