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[Contest] Tales from survivors - Topic for contest entries

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Survivors! Please, do not forget that your story should be no longer than 1 000 characters including spaces!

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Wandering through a vast narrow canyon, a vagabond found the entrance to a cave, Passing the seagull, a fresh breath running through his neck pushing him forward faster and faster. when he heard behind him the movement of a large serpent following him from the entrance, his heart beat hard, and he ran all he could into the maze of the gallery when he saw a red light, the noise catches him, he looks behind him and plunges into a fiery red pool. He stood up, and the woman appeared to him, beckoning her to come, but he could not, instead he sank, he held out his hands to her but she smiled, a serpent filling him with fright hugged him up 'at the neck and while he stifled the pool revealing a serpent's bed swallowed it until the woman began to shine with a blinding light. the man opened his eyes and was lying at the entrance of the canyon asleep on the sand, the day having just risen.


Sorry, I am a French with a very bad English

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Survivors! This topic is for the "Tales from survivors" contest entries only. Any other comments, posts and discussions will be deleted; The entries should be submitted until 20:5

The Uprising. The drones were rebelling because of another strike from Crossout, the last survivor reached a tall office building, at the top floor there was an old-age computer, dusty and barely

BAD DAY WHEN PLAYING CROSSOUT    Hi I am a kid who likes to play online games, even often I play games in the middle of the night I often feel the strange things I always feel at the ti

there is a leagend about an insane raider who used to be so crazy he got kicked out of the lunatics some say he mixed his gass with his enamies blood some say he drank there blood one thing is for sure hes still outthere quencheting his thirst for death

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It's easy to find your senses betrayed in the dark, the embers of a destroyed vehicle, the toxic glow of radiation, even the flicker of welding and metal sparks.

Sleeping doesn't come easy, between the paranoia and the harsh conditions, becoming delirious as your mind struggles to comprehend what it sees through your sleep-depraved eyes, you might think you saw something not quite of this world, but you keep it to yourself, the world has enough crazies, and it's a fine line between being called one and starting to believe it yourself.

Your head bows, your eyelids feel heavy, and your head snaps upright again to try and keep your watch, But how could you keep quiet when an unmanned car rolls silently towards your camp, a supernatural glow beaming from the bulletholes of its charred black shell, its engine a choir of wailing machinery, shrieking louder and louder as it nears.

you black out, and when you wake in a cold sweat even you question if you really saw what wastelanders have come to know as... the ghost car.

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A rusted car pulled up to an old abandoned house, near the devil's mines. a man stepped out with a revolver on one hip, a knife in the other. he found a bedroom and lied down on the bed. he looked to see a brand new mirror. since mirrors were valuable within the wastes he tried to pry it from the wall, but it wouldn't budge. the door suddenly slammed shut and a metallic hand formed from the mirror, it spooked the man. he ran to the door to bust it open, but the door was too strong. an entire creature had now formed from the mirror. the man busted through the thin wall into another room, and narrowly escaped the door shutting. he ran for the door, but the door shut, to be sealed forever. the man ran to another room and leaped through the window. he ran to his car, but the sand caught him and dragged him down. he was just above for long enough to see the metallic creature transform into him. he was now underground. he then heard his car pull away. it was the last thing he had ever heard.


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This is a tale from past nights ...
Where my nightmare is real
Our hostess is Nedysas one of the "Wings" ...
That changes good for evil
Converts the adventurer to be
Your willing servant
Even I could not see
How I became my opposite
Five factions she chose ...
Honest adventurers, now fallen
Among the five I am
Hunting the unprotected
I was once adventurous, once
For this "Wing" I was chosen
To be Lord of Nedysas
An evil and feared creature
You want to know if this is the end ?!
Or is it really over ?!
To you I say:
The nightmare just started ...


Darkness rises as October approaches ... Nedysas (The Dark Defiant) crosses the desert terrorizing the weak.
launching his nocturnal challenge, where only 1 can be considered worthy of joining the dark faction.
to whom he says that the victors joined him, others that the defeated ones also united (like living dead ...)
The battle has its beginning at dusk, something no veteran has ever seen! a combat of the light of the headlights, the group recruited fight of equal to equal, being guided only by the light of its cars and of the projectiles crossing the ceus.
legions of common heroes were against her, but of no avail against her power and her servants; survivors from the most remote corners with extraordinary abilities.
There were several casualties on both sides, the legions fell before her power, cars that were previously feared were now slaughtered by her and her asccals, in counterparts those who considered themselves deserving of the title of skilled are mercilessly slaughtered. The defeat is imminent ...
I vaguely remember following the leader of my Clan and two other members in an attack against his servants, the sound of the weapons mixed with the glare of an explosion indicated that one of our companions had been destroyed, the glare lit the battlefield enough to that I could see the dark group pushing our leader into the abyss, trying to get closer I saw my teammate without burning wheels stopped in the middle of nowhere waiting for the worst ... everything went dark, a cannon shot eliminates me we're defeated.



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Legends tell of an old man, living deep within the wastes. Only the most hardened Nomad even dares to go this deep into the lands beyond.
This man once was a very skilled engineer working with Scientist specified in the development of most advanced AI technologies.

Dark whispers around campfires tell of this man and his cancerous abominations this man crafts and even calls his children.

Most survivors know these as "Sidekick Drones"


Rumors have it, that he is working on something new, even more sinister.....





I was really tempted to just post the "Sidekick damage increased by 100%" Patchnotes :p


Ingame nick is also "V3rgi1"

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Here I was sitting on an eerily quiet hillside, scoping out the enemy and picking the parts off their cabins. Suddenly, I hear a "beep beep", so I un-scope to see a small army of fuze drones running at me like blood thirsty vampires. So I ran as fast as I could to catch the driver, only to notice that when I got close, that there was no one behind the wheel. Only then did I notice that one of the fuze drones caught up to me.


R.I.P DeadSoulInside

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Esto va estar en español nose si se sera tomado o no pero igual la posteare: 


en una ranked normal como cualquier otra paso algo sumamente raro una persona con 0 de poder y llamada Investigen de repente había hecho que todos los vehículos sean  destruidos los del equipo azul y el equipo rojo, la gente reporto esto por los foros investigaron como el nombre lo menciona tanbien pero no encontraban nada y de repente esa persona posteo algo diciendo:

Hola :)  veo que han hecho caso y investigaron como no veo que tiene frutos les doy una pista 0 = 0 los jugadores no le vieron sentido pero uno busco eso y encontró que era un jugador que había sido baneado por tener cosas que no debía en su almacen el se defendió diciendo luego de eso el dijo que era un bug y no le creyeron y el decidio tomar venganza y creo  un programa capaz de tirar el juego en base de segundos y antes de usar su programa dijo que pena me hubieran creido... y de repente el juego se callo por mas de 12 años nunca mas se supo de este jugador  FIN 


posdata: corta pero ami me parece interesante y entretenida VIVA CROSSOUT¡¡¡¡ #crossout13

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This is going to be in Spanish, I do not know if it will be taken or not but I'll post it:   in a normal ranked as any other step something extremely rare a person with 0 power and call Investigen had suddenly made all the vehicles are destroyed the blue team and the red team, people reported this by the forums investigated as the name he mentions it as well but they did not find anything and suddenly that person posted something saying: Hello :) I see that they have listened and investigated as I do not see that it has fruits I give them a track 0 = 0 the players did not see sense but one looked for that and found that it was a player who had been banned for having things that he should not his store he defended saying after that he said it was a bug and they did not believe him and he decided to take revenge and I created a program capable of throwing the game in seconds and before using his program said sorry I would have believed. .. and suddenly the game was silent for more than 12 years never heard this player FIN   postdata: short but to me it seems interesting and entertaining VIVA CROSSOUT¡¡¡¡ # crossout13

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One of the many legends of the wastes that is often shared on a moonless and starless night, while feasting on ancient canned foods and vermin, heated over the heart of a survivor’s ride, is the legend of The Witch’s Ride:

It only appears on the night of Halloween, when there is no moon or stars to be seen; a pitch-black night. Many of those who claim to see the Ride, slowly become insane and eventually disappear into the wastes in search for the Witch’s Ride.

The legend tells of a long slender ride that seems to absorb all light, snuffing out nearby flames and seizing engines while travelling silently through the sky; making no sound other than the whoosh of wind and a faint flapping sound. Many survivors have thought it was suspended by hovers but the ground underneath the Ride is never scorched, but rather, cold and covered in a layer of frost.

Its only visible weapon is its blood-red eyes that many believe have hypnotic power that drives any survivor that looks at the eyes to seek out the Witch’s Ride above all other endeavours, even to their doom. Some say that those that disappear, are sustained to reach wherever the Ride rests and they become its fuel.

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It's been hours since dusk fell and we started patrolling the dead highway, the wastes echoed with the sounds of our V8s, cabins filled with radio chatter.
As we pass a group of wrecked buildings, one of them catches my eye, it had a pointy roof and a weirdly skewed X on top of it.
I asked Bulk what it was and he said he didnt know, so I asked Jingo.
"Thas' a charch." He answered over the crackling radio, "Charches bring bad juju."
"What bad juju?" I asked. He didnt answer me, and just kept silent.
In my mirror, I see a glimmer of red inside the charch.

Turning back around on our route, I see a lady in red as we again approach the charch. 
Earlier, the guys talked about lovers and the benefits of having said lovers.
Maybe, just maybe, this is my lucky night.
Choking my engine, I slow my truck down and radio the guys, "You go ahead, my truck's overheated again. I'll catch up later."

"You dang fool!" Jingo yelled over the radio as I stepped out of the truck into the arms of oblivion...

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The Story goes something like this:

There was once a game, a game of building vehicles in the leftovers of the world, but a group of men who had previous careers of military units and bounty hunters decided to join in...

They had a group called the Steppenwolfs,  and they brought there own types of weapons and parts into the wasteland, but one weapon which was said to be created with the darkest of magic and with the evilest of intents, was the, dare I say its name, the Sidekick Drone...

This weapon was feared among all who saw it, some surviviors say they where as if packs of wolves, who would hunt you down until your were nothing but dead and forgotten. But after a long while, survivors became equipped to fight this fire, with the same exact fire, then the Game of Drones Era began, but soon, another even darker magic would appear...

A group called the Knight Riders saw this devastating power, and saw an opportunity to seize it for even greater destruction, and with even more evil intent, they manifested, the Fuze Drone, this drone was welded with the fires of hell, and was not to be messed with, this vehicle could be seen for miles, but was so fast, that most men could not even scratch it, and was so scary, most men stood there giving it the '1000 yard stare' helpless to there own fear, this weapon had the chassis of the Sidekick Drone, but had a bomb built right on top of it, and could easily destroy anything that had contact with the ground...

The story ends here, for this story is still developing, because all of this is real....


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A Winner with Countless Pain

Kill without hesitation. Torturing his victims without mercy. And drive without feeling tired. He is Haunter, one of the most feared and most respected Crossout participant in all corners of Wasteland. Many survivors admired his abilities including faction leaders. His madness beyond Psycho Pete, the leader of the Lunatic faction, his intelligence that transcends Riley the Dawn Children faction leader and his highly successful combat tactics surpassed  Major Ironhand the leader of the Steppenwolf faction made him very difficult to defeat. Many believe that he is the result of experiments by Founders, inventors and originators of Crossout tournaments but some say the he is demon came from Underworld, but from all the stories none of which are true. In addition to his incredible ability. He also has a very strong vehicle during the tournament. The name of the vehicle is Pain Killer. How his vehicle's name came from the curse he received until now. Haunter is believed to be hit by a curse where every night in 31st of October his soul will be pulled by the devil to be tortured in hell. Haunter himself did not die but his soul only left his body for a while to be tortured in hell. After being tortured his soul will return his body and shortly after his soul returns his body he will feel tremendous pain throughout his body. He would always shout all day because of the pain even while he was sleeping he was still screaming quite loudly. But for him there is one way to reduce the pain. That is by killing every participant tournament he faced. He believes that the shouting voice of the participants he kills may have lessened his pain for a while. When the tournament is underway he is still screaming because of the pain and when the participants fight each other and then hear the sound of his screams, they choose to run away or they work together to try to kill him but all the efforts are useless. Until now he is still a top participant in the tournament and still actively participate in the tournament. The goal is only one, killing to ease the pain and every 31st of October his soul will be drawn to hell for torture and his shouting will be heard all over Wasteland all night

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Green Lake Monster

It was dark. The only thing what bare eyes can seen in that night, was the stars and the green glowing lake. One hover stopped at the factory. Just finished scrap hunting.

(driver)                -Where we go now? Should we take the short route?
(veteran)            -Just avoid the lake!

(driver)                -Why should i?

(veteran)            -Something lives deep in that lake…. something terrible machine monster… it waiting for prey at night.

(driver)                -Hahahaha old man nothing lives in there, its too much acid!
(veteran)            -Try it! Toss something to there!
The young driver tossed a big bolt to the lake. It melted and drown nearly instantly.
(driver)                -You see! I told you!
As he said that, first weak but stronger and stronger noise started rumbling from the lake. It was like a mix of whales and a giant v8 engines.
(veteran)            -TURN AROUND AND GO NOW!
The young driver instantly turned around 180 degrees and pushed full throttle! Luckily they had growl cabin, because in mirror he saw 2 big red eyes and giant metal tooths.



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Here is my entry:


The camp was usually full of life with men and women tinkering and children running around the place, whether Scavengers or Nomads were passing by, the atmosphere remained the same. But tonight, people were glum, there were no cheerful faces around the fire. The ancient at the end of the circle spoke: “Time has come once again, we must prepare ourselves or else we will perish.” - A light gust of wind blew over them as he spoke tiredly. “The Behemoth has awakened once again, I have already received the last words of Marcus from over the mountains, his village is no more.” he announced. Faces turned grim. “Tonight we strive to reach the old factories.” As if it was agreed that the speech was over, everyone got up and embarked into vehicles parked around. The sound of engines roaring, servos buzzing and ammo clinking made the atmosphere heavier. A great rumbling of steel was heard in the distance, no one knew why and there was no time to wonder, it was time to flee and hope for the best.


My in-game nickname is temporelus.

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This is the story of AcidJoe, one of the most known despicable wastelander.
He earned that moniker by pushing rides in the acid lake of the Factory and getting out of his car to laugh in a trolling-way at the bubbling, oozing remnants while taking a ****.

One day he pushed this guy he REALLY hated, CleanRob, who was always polishing his car to a perfection and this utterly annoyed AcidJoe, being a total slob for him polishing was done only under the belt and not on a car!

So as usual he left his ride to watch... but thing was... in such joy and excitement... he forgot to use the handbrake and every respected wastelander knows that the lake is down a slope.

...Proudly wearing an harvester at the nose, the vehicle slowly went rolling down. With his hands full AcidJoe was still quick enough to turn around but never had the chance to move away, his harvester made blood confetti out of him starting by his handful...

The moral is never take the **** on others or you might die.


I'm sorry if there is a guy named AcidJoe and CleanRob, those are fictive names though maybe I read those name recently and that's why I wrote them, as if it came from my subcoucious or something. Point is I'm not aiming at anyone and those name are fictive for me as far as I know.

Also let me know if what I wrote might be considered to have "elements of erotic content", I will make a new story or change it.

My Crossout name is "Moryseth"
My story should have 997 characters including spaces.

The censored word is "ssip" inverted.

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so i decided to make a creepy story which i think isn't that creepy ._."), so anyway here it is~ EXACTLY 1000 CHARACTERS(title includeed)

btw sorry for some grammatical error ._.)v


The Castle

It happened in the middle of summer. Nomads scout reports sightings of a strange building that suddenly appeared near their encampment. That building looks excactly like a castle from the far east in long time ago, even far before the “Crossout” happened.

Getting excited, the leader of the camp decides to investigate that castle, later the leader accompanied by his men set a small camp near the castle.

At night, they hear a strange sound from inside the castle. First, humming of a woman which sounds eerily pleasant. After that they hear a loud scream of a dying man where one can feel pain just by hearing it. When the scream stops, the sky becoming obsecurely dark and the ground shaking violently followed by smell of rancidity in the air. The group get scared and quickly get into their cars to run back to their encampment.

The next day, the leader orders his subordinates to burn the castle, but the castle was nowhere to be found, all they see is their camp from yesterday.


and for a bonus, heres a picture when the scout finds the castle 'v')b


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The Fuze Factory


Demand for the new model of self-destructing wheel drone had hit an all time high, and Lunatic 'Slaughterhouse' factories were running around the clock to supply them.
But one night, after the shifts were over, Doug the mechanic found himself locked in the factory, a practical joke from the other Lunatic workers. That's when he heard it, the sound of tires on concrete, and the ominous beeping coming closer! The Drones must've been malfunctioning, or maybe even coming alive, but all Doug knew was that one of them had found him, and if it got within a few meters, the entire factory would go up in a big chain reaction!
He ran as fast as he could for the control room, dropping his tools. The screeching of tires and the pulsing red light drew closer and closer, until it was all he could hear! Dashing around the corner, the sounds stopped, and the emergency shutdown button was right in front of him. He reached out to press the button.
And that's when he heard it once more.



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The old Scavenger welder walked through the metal mansion, his head pounding from the slumber. He wondered if he'd been hit on the head. 

He moved on to the basement where he held his Lunatic torture subject,Bud, is the name he gave him. The Welder wound up his arm preparing to hit Bud and...

...then he woke up, Bud, now awake shook his chains violently and growled at the welder, mumbling gibberish. The Welder was unsatisfied with this response, he grabbed his welding torch and...

...then he woke up, The Welder, dreaming of a better life where he only wishes he had a enemy to slap silly. He got out out of bed, made his way down the stairs, falling, losing balance, his life flashed before his eyes and...

...then he didn't wake up. His wife shook his body violently and...

...then he woke up, with a startle in fact, he had smacked his wife out cold by instinct, he shook her violently and...

...then she woke up, with a startle in fact...


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You and a friend queue into a match as you always do. You spawn into old town with the rest of the group. As the match start, your friend and you start to make your way through the map with caution for the possibility of doom can be around any corner. As you make it to the center of the map, you encounter an enemy resistance! The shooting starts out of nowhere, no terms were called. No one asks who shoot first but everyone is determined to be the last one standing. As the battle rages on you catch a glimpse of your friend as a yolo bot with two lances and a harvester uncloaks to hit him from behind. He blows up into a thousand parts out of nowhere. You hear a scream of terror echo through the battlefield. As you look around to see where it came from you come to notice it came from you. Out of the dust and parts that was left from your beloved friend, you see the yolo bot immerge, almost renewed from the fight looking for a new victim. You charge the bot, all guns blazing in retaliation for your falling friend. Nothing else matters but revenge now. In your heist, you miss a player around the corner with 2 88mm cannons. As he shoots, you see the cannon rounds coming at you but you know for as long as you get that bot that took out your friend it will be ok. Both 88mm shoots hit there mark! Bam! Armor from your vehicle comes flying off in all directions but you do not stop. You keep going for your revenge. As you come up to the bot thinking his end is near you notice you have no more weapons!    In the heat of the moment, you did not notice those 88mm rounds did not just take off armor but also your weapons. By now, the yolo bot has found his new victim, you! He turns and starts to eat away at your armor with the harvester. Peace by peace he chips away at you, with every second that passes you see your structure point’s drop faster and faster. Rage still fills every ounce of you for the loss of your friend. You start to detonate; the bot will not take you without a fight. Either you walk away from this or no one does! As the seconds tick down for the denotation to happen you, realize you are going to get him before he gets you. Boom! Your parts go everywhere, the fuel barrow you had underneath the vehicle adds to the explosion like a bomb. The yolo bot is dead you say, it was worth it! As the smoke clears, you see the bot still alive, just sitting there, half damaged but alive as mocking you. The battle timer runs out as you notice the army numbers remaining. Your team two, enemy team two! If you had only stayed alive, your team would have won! You could have saved the day. Was the attempt at revenge worth it? As you exit the map you remember, that was the last win you needed to finish the season journey, which was going to end two minutes before the round started! You lost your buddy, you lost your vehicle, you lost the match and the chance to finish the journey all out of blind revenge…… 

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Last chance, the man mumbled, no need to worry now.
Still, the kid was just sleeping, and his wife in the other room was occupied by some talent show. 

Come on, five minutes, give me five minutes, he whispered. On his pc-screen life was blunt and simple. Six minutes till the end of this season. One miner’s container, just within reach.
His fingertips were pulsing violently.

Then the kid cried. The talent show pauzed. Loud, angry steps swooped right by him. He tried not to look at her but her electric blue light soared trough the room.

‘You‘ll be late again.’

With a push on the button his screen went black. Just for a short while he was captured by this one, glowing, dark-green eye, shining back at him. It winked.
No need for anger, woman, he mumbled, as he went into his garage.

As he turned the key, the house trembled, the kid finally shut up. A mixture of jet fuel and scorched concrete filled the air. Time froze as the zooming engine was getting into her highest pitch.

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"Thirsty," he says, his eyes vacant. "So thirsty..."

I pry open the door of his wrecked vehicle. His leg falls out. The bottom half, severed at the knee from the blades of my truck.

"Pete says there's not enough water anymore," the kid says, deliriously.

I offer him my canteen. For a moment there's a spark of life, a smile, and he reaches for it. He doesn't even notice me raising my revolver.

Pop. Pop.

The canteen was empty anyway. At least he died with a glimmer of hope, a wisp of compassion, as his last thought.

I turn to look back the way he came from. Off in the moonlight I can see the rising smoke of the campfire they tried to put out. I sniff the air. Smells like a family. He must have been trying to lead me away from them.

I howl into the darkness.

The kid's leg has an off taste, so I spit him out. There's not much meat on him, anyway, and I'm hungry.

In the distance, I hear a child crying. The wastelands are rough. It's no place to raise your kids.

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