Past Mechanic Re-added?

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I recall a point in time where the Spectre HMG that the Sidekick carries was a separate part from the main body. With that true, the weapon was able to be destroyed without terminating the Sidekick itself. With everybody suggesting all these changes, more and more players using Sidekicks, and the rage storm it was kicking up, I thought this past feature could be a potential remedy? 

I see it as such, with the idea that, if said Spectre was shot off, the Sidekick would just drive around, unable to do damage. What this mainly does is prevent the deployer from cycling the next drone. The Sidekick, while not doing anything useful, is still active, thus prolonging the overall 'recharge' for the user. This will give you and your team (if they leave the headless chicken alone) a better, longer chance to hunt down the user, or capture a base safely for a great duration.

Also, if anybody has some knowledge, any idea why this mechanic was changed/removed from the game?

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