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Show all conflicting parts in build mode

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In case of conflicts, it would be nice to not only highlight the part you move around, but also the ones they collide with.

In the first screenshot I'm trying to mount a cannon sideways, but it does not work because of some conflict. Which one? I found out with a bit of experimenting, it was the front wheel.



In the second screen shot, we have the opposite situation, I have mounted the cannon after removing the wheel. For the sake of this example, now I pretend to have forgotten where the conflict was, and obviously I'm stumped again. After a bit of playing around I might find that I have to remove the cannon first...



To make this easier for the inexperienced user, I suggest highlighting the part that is blocking as well. In the first screen shot that would be the wheel, in the second screenshot the cannon. Preferably in another color.

I'd suggest green, but that is commonly considered the symbol for "everything OK". Perhaps a general reshuffling of the colors would help here:

  • Red for the part you are currently trying to mount without success
  • Orange for the parts(s) it conflicts with
  • and green for the available mount points,


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