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Hi, I posted a leviathan named : "Dronoween By Nem" By me : Nemrodh. It's a 3D skull with frightening drones !! #crossout_craft13

The Gravemaster exhibition: creepy gravemstr

Its not all about looking scary but actually being that way:

Alright here's my entry to the spooky contest. 

I have dubbed this the BLVCK WIDOW, it is a very versatile vehicle. It is capable of carrying a wide variety of payloads and also looks like a creepy crawly eight (in this case four) legged venomous spider. It is available on the exhibition on xbox live. 

*I've had fun with all sorts of weapons on this ride, shotguns were actually one of my favourites.





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On 10/17/2017 at 12:13 PM, TheBeekeeper said:

Game Name: TheBeekeeper

Vehicle Entry: Munster Koach

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 you really need to show this ride off buddy, i honestly think you would win hands down if you didn't hide the pictures of this beauty. 


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i call this, the ghost riders bike, but since that name is too long, it might have to be shorten to G,R's bike.

this is it made to be themes after ghost riders famouse flaming bike, with some extra bits to make it more horific. :)

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Nickname : MalAdept (Xbox)

Craft Name : Rotten CandyCorn (Xbox Exhibition)

360 Video

Front View


Rear View



Vehicle Description : Support Vehicle

Armaments included

  • Fused Quantum Cabin
  • Spark III
  • RT Anaconda
  • 2 DT Cobras
  • Genesis & Gas Generator
  • Fuel Barrel and Fuel Tank

Inspiration : Candy Corn infested with Spiders.


Good luck everyone! :014:

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Yes, you have more than 1000 coin from double contest! :D great job

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Could we atleast get links to the winning builds? Cant find even the half of them in here and I'm certainly not going to search Facebook and stuff for them xD

Isn't Natachka a GM or so, strange that they could participate or am I wrong here?

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