New Brawl: "Gun Show"

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"Put up or shut up in this arena. You already know what your enemy is gonna throw at you, time to show them how to use it. Fight using the required gear and anything else you can attach for an edge in a free for all deathmatch. You only get 3 lives to prove you can make the better ride and build your score to win. Lose all your lives, lose the match."


How its played:

  • Make a rig using at least one of each of the specified weapon and hardware classes. Other weapons and hardware will be allowed but your car can not enter without the listed requirements being on your ride.
  • Compete in a free for all match where you only have 3 lives vs 8 other players.
  • 10 minute time limit.
  • Every hour while brawl is open the requirements change to allow players with more limited options of gear choice a chance.


How to Win:

  • Survive until the end with the highest score or be last car standing.
  • Each kill adds 1 point to your score. Max possible 21 points for 1 player, but statistically impossible.


How to lose

  • Survive until the end with a lower score then first place.
  • Lose all 3 of your lives.



  • First place: 150 scrap, 25 wires (wires is added since this mode you can not prep for so it's harder to win), I guess a crate, if your into that.
  • 2nd Place: 100 scrap,
  • 3rd Place 75 Scrap
  • 4th and Down: 25 Scrap for surviving
  • All Survivors: 1 Wire per point you survive with.


Maps available:

  • All except for Two Turrets, and Rock City (I feel these maps are too big for free for alls, they lead to alot disconnects due to travel times and boredom.)



So if the above didn't make it clear your going to have to wait until the Brawl actually begins in order to know what to build to enter with. It's kinda like how seasonal requires you to use certain weapons, but instead of a seasonal mission which takes place over the course of weeks, this is more time limited for a chance a big rewards. I feel this can help players feel like they had more of "fair" chance in a brawl since they knew what the requirement was and if the requirement was drones, or shotguns they really couldn't complain if a wedge flipped them in the shotgun fight or a drone chased them down. Also I feel this would be a fun way for players to explore weapon types in a mode where they can possibly learn from the other players using the same gear. I'll admit too I'm curious to see what kind of madness can happen on drone/wheeled drone hour haha. Maybe even remove the aerial ban so on booster hour we can see some creative minds using more booster friendly builds in a area more suitable then the regular pvp where other players trying to play "serious" will look at them as being useless and throwing a match. Let's be real when "boosters" is ever a requirement i'd say well over 90% of the population just buys a 50 cent avia tosses on the back of their main rig and just "gets it done" very few go the extra length to make a booster build for the seasonal missions. If this happened we could see all kinds of crazy battles going on if enough people get creative enough. Seems like theres alot to gain "player experience" wise for those who participate with an open mind.

So i figure it will use the seasonal setups for weapons with a similar sort hardware to help it.

  1.  Machine Guns & Radiators                      (Back to Basics)
  2. Shotguns & Coolers                                  (Close Quarters Combat)
  3. Melee & Camo                                          (Demolition Derby)
  4. Drones/Wheeled Drones  & Turrets          (AI Warfare)
  5. Cannon/Turret Cannon & Radars              (High Explosive slugfest)
  6. Auto Cannons & Scopes                           (Sniper warfare)
  7. Unguided/Homing Rockets & Boosters     (Rocket Propelled Cars & Weapons)

** If needed, and open to debate, the selection could just be completely randomized between two choices or just any, as in, two weapons, or two hardwares or weapon and hardware. (Which could yield the most fun or be completely dumb like cannons and boosters lol.)


So if you like the idea or have, suggestions please put in your thoughts. Maybe if alot of people like it we can just have this as a room option for PvP 24/7 and just change it daily at reset time. People are always joking/demanding about "putting so-and-so players in a room by themselves." This is kinda like that lol. Thanx to @FiveOClock's topic for getting my brain rolling. Though kinda similar concept I felt I'd go more in-depth on my spin of it in it's own topic.


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Well.... approved and submitted to the devs. Keep up the good work guys, some ideas are amazing.

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If this gets into the game, expect to see lots of frame builds.

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SleepySRH, hello and thank you for such a detailed suggestion!

Unfortunately, at the moment there're no plans to implement this mode into the game due to a number of technical limitations. However, we are working on a concept of something like this 

It shares some of the ideas you've described;)

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