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Clan Wars

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Clan Wars should feel like its a real battle whilst still engaging the player and giving a
higher sense of achievement than a regular mission. The lack off effort put into the clan wars
development echoes how players feel about the game mode as their is no sense of achievement
besides a leaderboard. Quite honestly you could just show us a leaderboard of normal mission win
rates and give payouts of the uranium on that since all clans do every week is just change
queees for a few hours anyway.

The lack of any real objective also takes away from the competetive nature of what a War between
clans should be. The players already know who the best 4 man skirmish teams are without the clan
wars to tell us as we play against them in the same concept everyday in normal matchmaking.

The developers really missed a great opportunity to make an engaging and competitive game mode
with the assets they already have within the Raids.

The way i had imagined clan wars before their release was that it was going to be a tactical 8
man war defending seperate locations on the map whilst also trying to attack at the same time.

The game mode would play out something like this.

Each clan has 8 members present
Both clans have 3 weaponised pumpjacks to defend.
Pumpjack weapons can not be removed. (Essential)
Respawn 10 seconds after death.
Respawn area is non combat zone. (prevent base camping)
10-15 minutes game time.
Wins are given to the first team to destroy the other teams pumpjacks or most destroyed if time
runs out.
If the same amount of pumpjacks are destroyed the match is determined by most PvP kills.
(promote fighting)
Pumpjack kills do not count towards pvp kills.

The one flaw i see within the game mode is an 8 man rush so pumpjacks will need to have adequate
hp and enough damage to kill players on their own so that the full 8 man cant go rush all three
turrets down easily. This should effectively make it so the long range missiles are used to blow
up the pumpjacks and the short range weapons are used to skirmish.

The strategies implemented would be engaging and builds would have to be optimized for an attack
or defence role. Clans would have to really communicate to win and make choices on what is best
to do.

If this suggestion gets approved i would ask that if you have any comments to make please do. I
would be interested to hear what people feel could be improved. Even if you dont like the idea
it would be nice to hear an opinion as to why too.

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Each clan should have it's own base on the Crossout world map. Players would be able to raid other clans, steal their resources (heist), destroy their pumps etc. All these actions should be resources-based and the winner would be the clan with the biggest amount of resources after some time. I would add some survival aspect to the game. All in all it's a post apocalyptic world.

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Its sorta hard to get a 8 man team of PVP viable builds(10k+ / lance) at the same time and I'm from a top twenty clan

Maybe 4 man teams with 2 weaker pump jacks would be better

But all in all a cool idea

Need to find a way to stop lance builds from one shoting towers tho


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