Issues that we ALL expirience

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Most of the problems are caused by the mach maker and the weird randomizers.

1st - The ranked match teams. They are just AWFUL, most of the time the game is 3vs4 and one of the teams is having legendary and epic parts and the other is just rares. The matchmaker NEEDS to be fixed.


2nd - The brawls mach making is TOTAL NONSENSE . 3K vs 13K ....... like.... WUT


3rd - Brawls teamers. In brawls the matchmaker should NEVER put 2 or more players from the same clan or 2 friends because they will obviously win.


4th - race walls - They are very annoying and they should be stopped. (super annoying when there are more then one of them)


5th - For some reason the raids are ALWAYS    cargo races, defend, siege. I almost NEVER see convoy or heist. I really wanna play them because they are newer and different. The races and sieges are all the way back from CBT and they are kinda getting old because they are the only raids that appear. (3 days and still no hard convoy ..... REALLY)


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Most of your issues aren't issues at all, just some toxic players destroying the fun sometimes as usual. The rest seems to be a misunderstanding.

  • 1. The fourth player most likely dropped out, don't do ranked without a proper team if you see this is a consistent problem. Also there is no PS MM in ranked, nor should there be one.
  • 2. Just like in ranked, brawls also doesn't have PS MM and shouldn't have it.
  • 3. Not everybody that goes into free for all with their clan mates are teaming up, but i understand your concern as it does happen.
  • 4. Report them, it's a ban'able offense.
  • 5. I got the opposite problem...
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