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Hello devs and survivors! 


Would You like to change low lvl crate? You know, ''found in wasteland'' ETC? As we know this is pretty much useless, so i suggest  that the boxes give a certain amount of SCRAP, COPPER, WIRES, and ELECTRONICS. You know what i mean? like there is for example 50 materials and system divide 50 materials to, for example, 15 scrap, 5 copper, 10 wires and 10 electronics. If the amount  of materials will be small, this low lvl boxes will be useful but they dont mess in market. You know what i mean? 

(Forgive me i'm terrible english user)

Also if i grind something (like Tsunami right now) i dont wanna enter into storage and then resorces to peek how much i have copper or scrap etc. So i suggest something like this:

I draw here 4 diamonds, silver- scrap, red- copper, blue- wires and purple- electronic. There is empty space near ''Factions'' So why we cant use this? :)

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