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Why not add some color to the tab menu, with some nice user titles that users could win by doing achievements.

Here a few examples:



Explanations of these;

The mighty:

The user has killed over x enemies.


The businessman: 

The user has sold over x items in the market.


The indestructible:

The user's vehicle as over x structure points.


The veteran:

The user has been playing the game for x days/weeks/years.


The loser:

The user has lost x games in a row.


The generous:

The user sold x items for half their prices or less.


The rich:

The user had more than x amount of coins.


The camper:

Most of the time, the user stay on his flag.


And there is a few more.. but I think you get the principle?

Of course, some of them could have different colors etc.. according to their ''meaning''

The businessman

I personally think it could make people play more often to achieve and get user titles, and of course, you could switch to any as long you have it.



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