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Grouping function for structure in garage

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Hi Folks,

So why isn't their any way to group parts of the structure together in the garage?

I don't know about anyone else, but I fiddle with my builds.  Moving the cabin forward or back by 1 spot is a major chore!  More so because it has to be done piece by piece.

So can we get some functionality to 'group' parts together?  So they can be moved as 1 object.  I might suggest that this could be achieved by using the '+' and '-' keys.

It might work like this:

  • Highlite the first piece with your cursor, but don't click. Instead, press the '+' key.  The part turns blue, signifying that it can be grouped with another part.
  • Highlite the next piece and do the same thing. Each part selected and '+'ed becomes part of the blue group. 
  • Keep going until your happy. 
  • Use the '-' key to remove a part from the group that you do not want.

Now you can pick up a large group as 1 item for positioning purposes.  This would make building so much easier.

Potentially, you might like to add a groups section to the garage that acts similar to the current builds menu, but would be for grouped items (not including wheels, weapons).

Players can save favourite back-ends, front-end or structure builds here to speed designs up.


Just a suggestion. :)



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Hello and thank you for your suggestion!

Although the suggestion seems to be great and intuitive, currently it's impossible to implement it into the game due to some technical reasons. Still, we've saved it for the future and probably we'll return to it later.

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