Add Barrels and Tanker Trucks to map as terrain

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New Objects to add to maps for map design 


Barrels, Small Tanker Trucks and Large Tanker Truck on maps. They are filled with dangerous materials.  If the players shoot these object they blow up and damage others near it. 

Caustic Content - Creates a pool of acid to drive through

Explosive Content - One time explosion in the area

Projective Explosive Content - One time explosion firing projectiles around it in random directions

Smoke Content - Creates a dark cloud from the smoldering fire. Blocks line of sight through the dark cloud.

Barrel - small radius

Small Tanker - large radius

Large Tanker - very large radius

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I can already see ways of abusing this like shooting them near teammates and killing or hurting them. Good idea in concept, but players always find ways of abusing new things. They'll either do that or create builds to carry these objects around, adding to their explosion damage/carrying them to teammates and shooting. 

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