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[Contest] Tales from survivors - Topic for contest entries


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Survivors! Please, do not forget that your story should be no longer than 1 000 characters including spaces!

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  • This topic is for the "Tales from survivors" contest entries only.
  • Any other comments, posts and discussions will be deleted;
  • The entries should be submitted until 20:59 GMT, 31.10.2017.

Good luck, everyone!

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"What exactly are you doing with that thing?" I asked Mia.

"It's not a thing it's a pumpkin!" She shouted, "People used to decorate them around this time
of year to scare away evil spirits."

She cut out the guts of the pumpkin, carved an evil face into one side, and mounted it to the
hood of her dusty little car.

The ground began to rumble: Lunatics!

We got in our vehicles, and headed towards the Engi outpost.

"There's one on me!" Cried Mia desperately over her radio.

Only seconds later, her car was ripped in half by an explosive lance. A Lunatic trademark.

Somehow, I managed to escape and even returned that night to try and bury her... But everything
was gone.

Lunatics don't dare travel the open wastes around this time of year.

Rumor has it there is a maniac who hunts and kills them violently.

The only known survivor of these attacks said it was just some dusty little car, held together
by pieces of wreckage and driven by something with an evil orange thing for a head...

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The Uprising.

The drones were rebelling because of another strike from Crossout, the last survivor reached a tall office building, at the top floor there was an old-age computer, dusty and barely working,  the process was slow, drones rushed through the streets with the one intention of stopping the survivor, the flying drones were quickly ascending and didn't take much time to reach the top floor of the building, the process of eliminating the virus was almost complete, the flying drones have entered the building and cornered the last survivor, the drones fired without warning completely destroying the computer just after it was launched, it was a matter of time for it to spread from drone to drone and deactivate them, but everyone was already dead, the last survivor, riddled with bullets collapsed to the floor, just as he gave his last breath, every drone was deactivated, an eerie silence fell over, there was nothing and nobody left alive, everything and everyone was dead.

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(Jax and 2 of his friends,  Hawk  and Cinders, were camping in the middle of a canyon, far in the wastes of the desert, their fire burning hot, and their cars parked, waiting for departure.  Jax, along with his two friends, was a scavenger, but used to work with the lunatics, so he had plenty of crazy tales to tell.)

(Jax was a fairly strong man, he wore a ragged robe, had a tough persona,deep voice, long black hair and a long black beard, he wasn't one to mess with, but was loyal to his friends)

Cinders: Today has been one waste of time, we haven't found anything worth scavenging, you would think it would be easy with a wasteland full of junk...

(Cinders, a woman of her word, was a girl in her 30s, she had the fire in her heart, and was the best driver Jax had ever seen)

Hawk: All this sitting around is making me bored, hey, Jax, you know your way around the wasteland, i bet you heard some good stories?

(Hawk was a man in his 40s, he was bald, and had a small beard resembling that of a pre-catastrophe goat, he was usually the silent, wise type)

Jax: stories, yes, i could think of a few, but seing as it's that ime of the year again, i'l tell you a special one!

"the two came closer to the fire and started to pay attention to Jax"

Cinders: go on...

Jax: there was once a raider lord, named Xelas,  working under the lunatics as i once had, a big, tough guy. The man was known to kill anyone who would just look at him the wrong way, and most would stay out of his way. He had most of his body tattooed, and was like a giant compared to most men. Many feared him, and none would dare do anything about him, he often collected skulls to cast fear into his enemies, aswell as his own men. One day, he led a group of other lunatics to raid a nearby settlement, jumped in his truck, and rode off along with his crew, who drove buggies.

Hawk: what happened then?

Jax: when he arrived to the village, it was empty, not raided, but not abandoned either, it was like a ghost town. There were clearly signs of recent activity, but it was clear whoever lived her, didn't leave, nor stay, it was a mystery to all. Loading his shotgun, he entered the town, telling his men to scout the area out, over time, a huge sandstorm had covered up most of the town, and visibility was close to zero. After not having a visual on any hostiles, Xelas grabbed his walkie talkie and asked for a report:

"Xelas: Report...

Lunatic: I can't see anything in this storm, coming here was a waste of time, we shou... "Static"

Xelas: come in... (sigh) "

Confused with what was happening, Xelas tried his best to reach his fellow lunatics, but to each frequency he tuned to, all he heard was the screams of his men, getting killed by...something. Xelas pointed his gun ahead and looked for this mysterious killer, he constantly heard whispers, sounds, but as he turned to fire, there was nothing there. He continued patrolling the streets, the agression towards the myterious attacker rising. Xelas walked into a corner, and yet again heard whispers behind him, as he turned around, they say he had his last breath, as he found out that what killed his men was no ordinary person.

Cinders: how did this news travel back to the Lunatics?

Jax: A lunatic rescue party was sent after the group the next morning, but their bodies were never found, Xelas was never found, all that was left behind were their weapons, and memories...

Hawk: And you don't think these strange happenings are real, do you?

Jax: well, "giggles" , that's just the story, but you never know, maybe we will one day find out...

Cinders: Did they ever find out?

Jax: no, never, the group that Xelas was in charge of considered him the deadliest and scariest man their raiding party ever had as a commander, but now, a new boogeyman slept in the back of their minds, the mysterious happenings of the now so called "city of whispers". Since that day, many travelers stayed away from the city, not that i believe such superstition, but stories can inspire hope in some...dread in others...


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4 new crossout players decide not to sleep and play the whole night on halloween. All 8 players going inside free for all and they see that 4 creepy lunatics with bloody saws are there enemy,s! they didnt realize only 1 can survive so they trying to hide but the enemys got cameleon,s boom! With a bloodery hit the first player died the blood is all going over the map there are only 3 left.. 2 players trying to escape but didnt see some 1 is hiding inside the bush with much bloodery parts flying of they killed the enemy but 1 player died on his wounds. he was now alone inside the dark he was so scared but decide to team up with the other new player to kill the other 3 with much fight the killed 2 lunatics and 1 is left but the 2 players got to low structure and almost bleeding to the dead to kill him the only option was that 1 need to suicide he say to his friend i will do it so you can survive so he drive with the last power what he got inside the lunatic and suicide inside him he is dead.. the last enemy crying with the blood of all his friend over him but he survive!

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Hi I am a kid who likes to play online games, even often I play games in the middle of the night I often feel the strange things I always feel

at the time of crossout, I felt something right behind me and watched me while making my new designs,

when I look back I do not see anyone, of course there's only me in the room, and some barbie dolls (although I'm a man I like all things that smell of women, especially the sexy * hehehe)

and while I was chatting in the battle rank, I felt an unnatural thing around me, I saw the hanging wires suddenly sway on their own

so I paused my game and watched the hanging cable

so I paused to check what was happening in my room

then I approached the cable
getting closer, closer, closer ....

and I found my pet cat who played the cable

at the same time I was removed from the clan because I died in the battle rank
(xxxx cat, it's because of you I got out of the clan)

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Once upon a time, in Crossout land, a faction called the Witches of Halloween. They hunted with pitchforks bio-hazard weapons.

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             The killer of the wastelands 

Monday, night time, a convoy of Steppenwolf's gets ambushed by a mysterious entity, all the cars destroyed, all the persons escorting the truck are laying down in the ground dead or simply torn apart, Hans the only survivor runs away desperately looking everywhere if someone or something is following him, he manages to escape and get to his base; Ironhand ask him what happen but all what hans can say is they're all dead sir but we need to go back and get that cargo, even tho Ironhand doesn't like the idea of sending their men back there he ask for help to the other factions; Ulysses and Scar AB are willing to help them and so they go back to the ambush site but in the darkness of the night again they get ambush, one by one everyone is getting rip apart, bodys severed, guys desperately screaming for help but no one can see who's killing them until hans manage to spot something in the shadows, these red eyes in the mist slowly coming only to reveal the undead face of Psycho Pete only to eat Hans alive. 


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A long time ago, a player wanted to enter to play cross-out and the password was incorrect :O!!! End.

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A lot of theories circulate through the Wasteland about a women who called ’Bloody Mary’, and about her brutality, and cruel acts.

Mary was a women who first to experience the thinking, skills and ideology of the Lunatics. The lunas’ bloodline runnin’ through her veins by year while she grow up. Mary was Pyro Pete's immediate relative as the first youngest sister.

One day when in the Sand Valley outpost, Mary was preparing with her company, the facility was attacked by Raider, and slaughter everybody.
After Mary has failed, the Raiders chief and others punish and /ra*e her….that was the moment when she really lost her mind…

Six months later, the time to revenge has started. 00:00 time knocked, and the Lunas’ start to take their steps.
At Mary's orders, all the surrounding Raider companies were slaughtered. The leaders of raiders was dragged out from their hideouts, and publicly tortured. Mary recognize his face, and starts flay the raider alive with a rusty switchblade. The blade was glide through deep on skin from the shoulders to stomach, continue with legs and feet. The terribe screaming was not enough for bloodthist girl. Bones smashed, veins cuted through, in the end was nothing left just corpses and burned skulls.


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On dark stormy, moonless nights there is the legend of the Tattooed Lone Man of the Ship Graveyard. It is said that He will erupt from the ground searching to punish those that are greedy and unkind and not wise enough to stay indoors. On these nights good children must place cans of food at the entry way to their homes as an offering to appease the Man out of fear of finding a pile of soot that was once their parent.  On the unlucky nights where the storm is accompanied with hail falling from the sky the community must send forth the last child to make their offering to personally meet the lone man in hopes of appeasing him. Tradition dictate that failing to send the child out will cause the lone man to rain down green lighting that will destroy all their shelters of the community. If the child and its family have been generous and kind to others, the child will be alive at dawn. If the child is found dead then the family was unworthy but the town was spared because of its sacrifice.

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The Scavenger party watched eagerly as their small Crack-skull trucks cleared the rubble from the old building with their impulse grenade launchers. The party's leader, 'Oilslick' was practically licking his lips by the time the last chunk of wall was blown apart. As they entered, the party members felt a cold breeze blow across them. Oilslick just put it down to a gust from outside and rallied his troops for the 'treasure' hunt to begin. The inside of the building was strange - old, dusty boxes littered the large shelves, some appeared to have skeletons in them. They entered a room, realising they were entering some form of garage. The roof had collapsed but under the rubble, he saw a car they began to clear away the debris.

It took a few hours but eventually the vehicle was clear. Looking over the car Oilslick wiped some dust off it. Remarkably the vehicle was intact, not even cracked windows.

The car was long, sleek and black. It had a large area in the back for carrying something and it's rear door was particularly large.

As he returned to the front of the vehicle, it suddenly started up. He looked inside, trying to see through the dusty window.

"Alright! Who's in there?!?" he yelled.

But as he turned to the gasps of his party, he realised they were all out here with him.

The car growled, not due to it's engine, this growl was bestial.

"NO! Stay back!" Oilslick screamed.

But the car wasn't interested in his screams...

It seemed to want blood....

Now the area which Oilslick found the car is all but shunned by the Scavengers. Other factions have heard the tale of this place and only the bravest, or most foolish ever go here.....


And none of them ever come back.



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Dead Lights


They say when an object is been in someones possession for so long it can acquired a soul of its own, in this case several parts from thoes who fell in battle. 

One night a faction who where scavenging for scrapes herd the roaring of an engine echoing in the night and seeing the headlights of a vehicle illuminate the rocks in the distance upon investigating leads to a dead end.

The shriek's of men and women send shivers down there spin a cold sweat engulfing there bodies they make haste leaving, upon driving a ghostly engine roars as gets louder and louder the lights reaping behind them. Ramming them over and over as if trying to ram off the road or in this off the cliff.

They heard that people from the other factions have gone missing, upon visiting these ruins leaving nothing behind, some even say a faction of cannibals live there other say those who practice the dark arts. They then see the bridge up ahead that separates the Canyons from the city as they crossed it lights then vanish.

They stopped the vehicle to catch there breath and to make sense what transpired, upon investigating there where no other tracks just there and no other evidence. They look at each other figurine it was just there imagination as the fog clears and moonlight shines down on them. There where about to reenter enter the vehicle when they saw the back hand bloody hand prints all over it and was dented.

Back where they where and If they where to go a few feet further they would come across a ravine filled with abandoned wrecked vehicles with there former owners corps still inside and in the middle of the area the ghostly lights of vehicle made from several different parts thrown together disappearing in a rolling fog. Waiting for its next victim. 


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Grimm's story Pt.1

Let me tell you the story of Grimm who once was a member of a small group of raiders who called them self the the Legion there flag was one that only few have ever heard of and fewer have seen the ones lucky to see it said that there flag was of crimson red color and a wolf with devils horns in the center. There boss was an old Major his name no one knew not even Grimm the group of raiders traveled the world it is not known where or why they went on such a journey. But on a faithful night the lunatics under the lead of Psycho Peat attacked them the fight was brutal and the weapons fire was so big that the night sky turned to day many died in the fight a painful death but there was one survivor and that as you most likely have guessed was Grimm he swore that fire he felt that night would be his vengeance. He would bring down cleansing fire righteous breath onto his enemy and avenge his fallen brothers and so he after surviving the fight he took the beaten but not dead ride of the Major a war rig with the name Omaha and he looked for any Military base he could find.

Months after the event a noise of ripping metal and death coming from his raiders woke Psycho Peat from his sleep as he looked around and he only saw fire and in the midst of it was a a craft that came crawling out of the fires and as it crushed men under its tracks. Peat could see a flag with a demon hound on it and the name Omaha written on both sides of it's armor under two A-10 warthog Gatling guns that where red as rage as the monster came to a halt just ten meters away from him. Peat shouted what are you waiting for attack it all ready but one look behind him he could see his whole raiding party was ripped apart men missing legs, arms, heads as there blood stared to flow past Peat he turns around to see Grimm just two to three meters from him Grimm pulls out a foldable scythe that extends and with a swift move the scythe is placed on Peat's neck. As Grimm came in closer he could see that Peat was not afraid but more like nervous Grimm says i heard that death dose not want to come for you but did you know that every person has it's own Grim Reaper as the blade of the scythe touch's the back of Peat's neck he experiences a strong pain before he loses conscience.

The next morning he comes to himself and sees burned out tents, cars, body's and his neck that still hurts but of Grimm and his ride Omaha there was no trace he wondered if he will see or hear from him again as a could shiver runs down his back as for the fate of Grimm and his ride that is a story for another time.

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The Stone

Rick had just helped his team eliminate the final raider when he noticed a strange glow from behind a rock. Curious, he drove over with his modified buggy, and stepped out of his vehicle. Rick examined the strange object, it appeared to be a necklace with a stone in the middle, but glowed an eerie blue. He thought as any raider would that it would look excellent as a decoration, and quickly put it on. Before he could even get back into his vehicle the sirens began to wail again. Rick got into his buggy as fast as he could, and spun up his Equalisers sitting on the roof. Before long the entire squad arrived, weapons ready to go, and fingers on the triggers, they moved out to eliminate the threat. As they drove, Rick looked at the sky, it would be nighttime soon. He hastily switched on his headlights, along with everyone else. From the corner of his eye he saw something fly by. "LUNATICS!" He heard someone yell, the hideous buggies darted from behind a hill, lances charged and engines roaring. The team turned around, but it was too late, for the psycho's lances were already making contact. The sound of metal screeching and bullets flying by gave Rick the rush he so much needed. He felt the rumble of his minigun's barrels spinning up, and watched as a hailstorm of bullets began flying. The fight was short, and soon the Lunatics overran the squadron, shotguns fired and very quickly Rick was the only driver left. Around him were scattered remains of weapons, panels and wheels, the buggies surrounded him. He sat in his cabin, watching them rev their engines as their shotguns emitted sparks of charge. Just as they moved in, Rick saw everything freeze. He could see the faces of the enemy drivers, covered in piercings and dyed white skin. Their wheels covered in spikes and chains. The stone on his chest began to glow brighter, and cracks along his skin began to form, they emanated a similar blue glow. Rick tried to get it off as he screamed in pain, but it was of no use. The stone had complete control. Rick's buggy stretched and strained. The barrels of his weaponry began to glow a bright blue. The now distorted beyond repair Rick looked around one last time. He looked as the Lunatics closed in around him, his brain uttering one final command: "Kill them all." Rick began screaming. "KILL THEM ALL! LET THESE BULLETS TEAR THEM TO SHREDS!" He laughed manically as his strange looking weapons began firing crystals of unknown form. The Lunatics stood no chance. Before they could realise what was happening, their vehicles exploded in a massive blue fireball. Rick, or, what used to be Rick continued laughing as the monstrous ride single-handedly tore apart every single one. He was no longer Rick, his brain was now but a puddle of goo, as was the rest of him. His barely recognisable buggy drove away, leaving behind a scrapyard of what used to be his friends and enemies. That night a nearby Nomad settlement was utterly destroyed, the few who managed to escape remembered one thing of the event. They said the eyes of the driver glowed blue, and all he ever muttered was "kill..... Kill the fools!" followed by a laugh they would remember for the rest of their lives. It is said after terrorising the area around, he hid away, creating ridiculous machines and gizmos. He then emerged, amassing an army of others of similar infection. Their frail bodies needed constant protection due to the long term effects of their stones. They began to wear all sorts of clothing and protection from the outside world. The rode around on brilliantly engineered devices, and their leader, Rick. Took under a new name: Riley.

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“Hey, we got a mission.” Is what I heard as I was abruptly woken by Master Jack, my co-driver. I just took my mission details and left in this crappy thing. A scouting mission, a guess the new people need to live long enough so they don’t die on the fun ones.

On my way to the location, the sun started going down the horizon. Unable to see, a Lunatic’s barrel blew off my front left wheel so Jack had us head back.

Not too long after, we saw some lights in the distance. Knew they weren’t one of ours, we stopped to see with some binocs Jack packed. “It’s a large jack-o-lantern… With an angry face…”

“… And it’s heading straight for us!”

Jack lines up the 57 on the feint glow of the pumpkin and fires when it’s about 20 feet away.  With a large bang, we knew we hit something else other than a pumpkin. We assume it was packed with explosives. I mean, we pack our cannons with lead, not anything that could cause a car to fireball over us.

We high five and floor it back to camp.

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3 minutes ago, King36Cc said:
   The mysterious pumpkin.
There's an old legend saying that a mysterious Pumpkin nearly destroyed the world (and some weapons wearing his name), his name was Clarinet Caucasus. This Pumpkin was very sad because he was so lonely...
Once, Clarinet decided to create a friend on his own. He built it, and named it : Puppy. It was a Sidekick. C.C was not a good mechanic, so Sidekick was not well shaped
Puppy wasn't really happy of what he became ; he decided to go far away from everything he knew.
Mr.Caucasus was really sad when he learnt his little puppy was gone ; he decided to search him arround the world.
He didnt found anything, so he came back to his country, blood felt down from the sky , where he found Puppy killing a lot of players.
Clarinet fighted against his old friend and he lost.
God sawn this and decided to stop the fight : he nerfed Puppy, destroying him.
Finally everyone was happy, and have a lot of childrens: Some Fuze Drones.
King36C ingame PS i'm French


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The Hoodless Driver


The wastes of Crossout. Everybody knows them, most avoid them, few dare to thread them.
Some fear the raiders, some fear the disease, yet there's only one thing that EVERYONE is terrified of.

He rides loud. He rides with no rules. He rides alone.
They call him, The hoodless rider.

It is said the purr of his engine is like no other. It can be heard from miles away.
But the miles turn to kilometers, and those to meters. Rest assured, if you hear it...
he's already heading your way.

His ride dark, blends with the great shadow of night, the only time he's out to hunt. Sharp edges and spikes on every surface, latching onto you with every ram.
The mighty Firebug on top and of course the lack of any form of hood is how those unfortunate enough to come across him described it through the radio before meeting their impending doom.

Some say its just a legend, but if you want want to continue surviving the wastes of Crossout, avoid any areas with scorched earth, and no matter, don't ride on the 31st October...

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The storyteller smiled.

“Gather round, survivors, for a tale true as it is grim:


A year ago this very night, a visitor appeared from the wastes. Sickly orange moonlight illuminated the 13 harsh X’s tattooed into his skin. His masked face was back-lit, leaving all in shadow but his eyes, curiously matched to the night’s unusual colored moon.

He strode into the room, unphased by the guns leveled at his head. No survivor dared approach him. Whispers told in dark shipping containers call him ‘Mr. Cross.’  He held up a scarred hand.

His voice was harsh as gravel and thin as dust.

‘One now must go attend the wastes

The rest of you are free to stay

But if no sacrifice is made

Then all of you will surely pay’

The bravest stepped forward, lifted his gun and fired--*click*

Mr. Cross reached out with his hand, and in a flash of light the gunman fell. Mr. Cross wore his face.


The storyteller’s smile grew as his eyes burned a deeper orange & 14 X’s spread across his chest.

“Please allow me to introduce myself…”

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The Wandering Leviathan

There's always rumors after the Crossout.Some of them just lies,and some other can be explained but nobody even care to know the truth.But there's a single rumor that in every night with the moon glow red,an entity will appear as a leviathan.It glow like a melting steel and the engine sounds like a scream or roar.With it's yellowish glow in the dark night it attract raiders and some foolish survivors group to attack,but when get closer they will regret their decision.And the result are some melted wreckage and burned corpses.

Nobody know who-or what- drive the leviathan.Some says that the driver of the leviathan died before reaching his destination and then his soul possesed the machine to fullfil his duty,and some other says it's just some kind of raider methodes to ambushing their prey.

Whatever it is,it become an urban legend among the survivors and the fractions.Some of them believed that they have to hide in when the red moon appeared in the nightsky,cause the Ghostly Machine will wander the wasteland and crush everything on it's path...

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"What was that noise?  Was that the QuasarbotOfDoom?" asked the Lunatic.

"Be quiet, there's no such thing, and there's no new faction" said the Halloween Summit Faction Members.


Silence.  The Summit members listened intently.  "It's definitely getting closer," declared the Engineer.

"Turn your headlights on and face that hilltop.  It can't take us all!" announced the Steppenwolf.


Suddenly, all hell broke loose.  Balls of energy turned night into day and the Engineer saw guns and cannons melt away.  Somehow, the WWT1 was intact.  The QuasarbotOfDoom spoke:

"Tell the others we are here, searching, and to stay out of our way."  Looking back, the Engineer swore that dots of fire flew in the background.  But what can move like that?  The tall, impressive robot kept its crosshairs pointed at the WWT1 as it sped towards the closest stronghold.  The Engineer thought What will the future bring? and Will anyone like my blueprint of this..monster?

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Here's my entry, a poem of powerfull foes. Happy Halloween and try not to be afraid, of fire from the skies. :bombs_away:

                                            Purge from the skies.

It was a bloody red dawn, too silent in all.. then i heard it, something roaring afar!
Then came the explosions, my ammo box was gone.. it was a Mandrake, proving its brawn.

I tried to limp back to my garage, lost, no radar. Behind the last corner, one rev'd up their saws.
Only flashing sparks I saw.. Harvester clashed into me, to collect his chattel.

I woke up in agony, my team, all gone. But where I woke up, was an enemy ward.
Torture I suffered, they asked where is my clan. Speak i did not, they ripped out my heart..

Purge from the skies, the fate of my kind. One final war, to end it overnight.
From the depths of graves, dead memories haunt. The harrowing sound, of Mandrake so loud..

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