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Hey guys im lethalnontherun you probably remember my user from in game, ive been in alot of clan battles, raids and missions 

Prior to this post i was in 3 other clans 

1st one was inactive 2nd one kicked me for getting start up issues in missions 

The 3rd which u may remember me from fell apart lol...

Im a valuable asset to any team and if u recruit me you would find out how lethal i can be , i have a mg13 setup the 4 mg13s , 2 epic coolers and a epic radiator (humpback etc) i run at 10.3k ps 

And this is my main and only build for now ,  down the track im looking to buy a whole new setup (keeping my mg13s)

Im on the verge of prestige 1 and working on finishing my perseus driver 

Tbh i was going to start my own clan but im not happy with the members on this game so far ,  i will only join a successful clan as ive had bad experiences with my old ones

Clans that are top 30 

Clans that party chat and talk on mic a clan that actually does leviathan raids for copper a clan that dont think mg13s are weak because lol mg13s are the best in the game and ill show u why

Msg me psn: lethalnontherun 

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Please read my clan thread if you got the REQUIREMENTS please private message me on crossout forums
====May I ask what weapons do you use for pvp 

And I give you my psn

And invite you to my clan

Once you say yes you got the REQUIREMENTS please reply soon as you can

I can send you my PSN

But you must have the requirements

But do hurry only 3 spots left

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