Ranked Matches are ENTIRELY luck based

Do you feel ranked matches are luck based?  

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  1. 1. Ranked Matches Luck Based?

    • Yes, it has no skill whatsoever
    • No, one can use non-drone Rare grade parts to defeat the other team if they are skilled enough
  2. 2. Is it caused by drones (answer only if you answered Yes for question 1)

    • Yes, drones are the issue
    • No, people just get lucky
  3. 3. Is my idea for nerfing drones a good one?

    • Yes
    • No, it's a terrible idea

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NOTE to mods: sorry if this is in the wrong category

So, drones. They've gotten a lot of hate, and for a good reason. Why is this in gamemodes and maps? Because I have to complain about the new Ranked gamemode being absolute sh*t, pardon my language, to those who don't get teams who run all drones. Some people playing crossout want to have fun! Some want to win! Fine on both parts; that's what a game is for. But, those who want to have fun can't, or, if they do, they lose. For example, let's say one player of crossout decides to try using the Reaper minigun. S/he saved up for quite a while, and now finally has the Legendary part. They try and use their hard-earned weapon for some potential cash in the Ranked matches, and face an all drone team. Every other person besides the player uses drones. The Reaper is no competition to the 16 drones of the other team; reaper players team is short 4 drones, and so they lose. RANKED MATCHES ARE RANKED, AND SHOULD BE SKILL BASED.

If you have read the nerf culture post, you will know it is not always a good idea to give a hard nerf. My suggestion?

1. A slight nerf limiting the number of drones on a car to 2. With 12 (Humpback) + 4 (Apollo gen) = 16 energy points, 3 points per drone * 5 drones = 15 energy, plus an Improved Engine will be OP. 2 drones can be targeted and killed.

2. New Epic module, at PS 1200. This module provides lock-on targeting (like with drones; i.e. AI snaps the targeting to the nearest enemy) when activated. Activation key can be clicked again to be deactivated. The module has a total of 30 seconds of firing time (current time of drone) before the AI shorts out and needs to restart itself (takes 40 seconds; current drone recharge time x 2 because the module does not have limited restarts). The module costs 2 energy points, and will be an indirect debuff to the drone.

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my fix for drones.

Caucasus now has the passive effect
Deals 50% more damage against drones.

or maybe even 100% caucasus was always supposed to be a support weapon? maybe you would put one on your build for when you are in TOW mode or whatever.
They seem as though they should be the counter for drones from how they are but they take to long to decide what target to attack and get all confused doing a tiny amount of damage before switching target.

My other idea which would be far harder to implement and less likely to be done by the developers would be to make drones only attack targets you can visibly see and have a radar lock on the same way as missiles are fired, only when you can actually see the target.

drones would automatic attack these targets only until you lose the radar lock, but it would take probably a lot of coding maybe even a whole drone rework and probably be to intensive for the servers.

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