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Supervivientes, una escalofriante pero a la vez fascinante festividad se acerca. Incluso en un mundo post-apocalíptico Halloween sigue siendo Halloween, lo que significa ¡que es el momento de quitar el polvo a vuestras historias de terror para contarlas alrededor de los restos en llamas de vuestros enemigos! Pon en marcha tu imaginación y sigue avanzando, ¡a por la victoria!

Términos y condiciones del concurso:

  • Escribe una historia o cuento de terror de no más de 1.000 caracteres, incluyendo espacios.
  • Publícalo en tu página de Facebook o VKontakte personal incluyendo el hashtag #crossout13, o en este hilo del foro.
  • La historia tiene que contar con un tema, característica o cualquier otro elemento que apunte al mundo de Crossout.
  • Estilísticamente, la historia puede ser cualquier cosa (divertida, triste, aterradora, etc.), pero sin dejar de lado el espíritu de Halloween.
  • Pueden participar tanto jugadores de PC como PS4 y Xbox One.
  • El texto no debe contener lenguaje ofensivo y símbolos nazis, referencias a grupos y sociedades prohibidas, así como elementos de contenido erótico.
  • Serán excluidos del concurso aquellos jugadores que publiquen el trabajo de otra persona.
  • Al participar en el concurso, da su permiso para usar sus obras a nuestra discreción;
  • Cada participante solo puede presentar una obra a la competición.


  • Se concederán 8 premios de 500 coins de forma aleatoria. ¡Lea todos los términos del concurso con cuidado!
  • Se entregarán 4 premios de 1.000 coins a las historias más interesantes según el criterio del jurado.
  • Se premiará con 666 coins al autor de la historia más espeluznante y misteriosa, según el criterio del jurado del concurso.

Fechas del concurso:

  • Inicio: 09.10.2017
  • La admisión de participaciones finaliza: 31.10.2017 a las 20:59 GMT
  • La deliberación del jurado puede durar varios días
  • Distribución de las recompensas: en una semana contando desde el momento que se ha anunciado los ganadores.

¡Que el espíritu de Halloween te ayude! Simplemente no mires hacia atrás, no te gustaría…


Nota: Las historias deben escribirse en inglés o ruso para que el jurado pueda evaluarlas

¡Debate sobre ello aquí!

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Resultados del concurso “Tales from Survivors”:


Los 8 premios de 500 coins, seleccionados de forma aleatoria, son para:


The killer of the wastelands 

Monday, night time, a convoy of Steppenwolf's gets ambushed by a mysterious entity, all the cars destroyed, all the persons escorting the truck are laying down in the ground dead or simply torn apart, Hans the only survivor runs away desperately looking everywhere if someone or something is following him, he manages to escape and get to his base; Ironhand ask him what happen but all what hans can say is they're all dead sir but we need to go back and get that cargo, even tho Ironhand doesn't like the idea of sending their men back there he ask for help to the other factions; Ulysses and Scar AB are willing to help them and so they go back to the ambush site but in the darkness of the night again they get ambush, one by one everyone is getting rip apart, bodys severed, guys desperately screaming for help but no one can see who's killing them until hans manage to spot something in the shadows, these red eyes in the mist slowly coming only to reveal the undead face of Psycho Pete only to eat Hans alive. 

  • LyricaPrismriver

The Castle

It happened in the middle of summer. Nomads scout reports sightings of a strange building that suddenly appeared near their encampment. That building looks excactly like a castle from the far east in long time ago, even far before the “Crossout” happened.

Getting excited, the leader of the camp decides to investigate that castle, later the leader accompanied by his men set a small camp near the castle.

At night, they hear a strange sound from inside the castle. First, humming of a woman which sounds eerily pleasant. After that they hear a loud scream of a dying man where one can feel pain just by hearing it. When the scream stops, the sky becoming obsecurely dark and the ground shaking violently followed by smell of rancidity in the air. The group get scared and quickly get into their cars to run back to their encampment.

The next day, the leader orders his subordinates to burn the castle, but the castle was nowhere to be found, all they see is their camp from yesterday.

  • Cattastrope

The Wandering Leviathan

There's always rumors after the Crossout.Some of them just lies,and some other can be explained but nobody even care to know the truth.But there's a single rumor that in every night with the moon glow red,an entity will appear as a leviathan.It glow like a melting steel and the engine sounds like a scream or roar.With it's yellowish glow in the dark night it attract raiders and some foolish survivors group to attack,but when get closer they will regret their decision.And the result are some melted wreckage and burned corpses.

Nobody know who-or what- drive the leviathan.Some says that the driver of the leviathan died before reaching his destination and then his soul possesed the machine to fullfil his duty,and some other says it's just some kind of raider methodes to ambushing their prey.

Whatever it is,it become an urban legend among the survivors and the fractions.Some of them believed that they have to hide in when the red moon appeared in the nightsky,cause the Ghostly Machine will wander the wasteland and crush everything on it's path...

  • Bálint Kószó (FB)

Green Lake Monster
It was dark. The only thing what bare eyes can seen in that night, was the stars and the green glowing lake. One hover stopped at the factory. Just finished scrap hunting.
(driver) -Where we go now? Should we take the short route?
(veteran) -Just avoid the lake!
(driver) -Why should i?
(veteran) -Something lives deep in that lake…. something terrible machine monster… it waiting for prey at night.
(driver) -Hahahaha old man nothing lives in there, its too much acid!
(veteran) -Try it! Toss something to there!
The young driver tossed a big bolt to the lake. It melted and drown nearly instantly.
(driver) -You see! I told you!
As he said that, first weak but stronger and stronger noise started rumbling from the lake. It was like a mix of whales and a giant v8 engines.
The young driver instantly turned around 180 degrees and pushed full throttle! Luckily they had growl cabin, because in mirror he saw 2 big red eyes and giant metal tooths.

  • ErodedHeroics


"What was that noise?  Was that the QuasarbotOfDoom?" asked the Lunatic.

"Be quiet, there's no such thing, and there's no new faction" said the Halloween Summit Faction Members.


Silence.  The Summit members listened intently.  "It's definitely getting closer," declared the Engineer.

"Turn your headlights on and face that hilltop.  It can't take us all!" announced the Steppenwolf.


Suddenly, all hell broke loose.  Balls of energy turned night into day and the Engineer saw guns and cannons melt away.  Somehow, the WWT1 was intact.  The QuasarbotOfDoom spoke:

"Tell the others we are here, searching, and to stay out of our way."  Looking back, the Engineer swore that dots of fire flew in the background.  But what can move like that?  The tall, impressive robot kept its crosshairs pointed at the WWT1 as it sped towards the closest stronghold.  The Engineer thought What will the future bring? and Will anyone like my blueprint of this..monster?

  • TheDrunkenPuppet

The Demons We Face

The match has just begun, foul acid in the air. The map is Factory. Driving through the industrial buildings, to avoid the eerie acid pool. Thirsty for blood to wet the dry grounds of this wasteland, I proceed. Nearly around the last bend, when 2 YOLO WASP BOTS COME OUT OF NO WHERE!!!! Heart skips a beat, panic and trembling in my figures. 2 bots straight out of hell, like grim reapers ready to take my soul!

Frantically firing and aiming for their guns, one slams into me; I stop breathing. SWOOSH SWOOSH, the sound of the rockets, depleted my health and armor. Two guns gone. I turn with trembling hands and manage to remove their weapons of death! VICTORY! I thought, until... ANOTHER YOLO WASP BOT rounds the corner! SWOOSH SWOOSH, KABOOM! I am dead, I am nothing, I have been defeated.... The demons have won... My worst nightmare!

  • xXThunderFlameXx

The Uprising.

The drones were rebelling because of another strike from Crossout, the last survivor reached a tall office building, at the top floor there was an old-age computer, dusty and barely working,  the process was slow, drones rushed through the streets with the one intention of stopping the survivor, the flying drones were quickly ascending and didn't take much time to reach the top floor of the building, the process of eliminating the virus was almost complete, the flying drones have entered the building and cornered the last survivor, the drones fired without warning completely destroying the computer just after it was launched, it was a matter of time for it to spread from drone to drone and deactivate them, but everyone was already dead, the last survivor, riddled with bullets collapsed to the floor, just as he gave his last breath, every drone was deactivated, an eerie silence fell over, there was nothing and nobody left alive, everything and everyone was dead.

  • Nobodyescapesme

 In a normal ranked as any other step something extremely rare a person with 0 power and call Investigen had suddenly made all the vehicles are destroyed the blue team and the red team, people reported this by the forums investigated as the name he mentions it as well but they did not find anything and suddenly that person posted something saying: Hello :) I see that they have listened and investigated as I do not see that it has fruits I give them a track 0 = 0 the players did not see sense but one looked for that and found that it was a player who had been banned for having things that he should not his store he defended saying after that he said it was a bug and they did not believe him and he decided to take revenge and I created a program capable of throwing the game in seconds and before using his program said sorry I would have believed. .. and suddenly the game was silent for more than 12 years never heard this player.


Los 4 premios de 1.000 coins a las historias más interesantes, según el criterio del jurado, son para:

  • RajRocket

It's been hours since dusk fell and we started patrolling the dead highway, the wastes echoed with the sounds of our V8s, cabins filled with radio chatter.
As we pass a group of wrecked buildings, one of them catches my eye, it had a pointy roof and a weirdly skewed X on top of it.
I asked Bulk what it was and he said he didnt know, so I asked Jingo.
"Thas' a charch." He answered over the crackling radio, "Charches bring bad juju."
"What bad juju?" I asked. He didnt answer me, and just kept silent.
In my mirror, I see a glimmer of red inside the charch.

Turning back around on our route, I see a lady in red as we again approach the charch. 
Earlier, the guys talked about lovers and the benefits of having said lovers.
Maybe, just maybe, this is my lucky night.
Choking my engine, I slow my truck down and radio the guys, "You go ahead, my truck's overheated again. I'll catch up later."

"You dang fool!" Jingo yelled over the radio as I stepped out of the truck into the arms of oblivion...

  • Harpsong

Demand for the new model of self-destructing wheel drone had hit an all time high, and Lunatic 'Slaughterhouse' factories were running around the clock to supply them.
But one night, after the shifts were over, Doug the mechanic found himself locked in the factory, a practical joke from the other Lunatic workers. That's when he heard it, the sound of tires on concrete, and the ominous beeping coming closer! The Drones must've been malfunctioning, or maybe even coming alive, but all Doug knew was that one of them had found him, and if it got within a few meters, the entire factory would go up in a big chain reaction!
He ran as fast as he could for the control room, dropping his tools. The screeching of tires and the pulsing red light drew closer and closer, until it was all he could hear! Dashing around the corner, the sounds stopped, and the emergency shutdown button was right in front of him. He reached out to press the button.
And that's when he heard it once more.


  • Christopher Gorton (FB)

On dark stormy, moonless nights there is the legend of the Tattooed Lone Man of the Ship Graveyard. It is said that He will erupt from the ground searching to punish those that are greedy and unkind and not wise enough to stay indoors. On these nights good children must place cans of food at the entry way to their homes as an offering to appease the Man out of fear of finding a pile of soot that was once their parent. On the unlucky nights where the storm is accompanied with hail falling from the sky the community must send forth the last child to make their offering to personally meet the lone man in hopes of appeasing him. Tradition dictate that failing to send the child out will cause the lone man to rain down green lighting that will destroy all their shelters of the community. If the child and its family have been generous and kind to others, the child will be alive at dawn. If the child is found dead then the family was unworthy but the town was spared because of its sacrifice.

  • Ashdebruin_99

The Surgeon

Derek Carter had everything before the crossout came by; qualifications, medical degrees and the loving support of his family. After society fell to its knees, it meant nothing to others except from himself. He started a way to help everyone reunite again by finding a cure.

But over the years of research, he came to a conclusion that there was a no cure for the crossout. Instead he decided to do some 'other' experiments. He decided to use his enemies as a tool and a source of intel through brutal torture techniques, this made him seen as an asset to his group. However the few sights of guts and blood, the screams of torture and combined with isolation, Derek lost his sanity, evil motivated him and Torture ended up being his main entertainment. his peers were concerned and only known him as "The Surgeon" from his enjoyment of dirty and gory work.

it was only a few weeks later, when everyone discovered the demise of all his victims. As for The Surgeon, him and his vehicle were gone.


Y el premio de 666 coins a la historia más aterradora, según el criterio del jurado, es para:



"Thirsty," he says, his eyes vacant. "So thirsty..."

I pry open the door of his wrecked vehicle. His leg falls out. The bottom half, severed at the knee from the blades of my truck.

"Pete says there's not enough water anymore," the kid says, deliriously.

I offer him my canteen. For a moment there's a spark of life, a smile, and he reaches for it. He doesn't even notice me raising my revolver.

Pop. Pop.

The canteen was empty anyway. At least he died with a glimmer of hope, a wisp of compassion, as his last thought.

I turn to look back the way he came from. Off in the moonlight I can see the rising smoke of the campfire they tried to put out. I sniff the air. Smells like a family. He must have been trying to lead me away from them.

I howl into the darkness.

The kid's leg has an off taste, so I spit him out. There's not much meat on him, anyway, and I'm hungry.

In the distance, I hear a child crying. The wastelands are rough. It's no place to raise your kids.


¡Enhorabuena! Gracias a todos por animaros a participar en el concurso y compartir vuestras historias con todos nosotros. ¡Nos lo hemos pasado genial leyendo vuestras aterradoras, a la vez que fascinantes, historias!

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